Connect- Connecting With Myself And With Others #NaBloPoMo

Conect day 1

Journaling and Walking is very much about self-exploration, self-development and deep reflection. To me journaling and walking are my creative practices. They are the two things that unleash my creativity, and allow me to live more creatively and full of energy in my everyday life.

I am also about deeply delving into books and actually applying them to everyday life. Currently I am working through Julia Cameron’s book Walking In This World. I find the journaling process helps me to put the exercises into practice, to experiment and play with the exercises. It has enabled me to discover more about life and myself. It also helps me to make the changes I need so as to move towards living a beautiful life everyday.

I still feel that I am trying to find my own voice in my writing, and that my writing hasn’t quiet reached the intuitive level that I would like it to be.

This blog is very much about connecting with my self. Although I am sharing this journey on my blog, I do not feel I have made a connection with people, or that they are reading what I have to say. I often wonder if anyone reads my blog at all. I often doubt myself and think who am I to write this stuff anyway.  I keep going because it is something I feel called to do, to explore, to ramble on about.  I hope others can find tidbits of wisdom in my writing and bits that they can take away and play with in their own life, so they too can live a beautiful life.

I also would love to make connections and learn from others about their journaling process and walking practice. I value feedback, so please leave a comment.
During the month of July I will be expanding myself and writing to connect with other people out in the world. Oh it is exciting! So join me on the  NaBloPoMo -July 2015 Challenge. (Theme: Connect)

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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