Exploring Week Eleven, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

Week 9 of Walking in this WORLD

Winter has set in and it has been miserably cold and wet. My motivation to get outside and go for a walk was just not present. I just wanted to stay inside and keep warm and dry. Just curl up in my chair with a blanket wrapped around me and the heating on. It was the kind of weather that made it easy to curl up in a chair and read chapter eleven. It also made it easy to spend time exploring the exercises in my journal. Also I am delighted to be wearing my coats everyday, I have a small collection of about five to choose from. I love my coats.


This week focus in Walking In This World by Julia Cameron was about finding a deep sense of knowing, and not needing other people’s permission to be who we are. It really focused on being aware of the damage that criticism and negativity has upon us. Seeking out positive people and being positive ourselves as a way of supporting creativity. Some of the things I found helpful were as follows:

  • Focusing on the TaDa list each night and noticing all the things that I accomplished during the day.
  • Doing the activity of listing the 50 Things I Like, and the ones I take action on and the ones I don’t take action on. Focusing on the abundance in my life, and how life is good.
  • Listing the 25 Things I Am Proud of About Me. This activity helped to boost my self-confidence.

I also took so time out to journal about how to include more of the 50 things I like into my life, it made me look how I spend my time and try to make some decision about making some changes. For me there is this strong theme of being drawn into other people’s agendas and spending time on what they think is important, instead of doing the things I love. I have this tendency to want to help people, and what I have noticed is I really need to be more selfish and refill the well. Julia Cameron mentions that we need to notice and listen to those things we love. I really think there is some truth in that. I also think I could help people by doing what I love, and sharing that with them.


This week seemed like a massive failure when it comes to my check in. I did my journaling 6 out of 7 days. I did not go for a long walk this week the weather was yucky, wet and cold. Also had boys on school holidays messing up my routine. I did not do my Artist’s Date, I spent that time preparing an Educational for my Toastmasters group.


A wonderful journal prompt to boost self- confidence is writing down 25 things or as many as you can of the things you are proud of about you.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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