Ten Blessings Of The Week!


It’s been a wet and cold week, which has made it very difficult to get outdoors and go for a walk, and those days when walking was possible I needed a coat and umbrella just to keep warm and dry. I have enjoyed these cold wet days, spending most of the cold evenings at home in a nice warm cozy house.  Feeling gratitude and blessed about my previous week is something that makes me feel so much more appreciative about my life.



This weeks 10 blessings are as follows:


  1. Winter is here bringing rain, fog and cold mornings and nights, I am feeling so blessed to have a collection of coats and umbrellas to keep me warm and dry.
  2. I was given a collection of beautiful papers and are feeling blessed that I have been able to decorate the boxes in my linen cupboard. Now when I open the cupboard I feel so good to see such pretty looking boxes.
  3. I currently doing a mindfulness course, I am feeling so blessed that  https://www.futurelearn.com offers this free course, mindfulness is certainly helping me to live a beautiful life. Also loving my morning meditations, so good to start the day with a quiet mind.
  4. Feeling blessed to have a supportive family with my father dropping my son of at school for his exams, so he didn’t have to stress about getting to school. I was off at work that day, and the bus would have got him there too early, and it is a long way to walk.
  5. Feeling blessed for cold nights at home, curled up in a cozy arm chair reading books or watching tv with hubby. These winter’s nights I love staying home, and being a warm contented homebody.
  6. Feeling blessed to catch up with my parents by having lunch out with them and my son. Beautiful meal, at a lovely place, with time to talk and catch up.
  7. Feeling blessed for family movie nights watching Austin Powers and Jaws 2 this weekend.
  8. Order books online at the Library on Friday, Saturday the books were ready to be picked up. Feeling blessed that I have access to a wonderful resource place the local library.
  9. Feeling blessed to have a day out with Mum visiting the craft market followed by the regular Trash & Treasure market. It lovely to have a mother and daughter day out.
  10. Feeling blessed to look out my window and enjoy the site of camellias flowering, they really brighten up my day.



Quote: “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ~Edith Sitwell


Wishing you all a wonderful day!





Collage journaling and the joys of life!



My beautiful life is full of days of listening to music, today I am listening to Cornelius Dufallo‘s (Violinist) album Journaling. It is a beautiful quirky, creative, and playful selection of instrumental songs. This music with a difference distracts me from the mundane of my life, and transcends my living space into a magical and mystical place to sit and write.


Music is one of the joys of life, and books is another. Recently I  was also gifted with an interesting book, Albatross book of verse, edited by Louis Untermeyer. This book used to be part of the school curriculum many many years ago. It is old!  It is full of verse from some of the best poets of all time, and I am enjoying reading a poem here and a poem there, it is such a delight and food for the soul. It also has the smell of a book, and I love putting it up to my nose, breathing in and smelling it’s old book smell. It is a simple joy.  Ok maybe I am a little strange.



Today I took time out to do some collaging into my art journal. I asked my intuitive self what it is that I needed to know. I simply grab a couple of random magazines, cut out some pictures that I felt drawn to and created a collage. I love how the pictures inform me of what it is that my soul wants to know. Yes, my intuitive self has the answers.  It is allowing me to discover what I want to do, and it is also telling me to get out and walk.  One of the surprise images was of clothes blowing on the clothes line, it made me realise how beautiful my home life was, and that washing blowing in the breeze in the suburban back yard is so representative of my life. Taking care of my home and family is part of who I am, and I need to start valuing it more. I am a home body and I am proud of it.   The other thing that stands out is exploring my creativity more and finding my craft, and I hope to be focusing on this more in the coming weeks. Whilst I want to be that lady spending time each day lying back in a comfy chair with my head in a book reading. That image just delights me.  I love the insightful and fun nature of collage journaling, and  even its bossiness. Mostly it is a wonderful self-discovery tool, and gives me an idea of the direction I should be moving in.



I am continuing with my journaling prompt of what opportunities do I choose today, and if I say yes to an opportunity will it add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the world? I feel it is worth while continuing with and that I am more mindful of the decisions I am making.



Happy journaling, and if you are looking for inspiration try doing your own journaling collage, whilst if you are stuck on what to journal about try using a journaling prompt.



Wishing you all a wonderful week!




Ten Blessings Of The Week.

Ten Blessings of the week

Today I was sitting at the window, the sky was grey and all I could see was sheets of rain pelting down. All I could hear was the sound of rain hitting the roof of my house. All I could think about was how wet I was going to get. Normally I enjoy a rainstorm, however today I put my car in for a service, and it was a 3o minute brisk walk to pick it up. I waited for the rain to die down, and headed out the house with my big black coat on and purple umbrella. About five minutes into my walk, the rain started to pelt down again, the wind blew wildly and my purple umbrella fell apart.  Not even a umbrella and coat were going to protect me from this heavy rain. When I reached my destination I was completely soaked, also the rain finally stopped. The really annoying part was the sky cleared and the sun came out. I walked into the car dealership soaking wet, and left a number of puddles on their floor. I just smiled and told the man  I got caught in the rain and my umbrella broke. It was quiet a drama to pick my car up today, however I am so happy to have my car back, it makes getting places so convenient in suburbia.

Life has been very good to me lately. I have a lot to be grateful for, so here are my Ten Blessings of the previous week.

  1. I am so blessed to be given training at work that helps to prevent injuries and helps me to work smarter as to protect myself and my clients from injuries.
  2. I am so blessed to have the experience of having a student to work with, to share my knowledge and skills, also to think more deeply about my own work practice.
  3. I am so blessed to have the wonderful experience of doing the Mother’s Day stall with a group of amazing mum’s. It was a delight to watch the students picking gifts out for their mums, and grandmothers.
  4. I am so blessed to be back into my sleep routine, and finally getting some decent hours of sleep. The right amount of sleep helps me think more clearly, and wake up with energy. It is not until I have sleep issues that I realise how valuable a good night sleep really is.
  5. I am so blessed to have a  warm comfy  cozy bed to sleep in every night.
  6. I am so blessed for some amazing sunny days that I could go for walks around the lake and neighbourhood. Walking really uplifts my spirits, and I love seeing the changes in the bush around the lake, and even in people’s gardens. There is always something new to notice.
  7. I am so blessed to have a car to drive around in, it makes getting to places so much easier. I also don’t have to worry about the weather.
  8. I am so blessed to have my parents over for Friday night dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day and catch up. Another family dinner and cherished loved ones celebrated and enjoyed.
  9. I am so blessed  to have two lovely teenage boys that still enjoy spending time with their parents, and going out of family outings.
  10. I am so blessed to go camping this weekend. I had a wonderful family camping trip to Healesville , visited the wild life zoo, sat around a camp fire, went out for lunch for Mother’s Day.

I am very blessed indeed to have such a wonderful family, and to be able to enjoy spending time with them. That is something I really do treasure, because my wonderful family is the most important part of living a beautiful life. They make my life beautiful on a daily basis.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!





What opportunities am I choosing?

Devil 2

Yesterday I had the privilege to help out on the Mother’s Day Stall at my son’s school. I gave my energy and time, and generously the children showed me their delight and enthusiasm. It made me think when I wake up in the morning do I see the opportunities that the day has for me, and when I choose those opportunities do I choose opportunities that add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the planet?


When I reflect upon my week their have been days when I was selfish, and lazy, and their have been days when I have been generous with my time, energy and knowledge. The realisation for me is that it has been haphazard and random. I am not waking up in the morning thinking about this question. I am not planning my daily, weekly planner thinking about this question. I think it is important, important enough to be asking the question in my journal each day? What opportunities do I choose today, and if I say yes to an opportunity will it add value to peoples lives, my family, my community or even the world?  Or if I say yes to this opportunity am I being selfish, lazy or simply entertained?



I am curious to try this in my journal and to see if it influences who I show up as each day, and what I do each day. I want to be more intentional about how I spend my time and what I say yes too. To be honest too many times I feel annoyed with myself for wasting my time on watching too much television, or flicking aimlessly through the internet. Yesterday reminded me I want some things to change and how I want them to change.


The biggest question will be for me,  when I look back in 4 weeks time will I have asked the question each day and did I make that change I wanted to make? Living a beautiful life is not living an easy life, it is about doing what it takes to live a more purposeful and meaningful life on a daily basis.


A life without devils would be just awful, which is why today I continued my financial support for the devils by continuing to adopt a devil via the Tasmanian Devil Endangered Programme by Zoo’s Victoria. Go Devils!


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Finding an hour a week for an Artist’s date can be challenging. Do you take yourself out on regular artist’s dates, why or why not?

camera walk

The Artist’s Date is an idea from Julia Cameron, a date with yourself, an hour a week where you can do anything you want, as long as it’s fun and not related to work. It is your time, no companions allowed, just you. Whether or not you are an artist or not, we all have a creative side to us, that gets depleted and needs re-filling.



This week I made one of my adventure walks my artist’s date. This time I took my camera for a walk with me. It was about playing with my camera and seeing what images I could create. The funny thing was some one stop to ask me if I was a photographer. I thought I must have looked serious and in control when taking my photo’s.



I found a new path to follow and discover the nature of Autumn and suburban parkscape. I noticed an empty playground and I wonder where were all the children playing these days. I discovered places to sit and rest. I enjoyed being out in nature and listening to the sound of birds. I found a path to walk along and capture images of the suburban parkscape. It was a fun learning and creative experience.



It was a fun learning and creative experience which had been planed. I had this block of time scheduled in my calendar for Friday.  However, it almost did not happen, there were so many other things I could have done, more washing, a newsletter, weeding the garden, calling a friend. I stopped myself and said this hour for myself is going to happen, one hour of play to exercise and play with my camera. Finding an hour, a week for an Artist’s date can be challenging. All those to do’s like to get in the way.  Yet this hour a week leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired. It makes me feel alive and puts a bit of spark back into my week.



What’s your favorite artist’s date activity to spark your creativity?  Do you take yourself out on regular dates, why or why not?  Please leave a comment would love to know your thoughts.



Wishing you all a wonderful day?

Ten Blessings Of The Week

Ten Blessings of the week

The highlight of the previous week was the fact it was school holidays, and got to spend lots of time with my two teenage boys.  Feeling gratitude and blessed about my previous week is something that makes me feel so much more appreciative about my life.



This weeks 10 blessings are as follows:


  1. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a student sharing my clinical experience and knowledge.


  1. I am so blessed that they now offer a supportive holiday program for teens with disabilities, and that Mighty Mouse got to have two great days out.


  1. I am so blessed to have lovely music to listen to everyday, there seems to be enough music for all my different moods, from inspirational, relaxing, laid back to upbeat. Music just brightens up my day.


  1. I am so blessed to have access to an abundant library for of wonderful resources, this week I spent time in the magazine section and discovered some new magazines.


  1. Enjoyed a visit to the Museum and to see Jurassic World with my son Mighty Mouse, the dinosaurs where so big and dramatic. I really felt like we were on a tour at Jurassic Park like in the movies. So I am glad none of those dinosaurs escaped. I love how Mighty Mouse still gets super excited to go to the Museum.


  1. I am so blessed for lots of adventure walks around the lake with Little Miss Popularity and the boys. It been school holidays so they have been coming for walks with me.


  1. I am so blessed for all the sleep in’s this week, it has been so nice to wake up, enjoy my coffee and remain in my bed a bit longer.


  1. I am so enjoying the leaves from the lipstick maple tree changing colour, from green to yellow and red, and are now falling from the tree. It so beautiful watching them blow around the back yard.


  1. I am so blessed to be able to get together with my extended family for a happy occasion, a birthday party lunch.


  1. I am so blessed to have a healthy body it lets me get so much done and enables me to enjoy my life.



This quote of the week is for Autumn: “Every leaf speaks bliss to me. Fluttering from the Autumn tree.” Emily Bronte



Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Living A Beautiful Life!


living a beautiful life 2

Everyday for me is about finding a way to live a beautiful life, even when challenges arise, and even on days when I feel extraordinarily ordinary. I work as a nurse, and my work is meaningful and purposeful. Nursing is hard work however it is extremely rewarding and I have had the opportunity to meet so amazingly brave and courageous individuals. My work as a nurse has made me realize the importance of living a beautiful life. As one of my clients advised me,’ enjoy your life today, because you don’t know what tomorrow will have install for you.’



When I think about this blog I think about living a beautiful life. So I have done some re-branding. Initially it was all about journaling and walking. However, I also love talking about my artist’s dates and weekly gratitude practice of ten blessings of the week. It is about so much more.  Journaling and walking will always be the main focus of this blog.  I have so many thoughts to express about living a beautiful life, and I want to include them on the blog too. So  I have now re-branded it Living A Beautiful Life.



So today I would like to share a short video The Lake about todays walking adventure around my lake. I live by a lake, I call it my lake, but it really belongs to the local community. Today was one of those mild Autumn days with lots of blue sky and beautiful sunshine. So myself, Mr. Serious and Little Miss Popularity headed off on our adventure walk. For me a beautiful life includes adventure walks.



The Lake


Wishing you all a wonderful day!




Ten Blessings Of The Week!

Ten Blessings of the week

It is April already, how fast this year is going, and I continue to try and get the most out of every beautiful day. One way to appreciate the brightness of everyday is through the practice of gratitude. For myself a great place to appreciate gratitude is during my daily journaling practice. A daily gratitude practice helps me to see all the good in my life.I also like to share a my weekly Ten Blessings of the Week, this is where I look back on my week and see what stood out to me to be grateful for and blessed in my life that week.



It was a week with time away, school holidays, work, and enjoying the daily pleasures of life. As I sit here listening and enjoying some lovely chill out jazz music I want to share my Ten Blessings of the previous week with you. They are as follows:



  1. Enjoyed Easter Monday ‘s escape to the country and enjoyed a visit to the Albury Library Exhibition.
  2. Was extremely blessed for a safe and uneventful journey driving home on Tuesday
  3. Was very grateful that Mighty Mouse’s visit to the optometrist indicated his vision is improving.
  4. School holidays is always full of exciting activities, enjoyed a movie day out with my boys to see Superman vs Batman.
  5. Loved that my parents came over for morning tea Wednesday, so lovely to catch up with them and have cuppa and chat.
  6. Enjoyed a day at home Thursday just catching up on house work, cooking and spending time with the boys. ‘
  7. Fun washing my dog Little Miss Popularity, now she is a beautiful clean fluffy dog to cuddle. Have been enjoying lots of doggy cuddles.
  8. Enjoying home made meals, and grateful for the abundance and variety of great foods available to me to cook and enjoy.
  9. Ho ,Ho off to work I went this weekend. I am feeling blessed to have my job.
  10. Feeling blessed for everyday moments, enjoying a cup of tea, hot showers, cosy bed, rain, sunshine, and family.



I always feel so good after doing my Ten Blessings of the week, it reminds me that I am living a truly blessed life.



Here is a quote I love about gratitude: “The struggle ends when gratitude begins” by Neal Donald Walsh.



What were your Ten Blessings of the previous week?


Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Sparkly Journal Prompt Jar

journal prompts jar

Morning chill out music infused through my living room. A table full of crafting materials and paint. A beautiful hour is spent creating a sparkly journal prompt jar. Today I managed to combine my Artist’s Date with journaling. Now I have a jar full of beautiful questions, ready to be plucked out and answered.


I was inspired by a blog post at, Daring To Live Fully on  119 journal prompts, I encourage you check this post out. It certainly inspired me to make my own journal jar and full it up with journal prompts. One way to use it is to pull out a prompt and spend 10-30 minutes on answering the question. Another possibility is to  pull out a question, paste it in a art journal and answer the question with pictures and words.



Currently in my journaling I have been inspired by Laura Hollick’s beautiful post on 10 great questions to use as journal prompts to create transformation in your life. I encourage you to check out her questions. These are the questions I am currently using in my own journal. These questions have me journaling deep. I am really enjoying the process.


I love this quote by Laura Hollick, “ Be brave and creative. Your journaling can open space for a wildly transformative experience. Imagine possibilities.” 



I am also happy to share music that is inspiring me this week, Morning Coffee Lounge, by Lounge Music Cafe, lovely instrumental chill out music. A wonderful way to start the day.



Can not believe how fast the year is going. It is April 1st and it is time to do a quarterly goal check in,  so today’s journal prompt:    How am I progressing with achieving my goals?


Note: I have not been posting much recently, I took time out to spend  a few days in the country to relax in nature. Also it is school holidays and by boys have been keeping me busy. Yes I have been too busy enjoying life!



Wishing you all a wonderful day!








Ten Blessings Of The Week.

Ten Blessings of the week

I always loved doing this post at my old blog, and although tempted to go back to my old blog, I love this one more. It just feels more like me, so I am going to continue with it.  Feeling gratitude and blessed about my previous week is something that makes me feel so much more appreciative about my life.



This weeks 10 blessings are as follows:


  1. I am so blessed that on Monday Mighty Mouse, my self, and Little Miss Popularity were able to go for a lovely walk around the lake, we even took time out to, sit and watch the magnificent Pelicans.


  1. I am so blessed that on Tuesday I had a wonderful opportunity to do some online learning, and was able to send several hours doing my course. I think it is exciting to have opportunities to learn.



  1. I am so blessed that on Wednesday, we took Mighty Mouse for his new RF at the hearing place, it just looks like a pen, and works better than his old one. That means he can hear better.


  1. I am also so blessed to be able to trial a new communication device for Mighty Mouse, we had so much fun coming up with questions and answers. We even found a spot for Godzilla and Devil ( his favorite toys on it)



  1. I am also so blessed that Mr. Serious stills gets excited to share his homework with me, and ask for my feedback.


  1. I am so blessed that I got to spend some time out in the backyard under the tree, on my computer enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It was just too nicer day and evening not to be out there.



  1. I am so blessed for warm sunny days, and cold rainy days, such variety makes getting dressed in the morning interesting. I love Melbourne weather.


  1. I am so blessed that my boys are still interested in watching a movie with their parents on our Friday night, movie night. This week we watch Ground Hog Day. An old movie, lovely story and funny.



  1. I am so blessed to be able to have a relaxing sleep in on Saturday morning, feeling so tired it was good not to have to get up early.


  1. I am so blessed that Hubby cooked Sunday morning breakfast, something special for the weekend, especially as I was working on Sunday.



Quote of the week: Love this quote, “Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, colours, sounds and work that nourishes your soul” ~SARK



What were your Ten Blessings of the week?  Leave a comment if you wish to share.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!