Journaling Resources To Explore.

Resources I love

As you can see by my blog I have not been up to much lately. In-fact my life has been extremely quiet. For the past few weeks I have been ill. So life has been put on pause and my calendar has been cleared.


Even though I have been ill recently I have still continued to journal.  Unfortunately, I have not been out on my adventure walks, I am missing my walks and really longing to get back into them.


Therefore, I would like to share a few resources for you to explore and to apply to your own journaling practice.


So in the meantime I recommend reading a great blog post by Jamie Ridler which includes lots of prompts to journal about around exploring the new season. I myself have spent some time exploring these questions in my own journal, and have come up with lots of juicy responses to them.  I love a lot of Jamie Ridler’s work, she has inspired me to explore my own journaling practice at a deeper level over the years.  Go here to read her post: and happy journaling.


You can also check out Dolly Garland at Kaizen Journaling I enjoy reading her blog and gaining great insights in ways to improve my journaling practice. She writes some very informative and useful blog posts. You can check her blog out at:


Additionally, I have a Journal board on Pinterest with journal prompts. I have lots of pins with different ideas and prompts for journaling. So go check out my journaling board, you can find it here:


In the meantime, I will be curled up on my armchair resting and reading, and hopefully recovering soon.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!




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