Ten Blessings Of The Week!

Ten Blessings of the week

It is April already, how fast this year is going, and I continue to try and get the most out of every beautiful day. One way to appreciate the brightness of everyday is through the practice of gratitude. For myself a great place to appreciate gratitude is during my daily journaling practice. A daily gratitude practice helps me to see all the good in my life.I also like to share a my weekly Ten Blessings of the Week, this is where I look back on my week and see what stood out to me to be grateful for and blessed in my life that week.



It was a week with time away, school holidays, work, and enjoying the daily pleasures of life. As I sit here listening and enjoying some lovely chill out jazz music I want to share my Ten Blessings of the previous week with you. They are as follows:



  1. Enjoyed Easter Monday ‘s escape to the country and enjoyed a visit to the Albury Library Exhibition.
  2. Was extremely blessed for a safe and uneventful journey driving home on Tuesday
  3. Was very grateful that Mighty Mouse’s visit to the optometrist indicated his vision is improving.
  4. School holidays is always full of exciting activities, enjoyed a movie day out with my boys to see Superman vs Batman.
  5. Loved that my parents came over for morning tea Wednesday, so lovely to catch up with them and have cuppa and chat.
  6. Enjoyed a day at home Thursday just catching up on house work, cooking and spending time with the boys. ‘
  7. Fun washing my dog Little Miss Popularity, now she is a beautiful clean fluffy dog to cuddle. Have been enjoying lots of doggy cuddles.
  8. Enjoying home made meals, and grateful for the abundance and variety of great foods available to me to cook and enjoy.
  9. Ho ,Ho off to work I went this weekend. I am feeling blessed to have my job.
  10. Feeling blessed for everyday moments, enjoying a cup of tea, hot showers, cosy bed, rain, sunshine, and family.



I always feel so good after doing my Ten Blessings of the week, it reminds me that I am living a truly blessed life.



Here is a quote I love about gratitude: “The struggle ends when gratitude begins” by Neal Donald Walsh.



What were your Ten Blessings of the previous week?


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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