Living A Beautiful Life!


living a beautiful life 2

Everyday for me is about finding a way to live a beautiful life, even when challenges arise, and even on days when I feel extraordinarily ordinary. I work as a nurse, and my work is meaningful and purposeful. Nursing is hard work however it is extremely rewarding and I have had the opportunity to meet so amazingly brave and courageous individuals. My work as a nurse has made me realize the importance of living a beautiful life. As one of my clients advised me,’ enjoy your life today, because you don’t know what tomorrow will have install for you.’



When I think about this blog I think about living a beautiful life. So I have done some re-branding. Initially it was all about journaling and walking. However, I also love talking about my artist’s dates and weekly gratitude practice of ten blessings of the week. It is about so much more.  Journaling and walking will always be the main focus of this blog.  I have so many thoughts to express about living a beautiful life, and I want to include them on the blog too. So  I have now re-branded it Living A Beautiful Life.



So today I would like to share a short video The Lake about todays walking adventure around my lake. I live by a lake, I call it my lake, but it really belongs to the local community. Today was one of those mild Autumn days with lots of blue sky and beautiful sunshine. So myself, Mr. Serious and Little Miss Popularity headed off on our adventure walk. For me a beautiful life includes adventure walks.



The Lake


Wishing you all a wonderful day!





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