Recording Life Through Images~ Image Journaling.

Wilsons Park

Walking through nature surrounded by suburbia on this blue skied sunny day!


Admiring the pink blossoms on the trees.


Escaping the stress of daily living and slowing down.

Soaking up the sunshine and feeling the breeze against my skin.

I really do enjoy days like this because they are just gorgeous.



During my walk I found a quiet place with a delightful view of nature to sit, rest and journal. Todays intuitive lead was to go out and live life each day not because I have to, rather because I am privilege too. To understand that I am so enormously lucky to be alive and on this planet during such amazing times.



I take note of my intuitive lead. I understand that I have a tendency to get caught up in the drama’s I create in my life. They don’t exist when I am in nature enjoying the view. However, when I leave get back to my suburban home and suburban life, I get caught up in the social expectations of my society. Lots of the drama unfolds in my journaling and solutions start to show up. I also think the process of journaling really helps me to slow down life, and re-focus on the things that really matter.



I wanted to record some of my walking adventure in images. These days we have the convenience of cameras on our phones which take amazingly good quality pictures. The convenience of a phone camera is that it is so easy and available to just snap and record images of our lives and days. Now I am thinking image journaling. Not so silly, recording life through images.


The above image has captured the quiet place I found to sit and journal, the walking path, the view I had, and the pink flowers I admired. It captures the blue sky day, and the beautiful park, which is surrounded by suburbia. I also think the walking track shows how easy it is to feel that sense of being in nature.



As I continue on with this blog, I will continue to use both images and words. I also hope that I can work on improving my images and being more creative in this area. Whilst I really like the idea of recording an image journal.



What do you think about the idea of image journaling through photo’s? What does it look like for you?


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!




Adding A Flavour Of Yourself To Your Day!





There is something me about this beautiful Friday.  As I sip on my cup of warm funky chai tea, from a beautiful pink mug with delightful blue butterflies on it, curled up on the couch, I feel deliciously comfortable and relaxed. I know life is good!



My day already has included journal writing in the car before my gym class enabling me  to capture my important thoughts on the blank page. Thoughts like what I am doing is enough. Through my journaling I have created a very Fran flavour to my life. Beautiful Friday! A day full of the things that make me feel alive and joyful. Like my journaling time. Also my morning Sh’bam class, where I get to exercise, have fun, feel loose and free. I always feel exhilarated and supper happy after my Sh’bam class. Whilst I have made Friday my day! So today I took time to go out to a local cafe, sip on a coffee and read a book. Other ordinary Fran things will be playing my chill out music, burning my candles, cooking a yummy tea, and having movie night with my boys. My journal writing constantly reminds me of what I really love, and has helped me to create really cool Fran days every week.



Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not achieving big wow amazing things in my life. I feel a huge expectancy from other people that I should be doing big amazing things to make a difference in the world.  Or even worse getting caught up in the act of comparing myself and life to that of others. Through journaling I have discovered that looking after my boys, attending to my work, and my volunteer work, and embracing the beauty in my ordinary life makes my life satisfying and rewarding. That is my big  important work.  I have also discovered the many ways to add my own flavour to my days.



What ways can you add a flavour of yourself to your day?

Wishing you a wonderful day!