Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery and Personal Development~Finding Water


Some books are really good for being part of the journaling process and discovering parts that you can apply to real life. I recently got Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance, this is the book I have chosen to do over the next 12 weeks.
Like Julia Cameron’s other books you need to know about a number of tools, Artist’s Dates, Morning Pages and Walking. You can find out about the tools in a previous post I did for Walking in this World.

I have already done the Artist’s Way and also Walking in this World and have found the prompts and exercise excellent for exploring in my journal. Also each time I work through one of her books I discover a new perspective and initiating changes that make my life so much enjoyable and in a much more positive direction.

In the next 12 weeks I will be doing a series about this book, my artist’s dates, morning pages and walking.

Today I have chosen this prompt from week one a chapter on uncovering a sense of optimism. It is easy to focus on the shoulds, however, those shoulds can limit us and get in the way of what we really want to be doing. This exercise is about focusing on the coulds to discover new possibilities. This is about completing the following quote and doing it as fast as you can. It is important not to overthink it or try to rationalize rather for the answers to just flow on the page unedited.

Often we do things because we should, what this is about the things we could do. Julia suggests we come up with ten answers to the following prompt.

Journal Prompt: I could try…………………………………………………………..

I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?

Happy journaling! Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Ten ideas of the day journal prompt.


(It is so amazing I can go and take a photo with a mobile phone, use a app called Brushstrokes and turn it into a painting. This is what I know, I imagine there is so much more I can do that I don’t even know about. The possibilities are so exciting these days!)

I love asking a question and coming up with 10 ideas. This is a really great journal prompt. I think you can use this technique to quickly explore so many questions. I find this technique to be quick and easy, it also helps to move my thinking in a more focused direction. I thought I share the following question, it was very uplifting.

What 10 things  make me feel good about life!

  1. Happy surprises come to me each day I look with wonder and curiosity at the day before me.
  2. I am surrounded by the people I love and who love me.
  3. I live an abundant life and I am grateful for all the abundance I have.
  4. I love learning and have abundant opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. It is what it is, accept and move on.
  6. I have avalanches of books to read, enjoy and learn from daily.
  7. A picture a day capture something about my life and creates a collage of the life I am living.
  8. My dog Little Miss Popularity is my daily pick me up!
  9. Cooking has gone from drag to fab. I purchase some fresh food meals to create. Creating new unusual meals has been a creative adventure full of success(Yum) and failures(Yuk)
  10. Sunshine makes me happy, rain is meditative, and thunderstorms delights me.


I find doing this exercise each day can be very helpful in building my idea muscles up. Another idea I can use some of these idea statements as positive affirmations.


What 10 things make you feel good about life?


Wishing you a wonderful day!


5 ways to live a beautiful life!


At the moment I am really exploring this idea of living a beautiful life everyday. Here are 5 ways I try to live a beautiful life.

  • Being grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have.

A way to do this could be a gratitude journal or a gratitude practice like ten blessing of the week. Life just feels more joyous when I take time out to focus on all the good things, experiences and people in it.


  • Try to know and understand yourself.

Journaling can be a wonderful tool for self-discovery. This is about knowing your values, who you want to be in the world and what you want to achieve in the world.


  • Define what “ a beautiful life” means to you.

This could be writing out your perfect day. It could be identifying all the different components of a beautiful life.  It could be doing a yearly 100 list of all the things, experiences, habits, even some of the things you want to achieve for the year, places you want to travel to, people you want to meet. Journal about what is missing from your life e.g. love, friendship, adventure, connection, spirituality, abundance, work that you love, knowledge and skills etc. Once you know what a beautiful life is to you, then you can appreciate the parts that are already there and move towards the missing parts.


  • Start working towards living a beautiful life.

Start looking at ways to move your life towards that of the beautiful life you desire. Identify what is working, try to eliminate what you don’t like or hate. Put some of the experiences you love into your calendar, create a no list for the things you are trying to eliminate.   You could even start a dream savings account for that holiday, experience, education, home, or thing that you want.


  •  Relationships.

Having good connections with family and friends brings more joy into our lives. Appreciate your love ones, and enjoy the time you spend together. It is just so important. I love that I have a healthy relationship with my boys, that even though they are teenagers they still want to do activities and spend time with their parents. Whilst there is nothing like a birthday to bring the family together for some fun and celebration. Even just knowing you are loved and have someone to love provides joy. Moments of daily connection, and experiences seem so much better when shared with others. It not all just people either. I think the relationship with a pet is so valuable and rewarding. The family dog is just so lovable every day, it hard not to feel loved when she is around.



There are also many more ways to live a beautiful life, however I think these are my first five that I think about when trying to create a beautiful life.

Wishing you all an amazing week.



Enjoying a sparkly day out with my journal.

sparkly day out with journal

I am currently listening to Cafe Chillout, it is a hot day, and the heavy rain comes down and I can hear the thunder. I love a thunderstorm.  It is a strange day. The fact that I get to sit here and watch it makes me happy. I feel fortunate that I have the flexibility to pick my boys up from school and to be able to take my youngest boy to all his medical appointments. I sit outside under the pergola enjoying nature, music and my glass of ice tea as I write this post. My devoted companion Little Miss Popularity keeps me company, as I wait for hubby to come home. This is how I love my life to feel. It may not feel like this every moment of the day but if I can include moments like this in my day or week life feels good.




This week I have been doing a course by Jen at Journal Wild, her 5- day intuitive journaling challenge, it has been lots of fun to work in my visual/art journal. My big take away was intuition shows up on the page, effortlessly everyday with love. For more information about this go to

Explore your own ideas about intuition in your journal, go to journal wild and follow Jen’s instructions. It really is a wonderful experience.



Whilst earlier on today I was out in the park journaling in the shade of some gum trees enjoying an amazing sunny day. It was an opportunity to relax and enjoy the good weather on my day off.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!




This weeks inspiration, doggy love, whimsical flowers and a book.

2015-09-25 14.45.17

Despite another big vet bill, Little Miss Popularity is worth it, she goes about her day making everyone she comes into contact feel warm and happy just by being her loveable doggy self.  Ofcourse she gets to come inside, curl up on the coach and sleep all day, she gets oodles of attention from strangers, and cuddles from family. She inspires love.



This week I am inspired by Wisteria flowers I love their mauve/purple colour, their scent, and of course their whimsical look. This is showing up in the dresses I chose to wear and even the scarf I wear in my hair. I am drawn to this colour, and whimsical look it makes me feel good.



I have also spent the week soaking up the words of wisdom of Wayne Dyer from his book I Can See Clearly Now. This book is full of beautiful chunks of wisdom, so I will share a few that showed up in my art journal today. Firstly, was this idea to listen to what excites you and take your life in that direction. “When I listen carefully to those inner signals, they seem to say to me, this is why you are here, now you are truly aligned with your highest self, there is nothing to fear, just do what your excitement tells you to do.” Wayne Dyer. For me a wonderful place to start listening is with my journal, especially about what is exciting me. So now I am taking time to notice what excites me, and wondering how I  can act on doing more of that.



I was also inspired by my visual journal to put down the words, ‘ Living, it’s so exciting, find the path to bliss.’ Then I strongly penned my second takeaway from the book. ‘Manifest the person you want to be!’ Manifesting has often shown up in other books as getting what you want, I loved that this focused more on living your life as the person you want to be. These were the words of wisdom that caught my attention, “is not about manifesting the things you want, rather about manifesting the person you want to be in this world.” Wayne Dyer. Then there were these words of wisdom, “use your own imagination as an inner blueprint for what you absolutely intend to manifest. Then act as if that current dream is a present fact. This has been my secret tactic for manifesting the life I intended to live.” Wayne Dyer. So my imagination can be the spark to becoming the person I want to be, and living the life I want to live.



The other big things I learnt from this book, was being open to constantly learning and being open to guidance, and also living a life that serves others in some way.  Certainly Wayne Dyer was a great role model, of a person that  was in a constant state of personal and spiritual growth, and of an individual that served others.



I love books, they are a great place for finding inspiration. What has inspired you this week?  Please leave a comment in the comments section.



Wishing you a wonderful week!


Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery and Personal Development~Walking In This World


I think some books are just perfectly designed for the journaling process. The unraveling of my creative life through working through the Artist’s Way was one of those books. The Artist’s Way is a book by Julia Cameron, which focuses on a spiritual path to higher creativity. I love this type of book; it fits in with my quiet reflective nature that loves to delve deep into the workings of my own personal psyche, plus my love of exploring self-development books. I absolutely loved and adored this book, I sank deep into it discovering so much about myself, discovering my own creativity, hopes and dreams. I discovered me! My life is so much juicer and exciting, and I am more accepting of my unique self and imperfections.

So I am excited, I have another book, Walking In this World, by Julia Cameron, which focuses on creative tools.  It sounds perfect for walking, journaling and me. More unraveling and exploring of my inner and outer worlds.  A book that will support my love of reflective self- discovery and personal development.  I look forward to exploring the questions in my journal, and applying the actions into my life.

I am hopeful that exploring the exercise will awaken more of my natural creativity, and help me to live a more beautiful life. Once again I will turn to the tools that Julia recommends which are as follows: Morning Pages(Journaling), Artist’s Date, and my favorite thing Walking.

So here are the tools:

1.Morning Pages, three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing preferably done first thing in the morning, it is like doing a mind dump, just put your thoughts on the page.

Listen to an interview with Julia Cameron on Morning Pages

2.The Artist’s Date, a 1 hour solo excursion exploring something that really interests you, something that is playful, fun   and a creative exploration. Listen to interview with Julia Cameron on the Artist’s Date

3.Weekly walking for 20 minutes

When I think about my perfect day, it would include walking and journaling. So I am excited about this new journal journey that I am about to embark on through exploring the book Walking in this World.

Have you read and worked through Walking in this World? Love to know your thoughts on this book.

Is journaling through books part of your journaling exploration?

What books are you using?

Wishing you a wonderful Day!