Exploring Week Twelve, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!


Grey clouds


There is a stillness and chillness that exists in the morning air. A strong knowing that my inner world determines my outer world. A longing for some sort of awakening to living the life of my hearts desire. The realization that it takes lightness and darkness to reveal the pathway to take, on a journey that will take a lifetime. In the midst of that requires great kindness for the imperfections and vulnerability of my being me. It is not for me to seek the worlds approval, rather for me to embrace a life that is true to my hearts desire. I can only be who I choose to be, and being me is good enough.



It has been easy this past week to curl up in a blanket in my arm chair with a hot cup of coffee and share thoughts, worries, dreams and even wonderings on my journal pages. It was the final week of exploring the book Walking In This World by Julia Cameron, and I have felt the subtle changes evolving in my life over the last twelve weeks. I have learnt to embrace my quirky, imperfect self, and understand what ever I create it will be enough.  These days I am creating more, my adventure walks are more interesting. I enjoy capturing images with a story on my iPhone camera. I have been playing with paint, and doing a writing course. Journaling has helped me to connect with my inner world, whilst walking has helped me to appreciate and connect with my outer world. My Artist’s Dates have helped me to connect with my creativity and inspired me to play, explore and create more. Whilst this book has allowed me to identify my dreams and desires, and some action steps to take to move towards living a more beautiful life, one that is in tune with my hearts desire everyday!



Chapter twelve was about discovering a sense of dignity. For me the importance of having a regular writing time and schedule stood out as important. Earlier on in the book I decided to put some time aside for project days, these are Tuesdays and Fridays. This is something I am continuing to work on. I have now decided within these days I will set aside some writing time, and develop a regular writing schedule. I will let my family know this is my writing time and I do not wish to be disturbed. A couple of hours on a Tuesday and Friday is not too much to ask for, and I will still have plenty of time engage with family and life. This is also connected to the solitude and space required to work on my writing projects. I am lucky in that I have my own time during the day, during what I call my freedom hours. However if did not have a quiet space at home, I could also find a space to work in a coffee shop or even the local library.



The other thing she talks about is service, making that connection between what we do and making it bigger than ourselves. This is something I notice in my nursing job, as difficult and busy as it is, it is always about service and helping people. That something more than me is what brings me coming back to my nursing, and it is what gives me satisfaction in that work. A line in the book explains it well, “When we are able to work without such self-consciousness, we are able to work more freely and more fully. Our ego steps aside and is no longer a constrictive value narrowing our creative flow and focus. We think less about “us” and more about “it” the work itself.” Julia Cameron. I often think of my art, as being the art of caring. When I am in that flow I am more generous with giving my time and energy, and doing that bit extra to help those clients and families I am working with. So I understand the possibility of this for my writing. She gives us a great question to explore and ask ourselves often, “How can I make this work more serviceable?” Julia Cameron



When it came to connecting with one creative elder to ask for help and get some input into a problem, I chose Florence Scovel Shinn, and she reminded me to ask for definite leads throughout my day and listen for divine guidance. She is a lady of great wisdom and I started reading her book again. I also found a wonderful affirmation for guidance. “I am always under direct inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.” by Florence Scovel Shinn. As I journal my morning pages I always ask to be shown a intuitive lead, it may not always show up on the page, often it will show up on a walk, and many times it just shows up randomly during the day. I simply need to listen!



I loved reading Walking In This World, and applying the book to my life for twelve weeks. It really brought about some positive changes. Not everything in the book was for me, however I received many gems which I intend to continuing applying in my life.



I would like to give a special thanks to Julia Cameron, for inspiring me through her writing to discover how to live a more creative and beautiful life.



I really recommend taking a book and not just reading it, but also live it and see what works for you. What book could you read and apply to your life today?



The wind has picked up; I feel it is calling me out to play. I look at the clock, yes I have a yoga class to attend, something that always puts a beautiful smile on my face.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!








Exploring Week Eleven, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

Week 9 of Walking in this WORLD

Winter has set in and it has been miserably cold and wet. My motivation to get outside and go for a walk was just not present. I just wanted to stay inside and keep warm and dry. Just curl up in my chair with a blanket wrapped around me and the heating on. It was the kind of weather that made it easy to curl up in a chair and read chapter eleven. It also made it easy to spend time exploring the exercises in my journal. Also I am delighted to be wearing my coats everyday, I have a small collection of about five to choose from. I love my coats.


This week focus in Walking In This World by Julia Cameron was about finding a deep sense of knowing, and not needing other people’s permission to be who we are. It really focused on being aware of the damage that criticism and negativity has upon us. Seeking out positive people and being positive ourselves as a way of supporting creativity. Some of the things I found helpful were as follows:

  • Focusing on the TaDa list each night and noticing all the things that I accomplished during the day.
  • Doing the activity of listing the 50 Things I Like, and the ones I take action on and the ones I don’t take action on. Focusing on the abundance in my life, and how life is good.
  • Listing the 25 Things I Am Proud of About Me. This activity helped to boost my self-confidence.

I also took so time out to journal about how to include more of the 50 things I like into my life, it made me look how I spend my time and try to make some decision about making some changes. For me there is this strong theme of being drawn into other people’s agendas and spending time on what they think is important, instead of doing the things I love. I have this tendency to want to help people, and what I have noticed is I really need to be more selfish and refill the well. Julia Cameron mentions that we need to notice and listen to those things we love. I really think there is some truth in that. I also think I could help people by doing what I love, and sharing that with them.


This week seemed like a massive failure when it comes to my check in. I did my journaling 6 out of 7 days. I did not go for a long walk this week the weather was yucky, wet and cold. Also had boys on school holidays messing up my routine. I did not do my Artist’s Date, I spent that time preparing an Educational for my Toastmasters group.


A wonderful journal prompt to boost self- confidence is writing down 25 things or as many as you can of the things you are proud of about you.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Essential oils that improve clear thinking, memory and focus.

both burning oils

How delightful it is to journal and burn some of my favourite oils in my oil burner. I love dabbling with my essential oils, and find they really do effect my mood. I tend to burn my candles more these days when journaling. However when I am doing my visual journaling I still like to get my oils out and burn them. I find that I can create a relaxing mood for my journaling.

As for the NaBloPoMo July challenge on connecting, I can honestly say this blog is not doing much connecting at all. However my other blog, Happy Suburban Chick seems to connect much more easier. The most successful post I had on it, remains the most successful post. It was called, Essential Oils That Improve Clear Thinking, Memory And Focus. It can be found at: https://happysuburbanchick.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/essential-oils-that-improve-clear-thinking-memory-and-focus/

This was a post I research to help my own study habits at the time. I have always loved dabbling in essential oils and enjoy using them. I guess essential oils and clear thinking is something that people want to know about.

I think for a blog post to connect, it needs to be on a topic that people are interested in.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Happy Suburban Chick

Today I thought I would add another post from my old blog “Just”, although I have stop blogging on Just it is still out there in the blog world. My old blog wasn’t quiet what I wanted. It actually started out as a school project. However it served its purpose by helping me to learn a lot about learning, and technology especially computers. It also introduced me to blogging. This is one of my favourite and personally useful  posts.

I delight in using my oil burner to diffuse the lovely scent of oils throughout my house. The diffusing of essential oils can actually create a mood like relaxation, uplifting and even increasing clear thinking and memory.
Currently I enjoy using lavender which I find creates a relaxing mood, elevates stress and often helps slow me down at the end of a busy day. At other times I use a refreshing…

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Exploring Week Ten, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

AskBelieve be opento Receive

Week ten in Walking In This World by Julia Cameron was about focusing our attention on our friendships and creative collaborations. Basically this was about going out and finding those people who support us. Friends that will support us when we are struggling and give us encouragement, and friends who will cheer us on when we are doing well, and continue to support us. We also need the sort of support that will help us grow, feedback that helps us learn. It is important to have those trusted people in our lives, who can give us the constructive feedback that we need, and yet we know they fully support us. These will also be the same people who cheer us on, and celebrate our wins. It is not just our friends; they can also be the people that we collaborate with in our working environments and learning environments.

A part of the chapter that caught my attention the most was The Good Of Getting Better, as Julia Cameron states, “We are interested in expressing ourselves more and more accurately, more and more beautifully. This brings us squarely to the issue of craft, to our need for accurate assessment by others and ourselves.” I love this, it made me think of Toastmasters and how everything gets evaluated. The whole idea is that we can help cheer each person on by recognizing their strengths, and identifying areas for improvement. I always look forward to evaluations about my speeches or the roles I have performed. I look forward to the insights of the evaluator and the gems they provide me with that I can use next time if I choose, to improve my work. Julia also talks about how finding a good teacher or mentor can make a huge difference to improving our work. Finding a good teacher requires attention and consideration.  Not all teachers and curriculums are equal, we need to look carefully.  As Julia Cameron tells us, “ Authentic growth, however is the goal, and that will not occur if we enrol ourselves in classes and curriculums that are themselves stagnant, stifling, or simply inadequate and ill advised.”  We need to be open to learning, but we also need to be wise to the ways we learn.  We need to ask for that guidance, believe that guidance is available to us, and be open to receiving guidance so we may learn. Julia Cameron states” When we ask to be led, we are led. When we ask to be guided, we are guided. When we ask to be taught we are taught.’’ I think that the universe is always trying to support us, it is up to us to be open to that support.

Synchronicity this week showed up as a free course from Coursera, Writing for Young Readers, in the previous chapter I was thinking I really need to do a course to improve my writing. Then it appeared, so I thought yes I must try it. It seems a good course for me, I will learn new skills and be able to improve my writing. I am open to learning. Personally I think I need to start were I am at. I am a beginner; I have limited funds to invest in learning to write. This course may be free, however it looks like it has valuable content. I am also looking for community course in my area. At this stage I have not found anything on days that suit me. However I am open to something coming my way. Where as for my nursing, which is also my art, I pay good money for good courses, new and up to date knowledge, and motivating teaches. I recognise this is a valuable investment.

This week I currently worked on my daily, To Da List, listing all the things that I had actually done over the day, and recognizing my daily achievements.

It is currently school holidays and the boys are getting in the way of my routines, so I haven’t been on my walking adventures or my Artist’s Date. I have managed to do my journaling (Morning Pages) six out of seven days this week.  I am being kind to myself it is school holidays and that is ok. I am enjoying doing things with the boys, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Winter Journaling!

winter journaling

It is cold and dark outside. That is what July has to offer, lots and lots of cold Winters days. These sort of days make me want to curl up on a chair and hibernate in my house, comfortable and warm. I become a homebody! There is a slowing down, a quietening to the pace of life.I have no issues with embracing it and enjoying it.

Winter journal prompt

These cold winters days provide ideal conditions for me to curl up on my comfy chair and do some journaling, and take notice of those words; What wishes is winter stimulating me to cultivate into my life? Some of my Winter wishes are as follows:


  • Catching up with family and friends, dinner, lunch or even over a tea/coffee.
  • Add color to my wardrobe, I love wearing the color red in Winter, it is powerful, bold and bright and just what I need for Winter.
  • Self-care- such as Yoga/Body balance classes, have enrolled in a special relaxation/movement class.
  • Journaling- It so easy to do in Winter. Always a lovely chair to curl up into
  • Doing more courses, I am planning on doing a basket weaving workshop, and also a writing class in August.
  • Spending time reading, listening to my favorite music, and going to the movies.
  • Enjoying rain and listening to it fall on the roof whilst I am in bed.
  • To write, write, write everyday!
  • Soup, my soul is calling for soup. Soup is such a Winter food. So I think I need to start feeding myself more soup.


Journal Prompt: What wishes is Winter stimulating me to cultivate in my life? What are your Winter wishes?


As for the BlogHer NaBloPoMo July challenge on connect. I will simply say, people will misunderstand me from time to time. I know that and I accept that. I can not be everyones cup of tea.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!