Exploring Week Five , Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process


I am now delving deeper into Walking in this World. Week five is all about discovering a sense of personal territory, about saying no to others and saying yes to our creative selves.

As I read and did the exercises I explored my connection with the people in my life. Those people that drain my energy, depleting my creativity, and those that support me, energise me and encourage my creative spirit. One of the things I learnt in the Artist’s Way, is to watch out for those energy draining people. I think this book explores it a little more. It addresses those people that don’t mean to harm us. Yet it is still important to have boundaries and protect ourselves.

It is also about saying yes to the things that bring me joy and no to the things that drain me.  Examining the activities and situations in my life, and noticing if I am doing things that bring me joy, that challenge me in a good way, and that I secretly really want to do. Life seems so busy with so many demands that it is easy just to react to what is happening around me. At the end of the day it is important to live the life I want to live, not the life other people want me to live.

Journaling time allows time for me to reflect, explore, and examine what is really going on. Time to ask the question do I really want to say yes  this, or do I secretly want to say no and do something else. The hard part about saying no is often other people don’t like it, or they will try to make me change my mind. There is a difficult side to saying no. I really struggle with this.

Saying no to others is important, so I can say yes to myself. Saying yes to my self, enables me to give more to others in a way that I can remain full and overflowing. Saying yes to others all the time will deplete my energy and make me far less effective in helping anyone. I really struggle with this and find myself saying yes way to much. I enjoy helping others and find it very rewarding, I just need to understand what my limits are. That feeling of overwhelm, and tiredness is a very good indicator that a no or two needs to be said to others.

This weeks journal question to ask myself was, am  I being selfish enough?  I feel bad being selfish, so it will take some time to see the positive side to it. This is a good question to journal about and to ponder before making commitments. I am now aware and more committed to considering what my self needs and giving it to her.

Journal Prompt: Am I being selfish enough?

This week Artist’s Date was Journaling in a cafe, and spending time in gift &house decor shop, and  buying some candles. It also meant starting my photography course, and going on a walking adventure in a part of my suburban home town.

Taking photo's on my adventure walk and trying new things out. Whilst working on getting my photo's to tell a story.

Taking photo’s on my adventure walk and trying new things out. Whilst working on getting my photo’s to tell a story.

It has been a week of commotions,  a late buss one night, a meeting that went one hour longer than I anticipated another night, and a last minute venue change another night. Whilst my ability to say “No” is being tested out again.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



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