Coffee in hand, journal and pen, reflecting and planning as the new year begins.


It is 2016 and already the year is zooming by at an incredible pace.


Today with my coffee in hand, journal and pen I found some time to reflect upon 2015.  The year can best be described as the big pause, and letting go of commitments. That nasty bug that made me sick was determined to slow my life down, and it won. The theme of the year was focus and action, and when I looked at my 100 things to do for 2015 list it showed up with 75 items being crossed off. I re-discovered a place I used to love visiting, Pt Leo beach. I attended study days, and a work conference and enjoyed my nursing work. I went on two family holidays. Attended some great craft workshops, read books, did online learning courses, and created this new blog.


A confession. I absolutely did not achieve all my goals. I let drama’s get in the way. Lost motivation. Was Lazy at times. Disorganised at times. Got distracted by all the sparkly bits of life. Simply was not interested enough in the goal in the first place. So plan for 2016 less goals, and only goals that really, really interest me.

2016 goals


Then came time to focused on 2016, a time when dreams and yearly aspirations are spread all over the journal pages.  I have chosen to only focus on four major goals for 2016 and have created some vision cards to support those goals. You can bet that health is going to be my top priority goal this year, I am planning to level up on this big time.  I am also having fun working on my 100 things to do for the year list which I have not finished yet, it is so hard to think of 100 things. I have  also invested in hard copy planner, to track the referrals and put all the important pieces of paper in that I need to take with me to my son’s appointments. I am going to be organized in 2016.

Humour 2


I asked my angel cards for a word of the year, and they gave me Humour. Guess I need to lighten up this year, laugh a little, see the funny side of life. There it is, 2016 word of the year, and theme for the year is ‘Humour’.

What word of the year have you chosen for 2016?

Wishing you all an wonderful new year, filled with lots of delightful surprises.

Happy New Year!

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