Life Provides Us With Lots Of Questions To Explore.

There is a quietness to my life

There is a quietness to my life, due to being ill for the last month. I thought I would be better by now. It appears my body wants more time to rest, rejuvenate and re-evaluate my life.


I have felt disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics. Annoyed by the nagging cough, snotty nose, and sore throat. I have been frustrated by my lack of energy and inability to do all the things I wanted to do.


During this time, I have had time to journal for hours curled up in my cozy bed or on my couch. I have had hours to relax and catch up on some reading. I even got delightfully captivated by a television series or two. Life has been very quiet, and calming in a way.


I have also been clearing out my calendar. Creating beautiful empty space. I wasn’t even aware how full my calendar was until I had to start emptying it. I love this empty space it opens up opportunity for other things I love. I am not sure I want to give my time back to all my old commitments and experiences. There are some things I really need to do, however most of this free space has come from the things I choose to do. So before I resume my previous life I plan to ask some questions. Did I love this activity? Did I even miss this activity?


Journal prompt: What is this illness trying to tell me?


During this time, I have explored what this illness is trying to tell me in my journal, why it keeps lingering and the possibility that it really wants me to take a big long pause, and rest.


Life provides us with lots of questions to explore. What questions are coming up in your life that you could explore?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!





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