Exploring Week Twelve, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!


Grey clouds


There is a stillness and chillness that exists in the morning air. A strong knowing that my inner world determines my outer world. A longing for some sort of awakening to living the life of my hearts desire. The realization that it takes lightness and darkness to reveal the pathway to take, on a journey that will take a lifetime. In the midst of that requires great kindness for the imperfections and vulnerability of my being me. It is not for me to seek the worlds approval, rather for me to embrace a life that is true to my hearts desire. I can only be who I choose to be, and being me is good enough.



It has been easy this past week to curl up in a blanket in my arm chair with a hot cup of coffee and share thoughts, worries, dreams and even wonderings on my journal pages. It was the final week of exploring the book Walking In This World by Julia Cameron, and I have felt the subtle changes evolving in my life over the last twelve weeks. I have learnt to embrace my quirky, imperfect self, and understand what ever I create it will be enough.  These days I am creating more, my adventure walks are more interesting. I enjoy capturing images with a story on my iPhone camera. I have been playing with paint, and doing a writing course. Journaling has helped me to connect with my inner world, whilst walking has helped me to appreciate and connect with my outer world. My Artist’s Dates have helped me to connect with my creativity and inspired me to play, explore and create more. Whilst this book has allowed me to identify my dreams and desires, and some action steps to take to move towards living a more beautiful life, one that is in tune with my hearts desire everyday!



Chapter twelve was about discovering a sense of dignity. For me the importance of having a regular writing time and schedule stood out as important. Earlier on in the book I decided to put some time aside for project days, these are Tuesdays and Fridays. This is something I am continuing to work on. I have now decided within these days I will set aside some writing time, and develop a regular writing schedule. I will let my family know this is my writing time and I do not wish to be disturbed. A couple of hours on a Tuesday and Friday is not too much to ask for, and I will still have plenty of time engage with family and life. This is also connected to the solitude and space required to work on my writing projects. I am lucky in that I have my own time during the day, during what I call my freedom hours. However if did not have a quiet space at home, I could also find a space to work in a coffee shop or even the local library.



The other thing she talks about is service, making that connection between what we do and making it bigger than ourselves. This is something I notice in my nursing job, as difficult and busy as it is, it is always about service and helping people. That something more than me is what brings me coming back to my nursing, and it is what gives me satisfaction in that work. A line in the book explains it well, “When we are able to work without such self-consciousness, we are able to work more freely and more fully. Our ego steps aside and is no longer a constrictive value narrowing our creative flow and focus. We think less about “us” and more about “it” the work itself.” Julia Cameron. I often think of my art, as being the art of caring. When I am in that flow I am more generous with giving my time and energy, and doing that bit extra to help those clients and families I am working with. So I understand the possibility of this for my writing. She gives us a great question to explore and ask ourselves often, “How can I make this work more serviceable?” Julia Cameron



When it came to connecting with one creative elder to ask for help and get some input into a problem, I chose Florence Scovel Shinn, and she reminded me to ask for definite leads throughout my day and listen for divine guidance. She is a lady of great wisdom and I started reading her book again. I also found a wonderful affirmation for guidance. “I am always under direct inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.” by Florence Scovel Shinn. As I journal my morning pages I always ask to be shown a intuitive lead, it may not always show up on the page, often it will show up on a walk, and many times it just shows up randomly during the day. I simply need to listen!



I loved reading Walking In This World, and applying the book to my life for twelve weeks. It really brought about some positive changes. Not everything in the book was for me, however I received many gems which I intend to continuing applying in my life.



I would like to give a special thanks to Julia Cameron, for inspiring me through her writing to discover how to live a more creative and beautiful life.



I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?



The wind has picked up; I feel it is calling me out to play. I look at the clock, yes I have a yoga class to attend, something that always puts a beautiful smile on my face.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!








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