Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery ~Finding Water- week two

week two fr

Reading! Journaling! Walking! and working through week two of Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance of Julia Cameron.

Week two of Finding Water, was about uncovering a sense of reality. Some of my take aways was the importance of being in the now. This is coming up a lot in my reading at the moment. Cherishing the moment and taking small steps each day to progress.

One of the exercises recommended in the book is to take time each day to complete this statement ten times.

I cherish……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

for example:
I cherish sunshine beaming through the window onto the kitchen table where I sit, bringing warmth to me on this cold winter’s day.

I cherish this kiwi fruit, its colour and pattern, its fresh taste, and smell. It adds zing to my lunch.

It is about cherishing those things right in your life right at this moment that are worth noticing and appreciating. I know that sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in all the drama and problems in life. Then life seems stressful and overwhelming, and all the good stuff isn’t even on my radar. This why doing and exercise like I cherish, or ten blessings of the week bring all that good stuff back to the front of my mind and refocus my day. It brings that sense of optimism back into life.

The second exercise that I thought that was good is that we need to take some action to work towards the little bit of progress each day. We need to keep working on our skills and talents. No matter what is going on in our life we need to take some small step towards doing that thing we want to do. I neglected my blogs this year. At the beginning of the year, I intended to work on them, improve them, and to practice my writing. Nothing happened, because nothing was going to be good enough, or I didn’t have big chunks of time to spend on writing posts, I had nothing interesting to say. So for me working on them each day, even though I haven’t posted each day, I feel like I am bringing them back to life.

So decide what it is you want to do, and working on. Then write down 5 small actions you can take to move forward. Often taking small actions adds up, this leads to a sense of real progress and optimism. I love the practicality of these types of journaling exercise.

1. Brainstorm some ideas and collect them in one place.
2. Attempt to write a potential blog post each day in Grammarly. The more writing I do the better I will become at it.
3. Create some images for my blog posts.
4. Edit my potential posts that I think could work as real posts on my blog and post them.
5. Learn more about blogging by listening to Pro Blogger podcast once a week.


This week I did one long and also a couple of short 20minute walks. I missed one day of my morning pages exercise, and my artist date was decorating a shabby folder with collage into something I love and makes me smile.

I find it hard to focus on all the ideas and exercises I tend to just pick a couple of things out that I feel would be really helpful and work on them.

If you want to know more about my Journaling Adventure with this book check at my post about week one.

If you have worked through Julia Cameron’s books Artist’s Way or her other books like Finding Water, what were some really useful exercises that you continue to use? Please share in the comments.

Wishing you a wonderful Day!




Journaling is soul work, so look deep inside and just let it flow on the page.

2015-11-06 13.01.22


“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that


O traveler, if you are in search of That

Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That. “






Journaling is one way to look deeply inside yourself. Lately my journaling has just being going with the flow of what turns up on the page and really focusing on my emotions, and having a conversation with them. Asking what is the purpose of your visit today? What do you want to tell me? Why are you showing up so much lately?  My emotions provide so much insight for me, and they are really helping me to explore and delve even deeper into my life. These conversations are helping me to see a different perspective to my life.  They are also triggering a few light bulb moments for me. Journaling is my daily soul work.


Journaling is a journey into the depths of our inner life, a practice that we can use to find the answer to the questions life brings up. It is also a way of coming up with solutions. Journaling is daily soul work, and a practice that  can help us  move towards living an authentic life.


Whilst I have come across another wonderful journaling blog full of great journaling ideas and prompts. I really love that she list a whole page of prompts to explore for each month. Go check out by Dr. Akiyo Kano. I recommend that you visit her website and check out her November journal prompts.


Wishing you a wonderful day.


Life Provides Us With Lots Of Questions To Explore.

There is a quietness to my life

There is a quietness to my life, due to being ill for the last month. I thought I would be better by now. It appears my body wants more time to rest, rejuvenate and re-evaluate my life.


I have felt disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics. Annoyed by the nagging cough, snotty nose, and sore throat. I have been frustrated by my lack of energy and inability to do all the things I wanted to do.


During this time, I have had time to journal for hours curled up in my cozy bed or on my couch. I have had hours to relax and catch up on some reading. I even got delightfully captivated by a television series or two. Life has been very quiet, and calming in a way.


I have also been clearing out my calendar. Creating beautiful empty space. I wasn’t even aware how full my calendar was until I had to start emptying it. I love this empty space it opens up opportunity for other things I love. I am not sure I want to give my time back to all my old commitments and experiences. There are some things I really need to do, however most of this free space has come from the things I choose to do. So before I resume my previous life I plan to ask some questions. Did I love this activity? Did I even miss this activity?


Journal prompt: What is this illness trying to tell me?


During this time, I have explored what this illness is trying to tell me in my journal, why it keeps lingering and the possibility that it really wants me to take a big long pause, and rest.


Life provides us with lots of questions to explore. What questions are coming up in your life that you could explore?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Journaling The Weekly Review.

The Weekly Review

Sunday for me includes a beautiful reflective journaling process of reviewing my week.

Questions I ask:

  • What were the highlights and lowlights?
  • What interesting places did I visit and what interesting experiences did I have?
  • What people did I connect with and did any of those connections stand out?
  • What new learnings occured?
  • Did I move towards my goals, achieve any mini goals or even big goals?
  • How did I feel throughout the week, for example did I feel excited, bored, surprised?

This regular reflective process gives me a big picture of the week, often it results in me feeling like I have accomplished and achieved a lot more than I originally felt. It also helps me to address any problems, and look for possible solutions.

After reflecting,  I  hit the reset button and start again. This means planing the week ahead, scheduling in the things that are important to me, and meeting my commitments. Planning my days so as I am spending time doing the things I enjoy doing, rather than letting life get in the way, and not falling victim to letting other people take over my agenda.

This is and example of my weekly review of the previous week.

  • Gym: Pilates class, Yoga class, & Sh’Bam class
  • Walking Adventures times two ( Wilson’s Botanical Lake, and around the Lake at home with Little Miss Popularity)
  • Parent information night at son’s school.
  • Volunteer work
  • Read Motivation Manifesto. Listening to Power up Your Mind audio book
  • Gardening and pulling some weeds out.
  • Online learning course
  • Blog posts times three.
  • Setting up Pinterest board for my blog.
  • Getting house in order.
  • Friday movie night with boys
  • Worked the  weekend.
  • Spending time journaling every day.

Highlights was discovering some rabbits on my adventure walk. Feeling relaxed this week, enjoying life. Loving the Friday  Sh’bam dance class at the gym.

Lowlight was having a few days with a sore eye, and experiencing some back pain for a couple of days. Also feeling like I could have been more productive with my time, and done more.

Felt grateful to wake up each morning with a feeling that life is good. Felt grateful that my boys are privilege both go the excellent schools, and receive amazing educational experiences. Felt grateful for online learning and libraries making so many learning opportunities available. Felt grateful for my family, my health and for all my basic needs being met.

The week ahead planning more adventure walks and doing more reading, have so many books from the library that I want to read.

After reflecting,  I  hit the reset button and start again. This means planing the week ahead, scheduling in the things that are important to me, and meeting my commitments. Planning my days so as I am spending time doing the things I enjoy doing, rather than letting life get in the way, and not falling victim to letting other people take over my agenda.

Do you do a weekly review? What questions do you ask?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!