Ten ideas of the day journal prompt.


(It is so amazing I can go and take a photo with a mobile phone, use a app called Brushstrokes and turn it into a painting. This is what I know, I imagine there is so much more I can do that I don’t even know about. The possibilities are so exciting these days!)

I love asking a question and coming up with 10 ideas. This is a really great journal prompt. I think you can use this technique to quickly explore so many questions. I find this technique to be quick and easy, it also helps to move my thinking in a more focused direction. I thought I share the following question, it was very uplifting.

What 10 things  make me feel good about life!

  1. Happy surprises come to me each day I look with wonder and curiosity at the day before me.
  2. I am surrounded by the people I love and who love me.
  3. I live an abundant life and I am grateful for all the abundance I have.
  4. I love learning and have abundant opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. It is what it is, accept and move on.
  6. I have avalanches of books to read, enjoy and learn from daily.
  7. A picture a day capture something about my life and creates a collage of the life I am living.
  8. My dog Little Miss Popularity is my daily pick me up!
  9. Cooking has gone from drag to fab. I purchase some fresh food meals to create. Creating new unusual meals has been a creative adventure full of success(Yum) and failures(Yuk)
  10. Sunshine makes me happy, rain is meditative, and thunderstorms delights me.


I find doing this exercise each day can be very helpful in building my idea muscles up. Another idea I can use some of these idea statements as positive affirmations.


What 10 things make you feel good about life?


Wishing you a wonderful day!



Where does journaling inspiration come from?


Where does journaling inspiration come from?



This is what I wrote in my journal. I asked a bird to tell me a story. It told me once this was a paddock with lots of trees, and covered in grass. Once this place was always peaceful and quiet. Once I had the freedom to come and go as I liked. Then you people came along and built homes, you took my paradise away.


I replied to the bird’s story. Sorry birdy I didn’t mean to be cruel. I will plant you some trees and a garden. It will not be the same but it will be something.


Inspired by one of those birds hanging out in the trees of my front garden.


Where does journaling inspiration come from?



 Happy Journaling.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


My life isn’t interesting enough!

Life not interesting enough

Ever been caught in that conversation where you ask a person how they are going and they answer, “ Oh you know, same old same old stuff as always.” It sort of makes me cringe and think, firstly what does same old, same old stuff as always look like, and secondly may be they just don’t want to tell me what they are up to lately. The other answer I often get is: “Nothing much!” well funny enough that tells me nothing about what they have been up too.



This all brings me to the topic of my life is not interesting enough to journal about. Well I am here to tell you there is always something to journal about.



At the moment I am choosing to live a very quiet life, and I am purposefully trying not to do to much, trying to keep lots of empty spaces in my calendar. A lot of my days are the same. I still manage to find lots of things to journal about each day. I just love when the family leave the house and it is so quiet and peaceful, I just curl up in my chair, and let words spill out on the page. Journaling is a joyful practice that I look forward to each day. A place my not so interesting life unravels into something that is a lot more complex and juicer than I first thought.



You don’t need amazing things to write about. Try writing about some of the following things:


  • Write about the small things, it is amazing how important those small things are.
  • Write about one thing you did during the day.
  • Write about your plan for the day.
  • Write about your projects even if it is ideas for your childs costume on dress up day.
  • You could write about your cooking adventures creating the evening meal, daily journey on the train, your garden and plants, favourite music, books you are reading, interesting conversations the list is endless.
  • Write about all the things that you are grateful for, a great way to feel more optimistic and positive about your live.
  • You can vent until there no longer any more point to it, and then start coming up with solutions.
  • You can invite creativity to come and play, come up with new ideas, projects, solutions and actions, and uncover some big sparkly dreams of your own.
  • Otherwise just write about anything, write for the joy of it, and be creative. It can be a lot of fun. You could also doodle and add pictures. It can be just a creative outlet that you practice during your day.



Life provides us with lots to explore, and also lots to discover. Journal writing can also assist with being more mindful about the way you are living, through the act of simply exploring the everyday and journaling about it. So whether it is creative journaling, deep and soulful journaling, or just journaling for the joy of it. You may just be surprised how interesting your life really is.



Happy Journaling.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Getting Deep About The Yucky Stuff

Writing about the yucky stuff

At the moment I am feeling very tight and tense about something. I have been doing a lot of journaling on the subject. Yet it all seemed so superficial and I have been just going around in circles with it. I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled.  I felt I was holding back, not saying what the real issues were. Sometimes the practice of journal writing can be tough, and seriously yucky. Today was one of those days, and I had to write about the thoughts and feelings that I didn’t what to explore. You see my imperfections are many, including resentment. My realization was that I been feeling resentful for putting in lots of work and effort into a certain activity. Whilst the outcome of all my work was to see others reap the benefits and achieve their goals, whilst I fell further behind in my goals. However my journaling practice is able to help me voice my feelings and reframe my situation.  Now I know what the problem is I can explore the questions of how I can get more out of it, and also how can I make it more fulfilling? Another question was do I need to walk away from it? What I discovered was I want to stick with it, with the understanding that it does require me to put in a lot of hard work. However I want to find a way to get more out of it. So now I can move forward and discover ways to get more rewarding benefits from this particular work. I think in order to live deeper I have to deal with the yucky bits in my life. So sometimes in order to go deeper I need to journal about the things I don’t want to write about. It can be confronting whilst it can also be a catalyst to getting past the stuckness in life and living life more deeply.

Recently I was reading the book Journalation by Sandy Grason, this is a wonderful journaling resource for delving deep with your journaling practice. It is also where I discovered the Prompt. What don’t I want to write about today? I recommend trying this prompt it can assist with revealing some meaningful discoveries.

Prompt: What don’t I want to write about today?

What don't I want to write  about today

What journal prompts do you use  to write deeper?

Please leave a comment I would love to know your thoughts about the question.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Cafe Journaling, Percolating Ideas Over Coffee.


I absolutely love going on a date with my journal.

Journal in hand, high on adrenaline post exercise class, I find a cafe to sit and rest. Finally time to relax!  I choose to indulge in a strongly brewed coffee.  I am all alone at my table, and yet lost in the crowd.  I am so grateful that my journal is a faithful friend. As I rest and sip, the ideas come, inspired by curiosity of what is happening around me. I hear snippets of conversations and try to fill in the gaps; I wonder what they are talking about. Do they have more interesting lives than me? I people gaze, and wonder who these people are, from a stylishly dress middle aged women to a young lady dressed in grunge, the man in a suit, to the man in a ill fitting tracksuit. I wonder what their characters might be like.  So I write about what I see and hear, making up the rest, allowing my imagination to run wild. Sometimes I just wonder how does it make me feel. Then I just write about whatever thoughts need to flow out from my brain onto the page, no rules and no judgment.

Some crazy ideas come up as follows:

  1. Perhaps I could own and manage a boutique stationary shop that sells awesome journals and has regular Thursday morning coffee journal get together.
  2. Perhaps I could randomly invite people to coffee morning tea and chat, so as too meet interesting people.
  3. Perhaps I could invite the Prime Minister over for morning tea, so as I could discuss my concerns about his governments policies and the importance of nurses to society.
  4. What if I was a fairy and went around making peoples wishes come true, and sprinkling fairy dust.
  5. What if I did a coffee crawl, trying all the cafes out in there, then wrote an article on which one was best.
  6. Possibly I could spend my days drinking coffee and writing a book, may about a fairy that owns a coffee shop and sprinkles fairy dust on her customers.
  7. What if I tune into my masculine side, and try a boxing class.
  8. Perhaps I could take my journal out on a date, star gazing.
  9. Perhaps I could join or create a journal cafe.
  10. Let’s have an International Journaling day!

I often try and think of 10 ideas everyday, sometimes these ideas are a little random, and sometimes they are quite useful. Whilst at times it is hard to come up with 10 interesting ideas each day.

Going somewhere different like a cafe, a park, secret garden, side walk bench or beach helps to trigger ideas; it also gets me curious and thinking a little differently.  I find how I journal at home can be very reflective, serious and deeply personal. When I am journal in different places, I am more playful and curious about the world around me.

So try taking your journal out on a date to a new park, cafe or just some place different. Enjoy!

What interesting places do you go to journal?  Dose going somewhere different change the way you journal?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Journaling Tips To Get You Started.

Journaling tips

Relax and enjoy the experience of journaling. It can be like spending time with a loyal friend each day. To help you get started here are five tips:
  1. Have a regular journaling time it helps to build disciple and routine. It also provides comfort. For me I get great joy out of doing my journaling in the mornings. By picking a regular time I find I am more consistent and more likely to journal each day.
  2. Develop a ritual.  It could be to meditate prior to journaling, or do some breathing and centring exercises. It could be burning a candle, or playing a certain type of music. It could be having a cup of tea, coffee or ice water. Having a ritual helps to define the time for  journaling.
  3. Finding a space. It may be a quiet space. It may be a cafe. It may be the park, even your car. As long as it is a space that allows you to open your mind and put it on the page. Personally I like a quiet space. Sometimes I am lazy and journal in bed, often I journal in my lounge, in a nice quiet room on a comfy lounge chair. Sometimes on a nice day I take my journal to a nice quiet spot in the park and journal there.
  4. Sometimes the words just are not happening  and there is nothing but a intimating blank page. In this case it is useful to use a prompt. A prompt can be a picture, a question or even a quote. I usually like to date my journal, write the day, and time and start of where I am journaling. If I am still stuck I will ask the question: How do I feel today?  You can use any prompt you desire, it just has to be something to kickstart the journaling process.
  5. Journaling is a process, it dose not require you to think about grammar or spelling. There is no right or wrong way to journal. There is only your own way. So enjoy it and do it because you love the experience of journaling.

Finally I would just like to say, always be kind to yourself. Journaling is an act of self-care, it is about personal reflection and expression. So be kind, do not judge your work.

Enjoy and have fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Journaling~ A Great Goal Setting Tool.



Sitting by the lake, looking into the distance with my journal note-book, taking time out to ponder my goals in life.  It is that place I feel good, happy and open to possibility. It is  neccesary time out that ensures living a beautiful life each day is possible.

I love to help other people reach their goals. As the VPE(Vice President of Education) of a Toastmasters club, I love to work with members to achieve their goals. I love working with the club to achieve the clubs goals. I often find people come to me as the go to person, that person who will know the answers, the solution to the problem, where to find the resources, or just that person to make a decision. I find that knowing what goals you have, and the direction you are heading in life makes decision-making easier. I also find that exploring my goals opens up possibilities, because I can explore so many options from the logical to the crazy ideas safely in my journal. I use my journal as my goal coach.

I share this because I would love to help other people to enjoy effective journaling. I believe journaling can be a tremendous help to goal setting in the following ways:

  • Use your journal to define what goals really matter to you and why they matter , you can even explore what it would mean to your life if you achieved a particular goal.
  • The next thing would be to determine a time line of when you want to achieve the goal. Once this is done you can brainstorm lots of possible action steps which you could take to achieve the goal, it is ok to have some crazy and alternative action steps thrown in here. I also think it is great to explore the things that get in the way, and brainstorm some solutions to them.
  • Once all this is done you can create a plan, and take steps towards achieving it each day.
  • Your journal can also be a great place to reflect upon your  progress, and fine tune your goals and actions steps as you progress along the way. By using the reflective process on a weekly basis, you can factor in some accountability towards your goals.

The best part of journaling your goals is you get to explore your dreams and come up with goals that are connected to those dreams.  This is why I think journaling can be a great personal coach and goal setting tool,  to support effective goal setting and achievement of goals that really mater to us.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


The Power Of Setting A Morning Intention.

Daily Morning Intention
I have been doing my stream of conscious journaling for many years now. I find it is a wonderful way to clear my head, and be creative with my thinking. However more recently I have wanted to be more purposeful with how I finish up my journaling. I wanted to see if I could make my journaling more impactful, and to start my day in a positive and focused frame of mind. So I have been setting an intention each morning how I want to be in the world that day. For instance today I wanted a low energy day, I wanted to rest and relax. So my morning intention was to relax and re-energize. That way when I went about my day, my focus was to get to my yoga class, and say yes to spending  time sipping a cup of tea and reading a book. Even though it was tempting to do other things like house work, or chasing things up for others. I was able to say no! So having a morning intention helps me to stay focused and take action on the things that make me feel the way I want to be that day “relaxed and re-energized” Some of my other intentions have been as followed:
  • Getting my house in order.
  • Learning as a way of being
  • Setting boundaries, saying no!
  • Be Kind
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Play more
  • Be creative
  • Take action
  • Seek out adventure
  • Laugh more
  • Breathe
  • Gratitude
 I continue to notice what I need that day, and to create more focused and personal intentions for my day. I am finding that this setting attentions is enabling me to be more focused and spend my time more intentionally in a way I would like to be spending it. Another thing I have noticed is that it magically allows me more opportunities for instance one of my intentions was to be learning. That day a whole couple of hours was made available to me to complete learning packages at work. Another day of setting boundaries and saying no, meant that I was more focused, got more done, and was able to assist people in a far better way. That day I received more thank-you’s and compliments than I normally receive. So from my personal experience I think setting morning intentions is a powerful start the day, allowing me to be focused and spend time being the person I want to be, achieving the things I want to achieve. It also ties in nicely with my yearly theme of focus and action.
Prompt 1Journaling Prompt: How is that you wish to spend your time, and show up being in the world today? Then set an intention that will enable you to achieve this.
Wishing you a wonderful day!