Finding an hour a week for an Artist’s date can be challenging. Do you take yourself out on regular artist’s dates, why or why not?

camera walk

The Artist’s Date is an idea from Julia Cameron, a date with yourself, an hour a week where you can do anything you want, as long as it’s fun and not related to work. It is your time, no companions allowed, just you. Whether or not you are an artist or not, we all have a creative side to us, that gets depleted and needs re-filling.



This week I made one of my adventure walks my artist’s date. This time I took my camera for a walk with me. It was about playing with my camera and seeing what images I could create. The funny thing was some one stop to ask me if I was a photographer. I thought I must have looked serious and in control when taking my photo’s.



I found a new path to follow and discover the nature of Autumn and suburban parkscape. I noticed an empty playground and I wonder where were all the children playing these days. I discovered places to sit and rest. I enjoyed being out in nature and listening to the sound of birds. I found a path to walk along and capture images of the suburban parkscape. It was a fun learning and creative experience.



It was a fun learning and creative experience which had been planed. I had this block of time scheduled in my calendar for Friday.  However, it almost did not happen, there were so many other things I could have done, more washing, a newsletter, weeding the garden, calling a friend. I stopped myself and said this hour for myself is going to happen, one hour of play to exercise and play with my camera. Finding an hour, a week for an Artist’s date can be challenging. All those to do’s like to get in the way.  Yet this hour a week leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired. It makes me feel alive and puts a bit of spark back into my week.



What’s your favorite artist’s date activity to spark your creativity?  Do you take yourself out on regular dates, why or why not?  Please leave a comment would love to know your thoughts.



Wishing you all a wonderful day?


Sparkly Journal Prompt Jar

journal prompts jar

Morning chill out music infused through my living room. A table full of crafting materials and paint. A beautiful hour is spent creating a sparkly journal prompt jar. Today I managed to combine my Artist’s Date with journaling. Now I have a jar full of beautiful questions, ready to be plucked out and answered.


I was inspired by a blog post at, Daring To Live Fully on  119 journal prompts, I encourage you check this post out. It certainly inspired me to make my own journal jar and full it up with journal prompts. One way to use it is to pull out a prompt and spend 10-30 minutes on answering the question. Another possibility is to  pull out a question, paste it in a art journal and answer the question with pictures and words.



Currently in my journaling I have been inspired by Laura Hollick’s beautiful post on 10 great questions to use as journal prompts to create transformation in your life. I encourage you to check out her questions. These are the questions I am currently using in my own journal. These questions have me journaling deep. I am really enjoying the process.


I love this quote by Laura Hollick, “ Be brave and creative. Your journaling can open space for a wildly transformative experience. Imagine possibilities.” 



I am also happy to share music that is inspiring me this week, Morning Coffee Lounge, by Lounge Music Cafe, lovely instrumental chill out music. A wonderful way to start the day.



Can not believe how fast the year is going. It is April 1st and it is time to do a quarterly goal check in,  so today’s journal prompt:    How am I progressing with achieving my goals?


Note: I have not been posting much recently, I took time out to spend  a few days in the country to relax in nature. Also it is school holidays and by boys have been keeping me busy. Yes I have been too busy enjoying life!



Wishing you all a wonderful day!








Artist’s Date Excursion~Here are some ideas.

artist's date ideas 1

Recently I didn’t have to go to work, I was given an annual leave day. Such days are holidays, which means they are days to be enjoyed. A day not to be wasted. So I visited the National Gallery of Victoria for my Artist’s Date.



Like always the art gallery is full of treasures and exhibitions. I appreciated being able to just sit quietly and reflect upon the paintings.  I loved just going out side in the garden, at the moment it has mist happening, and bean bags all around for people to relax in. It is a beautiful space with seating and tables, garden and sculptures, grass and water.



Above I have included some ideas for an Artist’s Date. You get to choose when, where and what you do. There are many things you can do.



Plan weekly adventures for your Artist’s Date. Plan something you think you would love and enjoy, a play date for your self. Enjoy.



Where are you going on your next Artist’s Date?


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Artist’s Date~Essential oils that uplift the spirits.


artist's date essential oil

A box of essential oils is tucked away in the cupboard, which is full of my collection of favorite oils. I was looking forward to burning peppermint oil in my infuser. I love peppermint. It is my happy oil, the one that gives me a boost of energy, and gets me focused.



It had been a tough day. I was suffering from the, ‘sads.’  I really needed peppermint, my happy oil to lift my spirits. However, when I went to use it  the peppermint bottle was empty. This inspired my Artist’s Date, of going out in search of essential oils that would uplift my spirits.



This weeks Artist’s Date was in search for oils that uplift the spirit and get me back to my happy place.  I headed down to the natural health store, in search of such oils. Smelling essential oils was my idea of fun. There were so many oils to choose from however I choose two, that I thought would lift my spirits. Firstly, my happy oil peppermint, and an unknown oil for me, grapefruit.



With my infuser out, candle lit, I tested out the unknown oil grapefruit. I infused its cheerful smell throughout my living room. Whilst I blended it with the relaxing sound of Daintree Dreamtime by Ken Davis in the background. By this time the ‘sads’ had left me, and I was feeling good about the day. My mood had certainly been lifted.



I am not sure if feeling good came from the adventure of my Artist’s Date to the health food store testing out essential oils, or from the the time I spent infusing the oil and listening to music. I have a feeling it was both, and I am very happy to have discovered a new essential oil grapefruit.



One of the things that gets in the way of me going on my Artist’s Date is coming up with ideas of what to do. Another is I get stuck doing the same things over and over again. I hope by sharing my Artist’s Date I can inspire you to come up with ideas for your own Artist’s Date. What was your artist’s date this week? Please share your thoughts in the comments. I am always curious about what other people do on their Artist’s Date and often find this inspirational for coming up with ideas for my own Artist’s Dates.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Journaling provides inspiration from within, my Artist’s dates provide inspiration from around me.

display home

With journaling I find inspiration from within, with my Artist’s Date I find inspiration around me.



The Artist Date is a once-weekly, festive, solo expedition to explore something that interests you. The Artist Date need not be overtly “artistic”– think mischief more than mastery. Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play.” ~Julia Cameron



I am a week behind with this blog post, however I want to continue to record my outings. My most recent Artist’s Date was to a group of display homes. I just love looking at the way these homes are decorated, let say the interior design aspect of these homes. I wanted to notice what I liked and what I didn’t like. I was looking  at the colours I was drawn to, and how they made me feel. To the furniture and how it was set out. I was noticing how much I love open space, and a house that allows lots of light into it. One of the signs I read on the way in was to “Make it your own”, I think that was what I was doing taking ideas and transferring them to my own housing situation. Things like I think my linen for the beds needs freshening up and modernizing. I noticed that indoor plants make me feel good.  Also how adding big beautiful pictures around the house could make a difference. Noticing trends, it appears TV’s are mounted on walls, not like mine free standing with a multitude of cords coming out from them. Dreamscaping ideas like, what a wonderful idea it would be to get huge sliding doors that open up bringing the inside to the outside. I say dreaming because that would be a huge home project. It was one enjoyable frugal artist date, costing me nothing, and allowing me to create lots of inspirational ideas for my own home.



Today I will be  finding time to go out and play on this weeks Artist Date.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Artist’s Date

Artist's Date 12:2:16

Currently I am listening to Donavan Frankereiter’s album Move by Yourself, I am just loving it. This year I aim to do 52 Artist’s Date and I plan to record them on this blog. I hope to inspire you to go out on your own Artist’s Dates, to discover new places and experiences. I hope it also helps you to discover more about your authentic self, and gives you permission to enjoy life and spend some time doing the things you really love to do.



After reading the book the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I was introduced to her tool of the Artist’s Date to unblock creativity blocks and droughts. Since then I have been regularly going on my weekly Artist’s Date excursions. It has become a beautiful ritual in my life, I have seen many beautiful things, gone on many excursions and participated in activities of all different sorts. It has broadened my horizons, opened up possibilities and allowed me to enjoy and embrace my creativity again.



An Artist Date can be simple described as “Me Time”, that is time just for your-self to do something you enjoy or are interested in simply for pleasure without any guilt.



It is a tool that I have use to get out of a rut, or simply to re-energize myself, to relax and enjoy life and to re- inspire my creative juices.



You do not have to be an artist to use this tool, we are all creative and our creativity affects our work and pleasure every day. I am a mother and work part time as a nurse. Being creative in my thinking is essential in both my roles. Whilst being creative in my social and pleasure time makes life so much more juicer and satisfying.



Julia Cameron states: “An artist date is a block of time, perhaps two hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist. In its most primary form, the artist date is an excursion, a play date that you preplan and defend against all interlopers. You do not take anyone on this artist date but you and your inner artist, a.k.a. your creative child.” ~JuliaCameron, The Artist’s Way.



My first Artist’s Date for the year was to the kikki.K shop to pick up a daily planning pad and some inspirational stickers. I love beautiful stationary and visiting stationary shops and looking around buying the odd item to add to my collection. This year I want to be planning out my days, so having a beautiful planning page each day to put my action steps on then tick them off as I do them puts a smile on my face. Also I love the stickers which I can add to my diary or yearly planning book.


Do you have any good ideas for an Artist’s Date? Have you been on an Artist’s Date recently? Please share your thoughts  and experiences about Artist’s Dates in the comments.


Wishing you a wonderful Artist’s Date of your own.