Think About Opportunities That You Have In Your Life To Get Outside In Nature And Journal.


 I am super psyched to be enjoying my walks again. Slowly my health is improving and I am getting back into the things I love. There is something about sunshine, fresh air and nature that lifts my spirits, frees my mind, and gets energy flowing through my body.  So I would like to share the following lines about walking in the sunshine, which I recently captured in my journal.


Walking, Sunshine & Inspiration.

Take a walk in the sunshine.

Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Feel the grass under your feet, walk slowly and take notice.

Hear the birds sing their songs.

Listen and feel the soft gentle breeze of trees blowing in the wind

Notice the bright blue sky, and any white fluffy clouds floating across the sky.

Enjoy the ducks playing in the water as they go about their day.

People watch. Observe people walking, running or riding pass, and even enjoying some time with a doggy friend.

Take a snack to enjoy, chocolate, banana or even some sweet strawberries.

Take a beech towel and journal and find a place to relax and sit.

Beauty is all around us.

The beauty of nature can stimulate the senses inspiring creativity, filling the page with beautiful ideas, words, sentences and stories.

Take a walk in the sunshine.


Find a place to rest and enjoy journaling on a warm spring day. Think about opportunities that you have in your life to get outside in nature and journal.

Journal prompt: Where are opportunities for you to get out and enjoy nature? How is nature inspiring you today?

Happy Walking & Journaling!


Life Provides Us With Lots Of Questions To Explore.

There is a quietness to my life

There is a quietness to my life, due to being ill for the last month. I thought I would be better by now. It appears my body wants more time to rest, rejuvenate and re-evaluate my life.


I have felt disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics. Annoyed by the nagging cough, snotty nose, and sore throat. I have been frustrated by my lack of energy and inability to do all the things I wanted to do.


During this time, I have had time to journal for hours curled up in my cozy bed or on my couch. I have had hours to relax and catch up on some reading. I even got delightfully captivated by a television series or two. Life has been very quiet, and calming in a way.


I have also been clearing out my calendar. Creating beautiful empty space. I wasn’t even aware how full my calendar was until I had to start emptying it. I love this empty space it opens up opportunity for other things I love. I am not sure I want to give my time back to all my old commitments and experiences. There are some things I really need to do, however most of this free space has come from the things I choose to do. So before I resume my previous life I plan to ask some questions. Did I love this activity? Did I even miss this activity?


Journal prompt: What is this illness trying to tell me?


During this time, I have explored what this illness is trying to tell me in my journal, why it keeps lingering and the possibility that it really wants me to take a big long pause, and rest.


Life provides us with lots of questions to explore. What questions are coming up in your life that you could explore?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!