Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance

Week three

Reading! Journaling! Walking! and working through week three of Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance of Julia Cameron.

Week three is all about Uncovering a Sense of Support, and as I work through this chapter it only highlights the lack of support that I have in so many areas of my life. I often think that is what makes me feel so tired and exhausted at times. I look at other mothers with grown teenage children and see them enjoying their freedom to go out in the world and do the things they want to do. I see myself tired up, stuck in this same place trying to construct a life around my son who has a disability. I often feel most people around me are oblivious to my circumstances. Anyway, a sense of support is certainly an area I need to work on now and for the future.

Supports are not always available to us, and when we need it. Another way we can gain support is to read the biography or autobiography that details the deceased writers (artists) life. We can often find comfort from learning about their journey and understanding their struggles. Julia suggests choosing one of them as a mentor, having some quiet time and listening to them for guidance. I must confess this is still on my to do list. I am still in the process of deciding about which five writers I will read about.

Another way to gain support is a great journaling exercise of writing yourself an encouraging letter and highlighting all the things you have done well.

Finally, time to take action. Julia states a well known saying, ” most of us accomplish too little because we are expecting to accomplish too much.” She suggests focussing on daily manageable action steps, and committing to that every day, even on the days you don’t feel like it. When it comes to writing she suggests committing to writing three pages every day.

Week three was very challenging for me, and I feel that I am still working through it. It is one of those chapters that I feel I need longer to work on. I will be spending two weeks on this chapter and trying to implement some of her suggestions.

Savvy Learning Resources

Today I am watching a great online class on Creative Live,
called Starving to Sucess: How To Become A Full-time Writer by Jeff Goins. I love watching Creative Live, I can watch the class for free when it is live. It is an awesome learning site, and provides lots of opportunities to learn new things.

Wishing you a wonderful day!




Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery ~Finding Water- week two

week two fr

Reading! Journaling! Walking! and working through week two of Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance of Julia Cameron.

Week two of Finding Water, was about uncovering a sense of reality. Some of my take aways was the importance of being in the now. This is coming up a lot in my reading at the moment. Cherishing the moment and taking small steps each day to progress.

One of the exercises recommended in the book is to take time each day to complete this statement ten times.

I cherish……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

for example:
I cherish sunshine beaming through the window onto the kitchen table where I sit, bringing warmth to me on this cold winter’s day.

I cherish this kiwi fruit, its colour and pattern, its fresh taste, and smell. It adds zing to my lunch.

It is about cherishing those things right in your life right at this moment that are worth noticing and appreciating. I know that sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in all the drama and problems in life. Then life seems stressful and overwhelming, and all the good stuff isn’t even on my radar. This why doing and exercise like I cherish, or ten blessings of the week bring all that good stuff back to the front of my mind and refocus my day. It brings that sense of optimism back into life.

The second exercise that I thought that was good is that we need to take some action to work towards the little bit of progress each day. We need to keep working on our skills and talents. No matter what is going on in our life we need to take some small step towards doing that thing we want to do. I neglected my blogs this year. At the beginning of the year, I intended to work on them, improve them, and to practice my writing. Nothing happened, because nothing was going to be good enough, or I didn’t have big chunks of time to spend on writing posts, I had nothing interesting to say. So for me working on them each day, even though I haven’t posted each day, I feel like I am bringing them back to life.

So decide what it is you want to do, and working on. Then write down 5 small actions you can take to move forward. Often taking small actions adds up, this leads to a sense of real progress and optimism. I love the practicality of these types of journaling exercise.

1. Brainstorm some ideas and collect them in one place.
2. Attempt to write a potential blog post each day in Grammarly. The more writing I do the better I will become at it.
3. Create some images for my blog posts.
4. Edit my potential posts that I think could work as real posts on my blog and post them.
5. Learn more about blogging by listening to Pro Blogger podcast once a week.


This week I did one long and also a couple of short 20minute walks. I missed one day of my morning pages exercise, and my artist date was decorating a shabby folder with collage into something I love and makes me smile.

I find it hard to focus on all the ideas and exercises I tend to just pick a couple of things out that I feel would be really helpful and work on them.

If you want to know more about my Journaling Adventure with this book check at my post about week one.

If you have worked through Julia Cameron’s books Artist’s Way or her other books like Finding Water, what were some really useful exercises that you continue to use? Please share in the comments.

Wishing you a wonderful Day!



Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery and Personal Development~Finding Water


Some books are really good for being part of the journaling process and discovering parts that you can apply to real life. I recently got Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance, this is the book I have chosen to do over the next 12 weeks.
Like Julia Cameron’s other books you need to know about a number of tools, Artist’s Dates, Morning Pages and Walking. You can find out about the tools in a previous post I did for Walking in this World.

I have already done the Artist’s Way and also Walking in this World and have found the prompts and exercise excellent for exploring in my journal. Also each time I work through one of her books I discover a new perspective and initiating changes that make my life so much enjoyable and in a much more positive direction.

In the next 12 weeks I will be doing a series about this book, my artist’s dates, morning pages and walking.

Today I have chosen this prompt from week one a chapter on uncovering a sense of optimism. It is easy to focus on the shoulds, however, those shoulds can limit us and get in the way of what we really want to be doing. This exercise is about focusing on the coulds to discover new possibilities. This is about completing the following quote and doing it as fast as you can. It is important not to overthink it or try to rationalize rather for the answers to just flow on the page unedited.

Often we do things because we should, what this is about the things we could do. Julia suggests we come up with ten answers to the following prompt.

Journal Prompt: I could try…………………………………………………………..

I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?

Happy journaling! Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Update: Vacation break and reading No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman

Vietnam~hoi An

Oh wow it is mid February, and it has been a while since my last blog post. No I have not given up on my blog I have just been away on vacation.



I have been on an exciting vacation to Vietnam, discovering new places, trying new foods, relaxing and experiencing a traditional Vietnamese wedding. I had to face my fear of crossing roads, and learn to trust that the traffic would go around me, it did, yet it still felt so scary to me. It was lovely to experience a different culture, visit beautiful and interesting places, whilst the people were very friendly and helpful.



I have a confession to make, I tried to start a travel journal, however it just didn’t happen. Yes, no journaling for three weeks. I was too busy experiencing Vietnam.



Whilst I am feeling super good and healthy, I am feeling more like myself and are jumping back into life. I am back at work. I am back to journaling daily. Back to school council and Toastmasters. I attended my first Toastmasters meeting for the year last night, took on the role of Toastmaster, performed an educational talk, and an evaluation. Total Toastmasters immersion and it was super fun.



I am feeling good and loving this year.



Today is project day, so I have been working on this blog post and some images. I have also been enjoying life attending my Sh’bam class, because exercise should feel like fun, and Sh’bam feels like a Friday morning party class. Lots of laugh’s and lots of fun.



Currently started working through the book No Ordinary Moments- A Peaceful Warrior’s Guide to Daily Life -by Dan Millman. This book provides many questions to explore, which I am doing in my journal. The first chapter is about the three selves, the basic self, the conscious self, and the higher self. It provides questions to explore to get to know those parts of ourselves a bit better. I am exploring these questions in my journal. I have been reading a few pages of the book in the morning, then pondering on the questions in my journal. Interestingly this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a number of years, it has been on my bedside table for many months. For some reason I just was not ready to read it, it just seemed to overwhelming to pick up, and open. However, now I feel it is the book I need to read, the resistance has lifted and I feel deeply able to delve into it.



I will share with you the first exercise, go to a mirror and gaze into your eyes and know that you are looking into the eyes of a peaceful warrior.



I will let you know as I read through this book and do the exercises some of my thoughts and experiences. I feel I get so much more out of a book when explore my thoughts about it on my journal pages.



Are there any books that you are reading that would be good to explore with journaling. Please share your thoughts in the comments.



Have you read Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman, please share with me your thoughts on the book.



Wishing you all a wonderful day.



Be like a child, ask a lot of questions, by doing the Leonardo da Vinci, 100 questions exercise.




1oo questions

Children live in the world of curiosity, they love asking questions why, what, when, where and how. Yes, children are expert question creators, and they don’t censor their questions, they are not afraid to ask about what ever they are curious about.   I am currently reading Michael Gelb’s book, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday. This book title got me curious about how I could think more like Leonardo da Vinci, so I am just loving all the exercises through out this book.



One in particular is a great exercise for journaling and so insightful. It turns out it is important to learn to ask good questions, and to keep asking questions.  From the chapter on curiosity there is one exercise called 100 questions that you find interesting. It just requires a journal or a few pieces of paper, a quiet place to sit and ponder, and about 30-45 minutes to come up with your questions. These questions can be about anything you are interested in goals, dreams, self- exploration, curiosity about the outside world, anything really. At first the questions just flow and it is super easy. Then it gets harder, 100 questions are a lot of questions to come up with, so be curious and keep going. This exercise is best done in one sitting, keep your pen on the page and keep writing. As you keep going the questions will get closer to your real deep curiosity. This is a great exercise for learning to ask good questions, and lots of good questions, like a child.  I loved this exercise and I was thinking it was the perfect time of year to do them.



The book suggests you identify themes from your questions, and not to judge them just accept these are the things your curious about. Some of my themes were as follows:

  • creativity
  • nursing
  • writing
  • photography
  • Diet and fitness
  • Personal communication
  • home making




Also pick ten questions, the power questions these are the questions that resonate with you the most, and start exploring those questions. A journal is a great place to start, but it may also mean doing some research, reading, speaking to experts on the subject, doing courses, and simply exploring the question in as many ways as you can, and of course asking even more questions delving into all corners of the box and even some outside of it. For example, one of my power questions was, who are the five creative women I admire, and what can I learn from them?  I am excited about exploring this question, which I can break down into more questions, and it feels so expansive, because I can look at it from so many angles.



Try this exercise and come up with your own 100 questions, identify your themes and pick your ten power questions to explore.

Enjoy creating your questions, and exploring them in your journal.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Exploring Week Eleven, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

Week 9 of Walking in this WORLD

Winter has set in and it has been miserably cold and wet. My motivation to get outside and go for a walk was just not present. I just wanted to stay inside and keep warm and dry. Just curl up in my chair with a blanket wrapped around me and the heating on. It was the kind of weather that made it easy to curl up in a chair and read chapter eleven. It also made it easy to spend time exploring the exercises in my journal. Also I am delighted to be wearing my coats everyday, I have a small collection of about five to choose from. I love my coats.


This week focus in Walking In This World by Julia Cameron was about finding a deep sense of knowing, and not needing other people’s permission to be who we are. It really focused on being aware of the damage that criticism and negativity has upon us. Seeking out positive people and being positive ourselves as a way of supporting creativity. Some of the things I found helpful were as follows:

  • Focusing on the TaDa list each night and noticing all the things that I accomplished during the day.
  • Doing the activity of listing the 50 Things I Like, and the ones I take action on and the ones I don’t take action on. Focusing on the abundance in my life, and how life is good.
  • Listing the 25 Things I Am Proud of About Me. This activity helped to boost my self-confidence.

I also took so time out to journal about how to include more of the 50 things I like into my life, it made me look how I spend my time and try to make some decision about making some changes. For me there is this strong theme of being drawn into other people’s agendas and spending time on what they think is important, instead of doing the things I love. I have this tendency to want to help people, and what I have noticed is I really need to be more selfish and refill the well. Julia Cameron mentions that we need to notice and listen to those things we love. I really think there is some truth in that. I also think I could help people by doing what I love, and sharing that with them.


This week seemed like a massive failure when it comes to my check in. I did my journaling 6 out of 7 days. I did not go for a long walk this week the weather was yucky, wet and cold. Also had boys on school holidays messing up my routine. I did not do my Artist’s Date, I spent that time preparing an Educational for my Toastmasters group.


A wonderful journal prompt to boost self- confidence is writing down 25 things or as many as you can of the things you are proud of about you.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Exploring Week Ten, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

AskBelieve be opento Receive

Week ten in Walking In This World by Julia Cameron was about focusing our attention on our friendships and creative collaborations. Basically this was about going out and finding those people who support us. Friends that will support us when we are struggling and give us encouragement, and friends who will cheer us on when we are doing well, and continue to support us. We also need the sort of support that will help us grow, feedback that helps us learn. It is important to have those trusted people in our lives, who can give us the constructive feedback that we need, and yet we know they fully support us. These will also be the same people who cheer us on, and celebrate our wins. It is not just our friends; they can also be the people that we collaborate with in our working environments and learning environments.

A part of the chapter that caught my attention the most was The Good Of Getting Better, as Julia Cameron states, “We are interested in expressing ourselves more and more accurately, more and more beautifully. This brings us squarely to the issue of craft, to our need for accurate assessment by others and ourselves.” I love this, it made me think of Toastmasters and how everything gets evaluated. The whole idea is that we can help cheer each person on by recognizing their strengths, and identifying areas for improvement. I always look forward to evaluations about my speeches or the roles I have performed. I look forward to the insights of the evaluator and the gems they provide me with that I can use next time if I choose, to improve my work. Julia also talks about how finding a good teacher or mentor can make a huge difference to improving our work. Finding a good teacher requires attention and consideration.  Not all teachers and curriculums are equal, we need to look carefully.  As Julia Cameron tells us, “ Authentic growth, however is the goal, and that will not occur if we enrol ourselves in classes and curriculums that are themselves stagnant, stifling, or simply inadequate and ill advised.”  We need to be open to learning, but we also need to be wise to the ways we learn.  We need to ask for that guidance, believe that guidance is available to us, and be open to receiving guidance so we may learn. Julia Cameron states” When we ask to be led, we are led. When we ask to be guided, we are guided. When we ask to be taught we are taught.’’ I think that the universe is always trying to support us, it is up to us to be open to that support.

Synchronicity this week showed up as a free course from Coursera, Writing for Young Readers, in the previous chapter I was thinking I really need to do a course to improve my writing. Then it appeared, so I thought yes I must try it. It seems a good course for me, I will learn new skills and be able to improve my writing. I am open to learning. Personally I think I need to start were I am at. I am a beginner; I have limited funds to invest in learning to write. This course may be free, however it looks like it has valuable content. I am also looking for community course in my area. At this stage I have not found anything on days that suit me. However I am open to something coming my way. Where as for my nursing, which is also my art, I pay good money for good courses, new and up to date knowledge, and motivating teaches. I recognise this is a valuable investment.

This week I currently worked on my daily, To Da List, listing all the things that I had actually done over the day, and recognizing my daily achievements.

It is currently school holidays and the boys are getting in the way of my routines, so I haven’t been on my walking adventures or my Artist’s Date. I have managed to do my journaling (Morning Pages) six out of seven days this week.  I am being kind to myself it is school holidays and that is ok. I am enjoying doing things with the boys, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Exploring Week Nine , Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process

Week 9


Chapter nine of Walking In This World by Julia Cameron is all about discovering a sense of resiliency. This really delved into the six negative emotions worry, fear, doubt, restlessness, insecurity and self-pity that we all find ourselves confronted with from time to time. She gives valuable advice and guidance on how to find ways to accept them and work through them.



Personally I found these emotions showing up in my journaling practice of morning pages. My journaling helps me to dump them all on the page, some of them have substance and most of them are just rubbish thoughts. I have come to realize that I am awesome at worrying about things. I often indulge in a pity party. I often experience doubts which some of them I would be wise to listen. Finally I  have a terrible habit of unrealistically comparing myself to others. So this was one chapter I needed to delve deep into.



Fear friend or foe. Julia states that fear can be our friend, it gives us clues, for instance, I fear my writing is not good enough. Fear is showing me an area I can take actionable steps on to improve. Fear is useful, it is trying to tell us something, and it can lead to more creativity. For instance I could do a writing course, to improve my writing. Fear is guiding me.



Doubts can be intuitive guides to something we need to examine more thoroughly or deeply. Doubts can be useful guides, especially when we start to examine the facts of the situation. Doubts can help us identify real problems that we can then develop real solutions to.


Week 9 journal prompt



Time wasting pity- parties. Instead of being consumed by self-pity and expecting others to come to my rescue I can take control of my situation, be empowered and come up with my own solutions. She also states that self-assurance is the antidote to self-pity. She provides a great journaling exercise of writing 50 things down that you like about ourselves.



Worry, oh I get so lost in my worries, they gobble up all my energy, yet once I put them on the page they don’t seem so bad or demanding of my attention. Worry is often just wasted attention and energy. Worry, comes from our stories and is emotional and not based on facts. My imagination is brilliant when it comes to making up stories especially focused on things to worry about in my life. Awareness of this is useful in redirecting my thoughts and energy. I like the exercise of creating positive affirmations and a mantra. She suggests using a mantra during walking. I chose to say the universe always supports me, and guides me in the right direction.



Insecurity, that terrible act of comparing ourselves to others. This reminded me that I am my own worst critic, and that we are all at different places with our work and talents. This shows up in both my writing and speaking. I notice that they are way better speakers than myself, and they seem so good at it. I can beat myself up for not being as good as them, or I can focus on improving myself. It is ok to be where I am at with my work, and I am better of focusing on improving on my last project.



Restlessness surprised me, because that was about being ready and open for change in my life. This made sense because I have all this energy, I feel scattered and indecisive, I am irritable and unsettled.  I have this feeling there is more to my life and there is something else I should be doing. Julia Cameron states: “Restlessness means you are on the march creatively. The problem is, you may not know where.” I have found Artist’s Dates helpful when dealing with my restlessness, because I can spend my time doing something for the fun of it, for an interest in it, or purely because I am curious. Currently I am doing a soulful painting course, now I am not a painter, however the process of doing my bad paintings is revealing and inspires me in other areas of my life. The process of painting for that one hour allows me to enter a flow state of mind, and that is when my inspiration comes. Artist’s dates allow me to explore, and discover new things, they are part of my practice of being open to possibilities, opportunities and change. For me the power of my Artist’s Dates can be describes best as, “follow your strange creative cravings and you will be led into change a step at a time.” Julia Cameron



Julia reminds us that we are all confronted with fears, doubts, worry, insecurity, restlessness and self-pity and will experience it. However we have an opportunity to turn some those emotions into creating positive actions. We can also recognize that some of those emotions are energy focused in the wrong place and that is something we can change.



This week’s prompt is: What signal is fear/doubt sending me ?



As usual there are exercises to do like making positive affirmations for our fears, and a mantra for walking, so we can impress our minds with positive thoughts. This chapter was very intense and gave me a lot to focus on in my journaling. There was so much in this chapter that I felt I couldn’t digest it all in one week. The highlights were looking at the six emotions negative emotions so as to understand them and learn ways to move through them. It was also about identifying ways I already use to move through them. It also highlighted the importance of my journaling process of morning pages, and how artist’s dates have helped me deal with my restlessness.


Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!







Exploring Week Eight , Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process.

PicMonkey Collage

This week in Walking In This World it was about Discovering a Sense of Discernment. Unmasking our villains and naming our supporters more accurately. Questioning people’s agenda’s and motives, and also delving more deeply into factual qualifications. Asking for facts, and making decisions on facts. It was a great activity to do through the journaling process, and I did have some lightbulb moments of insight. One thing I did learn that it is ok to be vulnerable and even  influenced by people who don’t serve me, however when I realise  this person is being more destructive than supportive, I  can change that. I can say enough is enough and cut myself off from that relationship or association.  Sometimes it is not just the people it is also the projects and activities we are involved in that are not really serving us. A statement that stood out to me was, “we must learn what and how-pull the plug on people and ventures that do not serve our authentic goals and aspirations.” Julia Cameron.

Slow Down

The other thing I chose to focus on was the idea of,  no emergencies, slow down and gently let things unfold. Life is just so fast, and so much seems to be happening. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything, and everything seems to be so important. That simple slow down, and finding ones own space is essential for getting some sort of perspective. Some things can wait. Some things can be totally ignored, and some solutions will unfold with time. It has taken me a long time to realise this. The exercise ask to list five areas where you feel a sense of haste and pressure.  For Instance this week I was feeling stressed about organising a fashion out fit for my son for Fashion Day at school. Thinking I needed to find the time to go out to all the op shops in my area to create an elaborate outfit for him. I took time out to slow done and think about it. Then I realised what I already had  for him would be good enough.  He didn’t need to impress people, it was more about him being part of it and enjoying the day. It was so important to slow down, and simply let things unfold naturally.

Blurrrrrr,  fell in a heap this week.  Project day went ahead on  Thursday, and I focused on completing my photography course and doing some photo taking practice. Thankfully I could combine that with  a nature walk, so it turned out to be an awesome day. The photography course really got me thinking about what story I want to be telling with my photo’s. I don’t have a real camera, I am simply playing with an iPhone. Starting at where I am at with what I have.

 My aha moment was the idea that our ideas come from the things that happen to us and the things that mater to us most. My love of walking inspired my photo’s this week. I enjoy my adventure walks, and just wanted to capture that amazing Winter sky, and what a beautiful Winter’s Day looks like.  Whilst my artist’s date was an Ethical Shopping class which was both confronting and empowering. I discovered as a consumer I give my vote through my dollar. I discovered lots of ideas how I could spend my money better and vote for a better world. It was also a lot of fun.  I also booked into a weaving class in July. I am trying to schedule more of my artist’s dates into my schedule so I get out and experience more, especially more of the things that bring me joy, and really matter to me.

What mattered to me this week was attending to my family, and family events, and also to my volunteer work.  My journalling reveal my deep connection to those events. Whilst I did not delve as deeply as I would have liked into this chapter, I feel I did learn and experience something from it.  It is easy for me to be disappointed about not achieving all the things on my to do list.  However now I am thinking it was because they were not the things that mattered the most to me that week.

Journal prompt: What are five areas in your life right now where you feel a sense of haste and pressure? How could you slow down and let things naturally unfold?

Journals are a wonderful place to trouble shoot and come up with solutions to problems.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Exploring Week Seven, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!


It has been a cold week here in Melbourne, and I like nothing more than wearing my coats and keeping warm. The picture above is of the beach I visited on the long weekend. It just felt so good walking along the beach listen to the waves roll in and out. Lovely how a walk on the beach can lift the spirits.


I am now up to week seven of Walking In This World by Julia Cameron. This week’s chapter is all about discovering a sense of momentum.


Start something – finish something. Yes get stuff done! Momentum and overcoming procrastination was tackled by taking on the little stuff. So one of the exercises was to create a list of easy to do things that could be done right away. So I got started decluttering magazines, putting my current Toastmasters manuals and documents in a folder, organizing my Winter wardrobe and putting all the summer stuff away, sorting out my clothes and attending to my volunteer reports. Hmmm I could have done more here and are thinking I could do five things each week. This is something I could do at the start of the week on Mondays.  List five things that are easy to do and that you can do right now?


I also enjoyed the collaging exercise about myself. It is amazing how pictures quickly chosen and placed on a page can say so much. It was supposed to be my leading character in my imaginary world filled with my beloved objects and interests. I think my journal and pen are beloved objects. They support me through my days.  There were lots of pictures of journaling in different places, and next to them pictures of ideas and projects. My ideal self would love to be out and about with pen and paper jotting things down.  Maybe that is the focus of my next project journaling in different places, sounds like fun.


Part of the chapter was about appreciating and being grateful for everything we already have.” There seems to be an unwritten spiritual law that if we want our good to increase, we must focus on appreciating and husbanding the good that we already experience.” Julia Cameron.  She suggests we can do this by writing gratitude lists. Another way is to take care of the things we already have.  I often include some journaling about gratitude in my journal each day. It is easy to finish my journaling practice with a gratitude list or better still ten blessings of the day at the end of each day. There is always something to be grateful for, and so much abundance to appreciate in my life right now.


This week my Artist’s Date was sorting out my winter wardrobe; I boxed away my summer clothes in a box that I collaged with pretty pictures. I discarded some items that were ratty or I just didn’t like. I checked out all my scarves, and my coats and thought how I will enjoy wearing them this winter. It was fun exercise to do. Whilst the clothes I wear are an expression of which I am, and how I am feeling.


Week seven focused on starting something and finishing it, it was all about getting that momentum happening. During week six I introduced two project days.  Unfortunately project days where challenged by a school curriculum day and  a volunteer commitment that I forgot I had. I did manage to have at least one project day where I spent the whole day working on my projects. It was a very productive day, and I was happy with the result. I am hoping next week I will get in two project days. I certainly noticed how satisfying it was to get so much done in a day, I think it was because I was focused and taking action.


This book is giving me lots of prompts to journal on and to dig deep into my life. I am enjoying and feeling challenged by the process.

Journal prompt: What are five things I can start and complete this week?


Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!