Be like a child, ask a lot of questions, by doing the Leonardo da Vinci, 100 questions exercise.




1oo questions

Children live in the world of curiosity, they love asking questions why, what, when, where and how. Yes, children are expert question creators, and they don’t censor their questions, they are not afraid to ask about what ever they are curious about.   I am currently reading Michael Gelb’s book, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday. This book title got me curious about how I could think more like Leonardo da Vinci, so I am just loving all the exercises through out this book.



One in particular is a great exercise for journaling and so insightful. It turns out it is important to learn to ask good questions, and to keep asking questions.  From the chapter on curiosity there is one exercise called 100 questions that you find interesting. It just requires a journal or a few pieces of paper, a quiet place to sit and ponder, and about 30-45 minutes to come up with your questions. These questions can be about anything you are interested in goals, dreams, self- exploration, curiosity about the outside world, anything really. At first the questions just flow and it is super easy. Then it gets harder, 100 questions are a lot of questions to come up with, so be curious and keep going. This exercise is best done in one sitting, keep your pen on the page and keep writing. As you keep going the questions will get closer to your real deep curiosity. This is a great exercise for learning to ask good questions, and lots of good questions, like a child.  I loved this exercise and I was thinking it was the perfect time of year to do them.



The book suggests you identify themes from your questions, and not to judge them just accept these are the things your curious about. Some of my themes were as follows:

  • creativity
  • nursing
  • writing
  • photography
  • Diet and fitness
  • Personal communication
  • home making




Also pick ten questions, the power questions these are the questions that resonate with you the most, and start exploring those questions. A journal is a great place to start, but it may also mean doing some research, reading, speaking to experts on the subject, doing courses, and simply exploring the question in as many ways as you can, and of course asking even more questions delving into all corners of the box and even some outside of it. For example, one of my power questions was, who are the five creative women I admire, and what can I learn from them?  I am excited about exploring this question, which I can break down into more questions, and it feels so expansive, because I can look at it from so many angles.



Try this exercise and come up with your own 100 questions, identify your themes and pick your ten power questions to explore.

Enjoy creating your questions, and exploring them in your journal.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!





This weeks inspiration, doggy love, whimsical flowers and a book.

2015-09-25 14.45.17

Despite another big vet bill, Little Miss Popularity is worth it, she goes about her day making everyone she comes into contact feel warm and happy just by being her loveable doggy self.  Ofcourse she gets to come inside, curl up on the coach and sleep all day, she gets oodles of attention from strangers, and cuddles from family. She inspires love.



This week I am inspired by Wisteria flowers I love their mauve/purple colour, their scent, and of course their whimsical look. This is showing up in the dresses I chose to wear and even the scarf I wear in my hair. I am drawn to this colour, and whimsical look it makes me feel good.



I have also spent the week soaking up the words of wisdom of Wayne Dyer from his book I Can See Clearly Now. This book is full of beautiful chunks of wisdom, so I will share a few that showed up in my art journal today. Firstly, was this idea to listen to what excites you and take your life in that direction. “When I listen carefully to those inner signals, they seem to say to me, this is why you are here, now you are truly aligned with your highest self, there is nothing to fear, just do what your excitement tells you to do.” Wayne Dyer. For me a wonderful place to start listening is with my journal, especially about what is exciting me. So now I am taking time to notice what excites me, and wondering how I  can act on doing more of that.



I was also inspired by my visual journal to put down the words, ‘ Living, it’s so exciting, find the path to bliss.’ Then I strongly penned my second takeaway from the book. ‘Manifest the person you want to be!’ Manifesting has often shown up in other books as getting what you want, I loved that this focused more on living your life as the person you want to be. These were the words of wisdom that caught my attention, “is not about manifesting the things you want, rather about manifesting the person you want to be in this world.” Wayne Dyer. Then there were these words of wisdom, “use your own imagination as an inner blueprint for what you absolutely intend to manifest. Then act as if that current dream is a present fact. This has been my secret tactic for manifesting the life I intended to live.” Wayne Dyer. So my imagination can be the spark to becoming the person I want to be, and living the life I want to live.



The other big things I learnt from this book, was being open to constantly learning and being open to guidance, and also living a life that serves others in some way.  Certainly Wayne Dyer was a great role model, of a person that  was in a constant state of personal and spiritual growth, and of an individual that served others.



I love books, they are a great place for finding inspiration. What has inspired you this week?  Please leave a comment in the comments section.



Wishing you a wonderful week!


My life isn’t interesting enough!

Life not interesting enough

Ever been caught in that conversation where you ask a person how they are going and they answer, “ Oh you know, same old same old stuff as always.” It sort of makes me cringe and think, firstly what does same old, same old stuff as always look like, and secondly may be they just don’t want to tell me what they are up to lately. The other answer I often get is: “Nothing much!” well funny enough that tells me nothing about what they have been up too.



This all brings me to the topic of my life is not interesting enough to journal about. Well I am here to tell you there is always something to journal about.



At the moment I am choosing to live a very quiet life, and I am purposefully trying not to do to much, trying to keep lots of empty spaces in my calendar. A lot of my days are the same. I still manage to find lots of things to journal about each day. I just love when the family leave the house and it is so quiet and peaceful, I just curl up in my chair, and let words spill out on the page. Journaling is a joyful practice that I look forward to each day. A place my not so interesting life unravels into something that is a lot more complex and juicer than I first thought.



You don’t need amazing things to write about. Try writing about some of the following things:


  • Write about the small things, it is amazing how important those small things are.
  • Write about one thing you did during the day.
  • Write about your plan for the day.
  • Write about your projects even if it is ideas for your childs costume on dress up day.
  • You could write about your cooking adventures creating the evening meal, daily journey on the train, your garden and plants, favourite music, books you are reading, interesting conversations the list is endless.
  • Write about all the things that you are grateful for, a great way to feel more optimistic and positive about your live.
  • You can vent until there no longer any more point to it, and then start coming up with solutions.
  • You can invite creativity to come and play, come up with new ideas, projects, solutions and actions, and uncover some big sparkly dreams of your own.
  • Otherwise just write about anything, write for the joy of it, and be creative. It can be a lot of fun. You could also doodle and add pictures. It can be just a creative outlet that you practice during your day.



Life provides us with lots to explore, and also lots to discover. Journal writing can also assist with being more mindful about the way you are living, through the act of simply exploring the everyday and journaling about it. So whether it is creative journaling, deep and soulful journaling, or just journaling for the joy of it. You may just be surprised how interesting your life really is.



Happy Journaling.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!