Create a mood that supports you in flowing with your life this week.

I have the power to make people feel good.Cuddle me!

When I am feeling stressed, unloved, or simply in a low mood, it is hard to stay that way after cuddling my dog. She is just a fluffy cure to the ‘sads’ with the power to make me feel relaxed and brighter.There is something about cuddle doggy power.

I also enjoy listening to music, it brings a boost of joy into my day. I love finding new music, this keeps my days interesting, but I am really liking this album Telluric by Matt Corby. Some music gets me into an upbeat joyful mood and some music helps me chill out and relax, some music helps me focus and get my work done and some music makes me think deep and reflectively.


This brings me to this week’s prompt which is as follows: How can I help my mood support me in flowing with my life this week? It is by Jennifer Louden from her book The Life Organizer.



My life flow for the week contains days of high energy and low energy. Days of high emotional demands and other days of less emotional demands. Days where things go wrong, days when happy surprises occur, and days that are totally ordinary. Understanding my life flow, helps me to understand what mood might best support it. Then the task of creating a list of things like music, meditation, exercise, sleep, inspirational reading, aromatherapy, my journaling practice, and even cuddling a fluffy dag that affect my mood in a desired way. That way I have a section of things to turn to that can help my mood support me in flowing with my life this hour, day and even week.


Explore this question: How can I help my mood support me in flowing with my life this week?  Discover and write down your own lists of things that can help create a more desired mood that supports you flow through your life.


Wishing you a wonderful day!







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