My life isn’t interesting enough!

Life not interesting enough

Ever been caught in that conversation where you ask a person how they are going and they answer, “ Oh you know, same old same old stuff as always.” It sort of makes me cringe and think, firstly what does same old, same old stuff as always look like, and secondly may be they just don’t want to tell me what they are up to lately. The other answer I often get is: “Nothing much!” well funny enough that tells me nothing about what they have been up too.



This all brings me to the topic of my life is not interesting enough to journal about. Well I am here to tell you there is always something to journal about.



At the moment I am choosing to live a very quiet life, and I am purposefully trying not to do to much, trying to keep lots of empty spaces in my calendar. A lot of my days are the same. I still manage to find lots of things to journal about each day. I just love when the family leave the house and it is so quiet and peaceful, I just curl up in my chair, and let words spill out on the page. Journaling is a joyful practice that I look forward to each day. A place my not so interesting life unravels into something that is a lot more complex and juicer than I first thought.



You don’t need amazing things to write about. Try writing about some of the following things:


  • Write about the small things, it is amazing how important those small things are.
  • Write about one thing you did during the day.
  • Write about your plan for the day.
  • Write about your projects even if it is ideas for your childs costume on dress up day.
  • You could write about your cooking adventures creating the evening meal, daily journey on the train, your garden and plants, favourite music, books you are reading, interesting conversations the list is endless.
  • Write about all the things that you are grateful for, a great way to feel more optimistic and positive about your live.
  • You can vent until there no longer any more point to it, and then start coming up with solutions.
  • You can invite creativity to come and play, come up with new ideas, projects, solutions and actions, and uncover some big sparkly dreams of your own.
  • Otherwise just write about anything, write for the joy of it, and be creative. It can be a lot of fun. You could also doodle and add pictures. It can be just a creative outlet that you practice during your day.



Life provides us with lots to explore, and also lots to discover. Journal writing can also assist with being more mindful about the way you are living, through the act of simply exploring the everyday and journaling about it. So whether it is creative journaling, deep and soulful journaling, or just journaling for the joy of it. You may just be surprised how interesting your life really is.



Happy Journaling.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!





2 thoughts on “My life isn’t interesting enough!

  1. I will reply to friends with that statement, “Oh you know, same old same old stuff as always.” It not that I don’t what to tell them what and how am doing, it just true. I don’t want to bore anyone with the same story I told them the last time we talk. Most of my days are just a repeat of what I did the yesterday and the day before that. When you don’t have a car, unemployed, don’t have money, kind of hard to have a social life or life at all.


    • Thanks for being so honest. Yes it must be tough when your unemployed, no money and restricted by not having a car. I just like to say, I find when I probe a little deeper it is the little things about my family and friends weeks that are so interesting. For example their cooking adventures, gardening adventures, hobbies, kids, pets, even food shopping adventures.


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