Winter Journaling!

winter journaling

It is cold and dark outside. That is what July has to offer, lots and lots of cold Winters days. These sort of days make me want to curl up on a chair and hibernate in my house, comfortable and warm. I become a homebody! There is a slowing down, a quietening to the pace of life.I have no issues with embracing it and enjoying it.

Winter journal prompt

These cold winters days provide ideal conditions for me to curl up on my comfy chair and do some journaling, and take notice of those words; What wishes is winter stimulating me to cultivate into my life? Some of my Winter wishes are as follows:


  • Catching up with family and friends, dinner, lunch or even over a tea/coffee.
  • Add color to my wardrobe, I love wearing the color red in Winter, it is powerful, bold and bright and just what I need for Winter.
  • Self-care- such as Yoga/Body balance classes, have enrolled in a special relaxation/movement class.
  • Journaling- It so easy to do in Winter. Always a lovely chair to curl up into
  • Doing more courses, I am planning on doing a basket weaving workshop, and also a writing class in August.
  • Spending time reading, listening to my favorite music, and going to the movies.
  • Enjoying rain and listening to it fall on the roof whilst I am in bed.
  • To write, write, write everyday!
  • Soup, my soul is calling for soup. Soup is such a Winter food. So I think I need to start feeding myself more soup.


Journal Prompt: What wishes is Winter stimulating me to cultivate in my life? What are your Winter wishes?


As for the BlogHer NaBloPoMo July challenge on connect. I will simply say, people will misunderstand me from time to time. I know that and I accept that. I can not be everyones cup of tea.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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