Six Reasons To Go For A Walk!

Go For A  Walk

I just love, love, love my adventure walks!  Today I went for the most delightful adventure walk, finding a place in nature even though it was surrounded by Suburbia. It was just the sort of place to go for an hours escape. As I walked I felt the breeze against my cheeks, I could see the trees gently blowing in the wind, the birds were singing their symphony, and I could smell the eucalyptus leaves. I even manage to smile and say hello to some lovely walkers and they went past. Like so many of my walks it was full of discoveries, like how the bright blue sunny sky became much greyer and darker over the hour.

There are many reasons to go for a walk such as exercise, transportation, reflection and dreaming, or purely for joyful pleasure. I love a walk for many reasons. Walking always fits into my moods, of joy, sadness, curiosity, fun, dreaming, reflecting, connecting and so on. Walking adapts to my moods so easily. I love a walk, especially when discovering a new place, and then I could walk for hours. Whether it is suburban streets, city streets or parks and nature, a walk is always full of new discoveries.

Below are a few reasons to include a walk or walks  into your week.

  1. It clears your head.
  2. Easy to do and can be done anytime, any place.
  3. It can be social you can chat with a friend or take your fur friend along for company.
  4. It can be sensually pleasurable with smells, noises, and visually interesting depending where you walk. The view will always be changing.
  5. It can be time to dream and plan.
  6. It can be a relaxing pleasurable excuse for exercise and burning calories. Exercise is allowed to be enjoyable, and walking is enjoyable and moves your body.

Walking is wonderful !

What sort of adventure walks do you like to go on?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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