Exploring Week Eight , Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process.

PicMonkey Collage

This week in Walking In This World it was about Discovering a Sense of Discernment. Unmasking our villains and naming our supporters more accurately. Questioning people’s agenda’s and motives, and also delving more deeply into factual qualifications. Asking for facts, and making decisions on facts. It was a great activity to do through the journaling process, and I did have some lightbulb moments of insight. One thing I did learn that it is ok to be vulnerable and even  influenced by people who don’t serve me, however when I realise  this person is being more destructive than supportive, I  can change that. I can say enough is enough and cut myself off from that relationship or association.  Sometimes it is not just the people it is also the projects and activities we are involved in that are not really serving us. A statement that stood out to me was, “we must learn what and how-pull the plug on people and ventures that do not serve our authentic goals and aspirations.” Julia Cameron.

Slow Down

The other thing I chose to focus on was the idea of,  no emergencies, slow down and gently let things unfold. Life is just so fast, and so much seems to be happening. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything, and everything seems to be so important. That simple slow down, and finding ones own space is essential for getting some sort of perspective. Some things can wait. Some things can be totally ignored, and some solutions will unfold with time. It has taken me a long time to realise this. The exercise ask to list five areas where you feel a sense of haste and pressure.  For Instance this week I was feeling stressed about organising a fashion out fit for my son for Fashion Day at school. Thinking I needed to find the time to go out to all the op shops in my area to create an elaborate outfit for him. I took time out to slow done and think about it. Then I realised what I already had  for him would be good enough.  He didn’t need to impress people, it was more about him being part of it and enjoying the day. It was so important to slow down, and simply let things unfold naturally.

Blurrrrrr,  fell in a heap this week.  Project day went ahead on  Thursday, and I focused on completing my photography course and doing some photo taking practice. Thankfully I could combine that with  a nature walk, so it turned out to be an awesome day. The photography course really got me thinking about what story I want to be telling with my photo’s. I don’t have a real camera, I am simply playing with an iPhone. Starting at where I am at with what I have.

 My aha moment was the idea that our ideas come from the things that happen to us and the things that mater to us most. My love of walking inspired my photo’s this week. I enjoy my adventure walks, and just wanted to capture that amazing Winter sky, and what a beautiful Winter’s Day looks like.  Whilst my artist’s date was an Ethical Shopping class which was both confronting and empowering. I discovered as a consumer I give my vote through my dollar. I discovered lots of ideas how I could spend my money better and vote for a better world. It was also a lot of fun.  I also booked into a weaving class in July. I am trying to schedule more of my artist’s dates into my schedule so I get out and experience more, especially more of the things that bring me joy, and really matter to me.

What mattered to me this week was attending to my family, and family events, and also to my volunteer work.  My journalling reveal my deep connection to those events. Whilst I did not delve as deeply as I would have liked into this chapter, I feel I did learn and experience something from it.  It is easy for me to be disappointed about not achieving all the things on my to do list.  However now I am thinking it was because they were not the things that mattered the most to me that week.

Journal prompt: What are five areas in your life right now where you feel a sense of haste and pressure? How could you slow down and let things naturally unfold?

Journals are a wonderful place to trouble shoot and come up with solutions to problems.

Do you have a book that you could engage with, journal about and even apply parts to your own everyday life?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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