Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance

Week three

Reading! Journaling! Walking! and working through week three of Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance of Julia Cameron.

Week three is all about Uncovering a Sense of Support, and as I work through this chapter it only highlights the lack of support that I have in so many areas of my life. I often think that is what makes me feel so tired and exhausted at times. I look at other mothers with grown teenage children and see them enjoying their freedom to go out in the world and do the things they want to do. I see myself tired up, stuck in this same place trying to construct a life around my son who has a disability. I often feel most people around me are oblivious to my circumstances. Anyway, a sense of support is certainly an area I need to work on now and for the future.

Supports are not always available to us, and when we need it. Another way we can gain support is to read the biography or autobiography that details the deceased writers (artists) life. We can often find comfort from learning about their journey and understanding their struggles. Julia suggests choosing one of them as a mentor, having some quiet time and listening to them for guidance. I must confess this is still on my to do list. I am still in the process of deciding about which five writers I will read about.

Another way to gain support is a great journaling exercise of writing yourself an encouraging letter and highlighting all the things you have done well.

Finally, time to take action. Julia states a well known saying, ” most of us accomplish too little because we are expecting to accomplish too much.” She suggests focussing on daily manageable action steps, and committing to that every day, even on the days you don’t feel like it. When it comes to writing she suggests committing to writing three pages every day.

Week three was very challenging for me, and I feel that I am still working through it. It is one of those chapters that I feel I need longer to work on. I will be spending two weeks on this chapter and trying to implement some of her suggestions.

Savvy Learning Resources

Today I am watching a great online class on Creative Live,
called Starving to Sucess: How To Become A Full-time Writer by Jeff Goins. I love watching Creative Live, I can watch the class for free when it is live. It is an awesome learning site, and provides lots of opportunities to learn new things.

Wishing you a wonderful day!




Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery ~Finding Water- week two

week two fr

Reading! Journaling! Walking! and working through week two of Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance of Julia Cameron.

Week two of Finding Water, was about uncovering a sense of reality. Some of my take aways was the importance of being in the now. This is coming up a lot in my reading at the moment. Cherishing the moment and taking small steps each day to progress.

One of the exercises recommended in the book is to take time each day to complete this statement ten times.

I cherish……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

for example:
I cherish sunshine beaming through the window onto the kitchen table where I sit, bringing warmth to me on this cold winter’s day.

I cherish this kiwi fruit, its colour and pattern, its fresh taste, and smell. It adds zing to my lunch.

It is about cherishing those things right in your life right at this moment that are worth noticing and appreciating. I know that sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in all the drama and problems in life. Then life seems stressful and overwhelming, and all the good stuff isn’t even on my radar. This why doing and exercise like I cherish, or ten blessings of the week bring all that good stuff back to the front of my mind and refocus my day. It brings that sense of optimism back into life.

The second exercise that I thought that was good is that we need to take some action to work towards the little bit of progress each day. We need to keep working on our skills and talents. No matter what is going on in our life we need to take some small step towards doing that thing we want to do. I neglected my blogs this year. At the beginning of the year, I intended to work on them, improve them, and to practice my writing. Nothing happened, because nothing was going to be good enough, or I didn’t have big chunks of time to spend on writing posts, I had nothing interesting to say. So for me working on them each day, even though I haven’t posted each day, I feel like I am bringing them back to life.

So decide what it is you want to do, and working on. Then write down 5 small actions you can take to move forward. Often taking small actions adds up, this leads to a sense of real progress and optimism. I love the practicality of these types of journaling exercise.

1. Brainstorm some ideas and collect them in one place.
2. Attempt to write a potential blog post each day in Grammarly. The more writing I do the better I will become at it.
3. Create some images for my blog posts.
4. Edit my potential posts that I think could work as real posts on my blog and post them.
5. Learn more about blogging by listening to Pro Blogger podcast once a week.


This week I did one long and also a couple of short 20minute walks. I missed one day of my morning pages exercise, and my artist date was decorating a shabby folder with collage into something I love and makes me smile.

I find it hard to focus on all the ideas and exercises I tend to just pick a couple of things out that I feel would be really helpful and work on them.

If you want to know more about my Journaling Adventure with this book check at my post about week one.

If you have worked through Julia Cameron’s books Artist’s Way or her other books like Finding Water, what were some really useful exercises that you continue to use? Please share in the comments.

Wishing you a wonderful Day!



Journaling Through Books For Reflective Self Discovery and Personal Development~Finding Water


Some books are really good for being part of the journaling process and discovering parts that you can apply to real life. I recently got Julia Cameron’s book Finding Water- The Art of Perseverance, this is the book I have chosen to do over the next 12 weeks.
Like Julia Cameron’s other books you need to know about a number of tools, Artist’s Dates, Morning Pages and Walking. You can find out about the tools in a previous post I did for Walking in this World.

I have already done the Artist’s Way and also Walking in this World and have found the prompts and exercise excellent for exploring in my journal. Also each time I work through one of her books I discover a new perspective and initiating changes that make my life so much enjoyable and in a much more positive direction.

In the next 12 weeks I will be doing a series about this book, my artist’s dates, morning pages and walking.

Today I have chosen this prompt from week one a chapter on uncovering a sense of optimism. It is easy to focus on the shoulds, however, those shoulds can limit us and get in the way of what we really want to be doing. This exercise is about focusing on the coulds to discover new possibilities. This is about completing the following quote and doing it as fast as you can. It is important not to overthink it or try to rationalize rather for the answers to just flow on the page unedited.

Often we do things because we should, what this is about the things we could do. Julia suggests we come up with ten answers to the following prompt.

Journal Prompt: I could try…………………………………………………………..

I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?

Happy journaling! Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Ten ideas of the day journal prompt.


(It is so amazing I can go and take a photo with a mobile phone, use a app called Brushstrokes and turn it into a painting. This is what I know, I imagine there is so much more I can do that I don’t even know about. The possibilities are so exciting these days!)

I love asking a question and coming up with 10 ideas. This is a really great journal prompt. I think you can use this technique to quickly explore so many questions. I find this technique to be quick and easy, it also helps to move my thinking in a more focused direction. I thought I share the following question, it was very uplifting.

What 10 things  make me feel good about life!

  1. Happy surprises come to me each day I look with wonder and curiosity at the day before me.
  2. I am surrounded by the people I love and who love me.
  3. I live an abundant life and I am grateful for all the abundance I have.
  4. I love learning and have abundant opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. It is what it is, accept and move on.
  6. I have avalanches of books to read, enjoy and learn from daily.
  7. A picture a day capture something about my life and creates a collage of the life I am living.
  8. My dog Little Miss Popularity is my daily pick me up!
  9. Cooking has gone from drag to fab. I purchase some fresh food meals to create. Creating new unusual meals has been a creative adventure full of success(Yum) and failures(Yuk)
  10. Sunshine makes me happy, rain is meditative, and thunderstorms delights me.


I find doing this exercise each day can be very helpful in building my idea muscles up. Another idea I can use some of these idea statements as positive affirmations.


What 10 things make you feel good about life?


Wishing you a wonderful day!


Where does journaling inspiration come from?


Where does journaling inspiration come from?



This is what I wrote in my journal. I asked a bird to tell me a story. It told me once this was a paddock with lots of trees, and covered in grass. Once this place was always peaceful and quiet. Once I had the freedom to come and go as I liked. Then you people came along and built homes, you took my paradise away.


I replied to the bird’s story. Sorry birdy I didn’t mean to be cruel. I will plant you some trees and a garden. It will not be the same but it will be something.


Inspired by one of those birds hanging out in the trees of my front garden.


Where does journaling inspiration come from?



 Happy Journaling.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Just need to get my reading fix-reading challenge 2017 .


On my 100 list for the year is read 52 books. This is something I have been doing for a couple of years now, each day I get to mentally indulge in some delicious juicy reading. Books are part of my life and I really need to get my reading fix each day. Books have been my most constant friend and teacher.

There are two reasons I read: Reading for pleasure
Reading for learning
I was inspired by Kimberly Wilson to join the Goodreads reading challenge 2017 I was following her challenge in 2016 this will help me to record and keep track of the books I am reading. This year I want to read both fiction and non- fiction. Having a reading goal helps me figure out how much reading I need to do in a week or even a day. This year my reading goal is 52 books, so I need to read at least one book a week.

My kindle is a magical gadget full to the brim with awesome books, it is super light and fits easily into my handbag and travels around with me enabling me to always have something to read, at cafes, waiting rooms and even work breaks.

I love my library, and now you can search and order books online, I love that I get to read real books of my choosing, which I have for entire month. It makes my reading addiction affordable.

My Library again, audio books, for my iPhone, I can borrow up to four for two weeks. Listen to a story, biography, non fiction informative book, I can listen to a book and do my ironing or cook the evening meal. There is always a book on the go.

I just love books and learning. I love losing myself in a good story.

I really wanted to know the best way to go about succeeding at this challenge so I have included some of my recent readings.

How do you read
13 Tricks to read more books-

Literary-glutton-how to consume more books this year.

11 ways busy people make time to read.

How to build better reading habits and finish a book everyday.

What is your 2017 reading goal?

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Word of the Year – Completion


I like the idea of choosing a word as an area to focus and set the intention of what I want more of in my life during 2017 . The word of the year for 2017 is completion.

I let myself down all the time, by starting new things which is something I love to do, but only completing a small percentage of the projects or changes that I start. Yes, I suck at finishing stuff! There are many courses started but not completed, for instance, I was doing a creativity online course last year, got three-quarters of the way through it and stopped. Why, distractions in life, another new thing to learn, oh yeah and it got hard. Yes, I am very good at starting new things, and then setting them aside, when life distracts me, or it gets too hard, or I have simply moved on to a new shiny project. So in terms of completion this year I will be focusing on completing and finishing what I start.

The definition of the word according to the Marriam- Webster Dictionary: “the act or process of completing or finishing something: the state of being complete or finished “-

So how do I plan to use my word of the year? Firstly I have set myself a huge completion challenge that will run over the whole year. It is ok there has been a fun component added to it. I will post a photo a day on Instagram using my iPhone. Now this project is about challenging myself to improve my photography skills and it is also about following through with a project for 365 days until completion. Although this project looks easy it will be a big challenge for me. Secondly, when I start a project I will also be setting the intention of completing it, this means having an action plan, not taking on too many projects, and acknowledging that some days I will need to push myself through the hard stuff to get things done. It also means setting time in my calendar for projects and goals.

I will be checking in with myself on the first Monday of the month, by having some planning and reflecting time. I will review what I have accomplished and what needs to be adjusted or prioritized to complete my projects and move towards achieving my amazing goals.

Completion is a big word for me, I know this word will challenge me again and again through the year. I know if I can focus on it, start completing and finishing what I start I will be able to overcome one of my weakest areas and will set myself up to moving closer to achieving the goals I have set myself for the year, and years to come.

May 2017 be a year of completion.

Do you have a word of the year? please share in the comments

Wishing you all a wonderful day!FRAN DISHON

The trouble with mornings.



Do you ever feel like your morning routine doesn’t live up to your expectations of what a good morning routine should look like? Or do you have your act together and have a routine that helps you start your day off feeling amazing?

Wake up sleepy head. The trouble with mornings is I am lazy. It is cold, and my bed is so cozy and warm. I am tired and don’t want to get up. The reality of my mornings. My morning routine has been of sipping coffee, half snoozing until it is time to jump out of bed at 7am and get the boys off to school. Then I come home do 20 minutes of meditation and 4o minutes of journaling, this I am proud of and it really supports starting my day in a positive way.

I love curling up in my arm chair, sipping on a cup of tea, and spilling words from my crazy busy mind onto the page of my journal each morning. It just gets my mind into the right space to start my day.

The trouble with mornings is that I am not a morning person. My ideal day would be to sleep in and start the day at lunch time. Which is why I have always loved working an afternoon shift, it just suits my body clock. I love this quote by writer Libba Bray “The trouble with mornings is that it comes well before noon.” I think this sums it up well.

The trouble with mornings is that I have morning routine envy. I read about successful people’s routines and some of them are up early, meditating, reading, and exercising. Then I beat myself up, why am I not doing that. I should be striving for some ideal morning routine. So I remind myself I have tried this all before and it never lasts. The routine I have keeps me happy, fits into my lifestyle, and works on a consistent basis without a lot of effort. In fact, I look forward to it. Being me is gently unfolding into my day, not bouncing out of bed, and jumping enthusiastically into it. We are all different some of us are morning people and some of us are evening people. I know I am an evening person.

My morning glory is a morning routine that works for me, allowing me to slowly unfold into my day. It is lazy, it’s imperfect, and it shows that I am not an early bird riser.

Please share your trouble with mornings or morning glory routine?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Collage journaling and the joys of life!



My beautiful life is full of days of listening to music, today I am listening to Cornelius Dufallo‘s (Violinist) album Journaling. It is a beautiful quirky, creative, and playful selection of instrumental songs. This music with a difference distracts me from the mundane of my life, and transcends my living space into a magical and mystical place to sit and write.


Music is one of the joys of life, and books is another. Recently I  was also gifted with an interesting book, Albatross book of verse, edited by Louis Untermeyer. This book used to be part of the school curriculum many many years ago. It is old!  It is full of verse from some of the best poets of all time, and I am enjoying reading a poem here and a poem there, it is such a delight and food for the soul. It also has the smell of a book, and I love putting it up to my nose, breathing in and smelling it’s old book smell. It is a simple joy.  Ok maybe I am a little strange.



Today I took time out to do some collaging into my art journal. I asked my intuitive self what it is that I needed to know. I simply grab a couple of random magazines, cut out some pictures that I felt drawn to and created a collage. I love how the pictures inform me of what it is that my soul wants to know. Yes, my intuitive self has the answers.  It is allowing me to discover what I want to do, and it is also telling me to get out and walk.  One of the surprise images was of clothes blowing on the clothes line, it made me realise how beautiful my home life was, and that washing blowing in the breeze in the suburban back yard is so representative of my life. Taking care of my home and family is part of who I am, and I need to start valuing it more. I am a home body and I am proud of it.   The other thing that stands out is exploring my creativity more and finding my craft, and I hope to be focusing on this more in the coming weeks. Whilst I want to be that lady spending time each day lying back in a comfy chair with my head in a book reading. That image just delights me.  I love the insightful and fun nature of collage journaling, and  even its bossiness. Mostly it is a wonderful self-discovery tool, and gives me an idea of the direction I should be moving in.



I am continuing with my journaling prompt of what opportunities do I choose today, and if I say yes to an opportunity will it add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the world? I feel it is worth while continuing with and that I am more mindful of the decisions I am making.



Happy journaling, and if you are looking for inspiration try doing your own journaling collage, whilst if you are stuck on what to journal about try using a journaling prompt.



Wishing you all a wonderful week!




What opportunities am I choosing?

Devil 2

Yesterday I had the privilege to help out on the Mother’s Day Stall at my son’s school. I gave my energy and time, and generously the children showed me their delight and enthusiasm. It made me think when I wake up in the morning do I see the opportunities that the day has for me, and when I choose those opportunities do I choose opportunities that add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the planet?


When I reflect upon my week their have been days when I was selfish, and lazy, and their have been days when I have been generous with my time, energy and knowledge. The realisation for me is that it has been haphazard and random. I am not waking up in the morning thinking about this question. I am not planning my daily, weekly planner thinking about this question. I think it is important, important enough to be asking the question in my journal each day? What opportunities do I choose today, and if I say yes to an opportunity will it add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the world?  Or if I say yes to this opportunity am I being selfish, lazy or simply entertained?



I am curious to try this in my journal and to see if it influences who I show up as each day, and what I do each day. I want to be more intentional about how I spend my time and what I say yes too. To be honest too many times I feel annoyed with myself for wasting my time on watching too much television, or flicking aimlessly through the internet. Yesterday reminded me I want some things to change and how I want them to change.


The biggest question will be for me,  when I look back in 4 weeks time will I have asked the question each day and did I make that change I wanted to make? Living a beautiful life is not living an easy life, it is about doing what it takes to live a more purposeful and meaningful life on a daily basis.


A life without devils would be just awful, which is why today I continued my financial support for the devils by continuing to adopt a devil via the Tasmanian Devil Endangered Programme by Zoo’s Victoria. Go Devils!


Wishing you all a wonderful day!