Ten Blessings Of The Week.

Ten Blessings of the week

Today I was sitting at the window, the sky was grey and all I could see was sheets of rain pelting down. All I could hear was the sound of rain hitting the roof of my house. All I could think about was how wet I was going to get. Normally I enjoy a rainstorm, however today I put my car in for a service, and it was a 3o minute brisk walk to pick it up. I waited for the rain to die down, and headed out the house with my big black coat on and purple umbrella. About five minutes into my walk, the rain started to pelt down again, the wind blew wildly and my purple umbrella fell apart.  Not even a umbrella and coat were going to protect me from this heavy rain. When I reached my destination I was completely soaked, also the rain finally stopped. The really annoying part was the sky cleared and the sun came out. I walked into the car dealership soaking wet, and left a number of puddles on their floor. I just smiled and told the man  I got caught in the rain and my umbrella broke. It was quiet a drama to pick my car up today, however I am so happy to have my car back, it makes getting places so convenient in suburbia.

Life has been very good to me lately. I have a lot to be grateful for, so here are my Ten Blessings of the previous week.

  1. I am so blessed to be given training at work that helps to prevent injuries and helps me to work smarter as to protect myself and my clients from injuries.
  2. I am so blessed to have the experience of having a student to work with, to share my knowledge and skills, also to think more deeply about my own work practice.
  3. I am so blessed to have the wonderful experience of doing the Mother’s Day stall with a group of amazing mum’s. It was a delight to watch the students picking gifts out for their mums, and grandmothers.
  4. I am so blessed to be back into my sleep routine, and finally getting some decent hours of sleep. The right amount of sleep helps me think more clearly, and wake up with energy. It is not until I have sleep issues that I realise how valuable a good night sleep really is.
  5. I am so blessed to have a  warm comfy  cozy bed to sleep in every night.
  6. I am so blessed for some amazing sunny days that I could go for walks around the lake and neighbourhood. Walking really uplifts my spirits, and I love seeing the changes in the bush around the lake, and even in people’s gardens. There is always something new to notice.
  7. I am so blessed to have a car to drive around in, it makes getting to places so much easier. I also don’t have to worry about the weather.
  8. I am so blessed to have my parents over for Friday night dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day and catch up. Another family dinner and cherished loved ones celebrated and enjoyed.
  9. I am so blessed  to have two lovely teenage boys that still enjoy spending time with their parents, and going out of family outings.
  10. I am so blessed to go camping this weekend. I had a wonderful family camping trip to Healesville , visited the wild life zoo, sat around a camp fire, went out for lunch for Mother’s Day.

I am very blessed indeed to have such a wonderful family, and to be able to enjoy spending time with them. That is something I really do treasure, because my wonderful family is the most important part of living a beautiful life. They make my life beautiful on a daily basis.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!






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