Walk, Notice And Be Grateful!


This week I really took time out during my walk to just really notice my surroundings, to notice what I saw, what I smelt and how I felt. I also took time to be grateful, and there is so much in my life to be grateful for, and my walking adventures quickly remind me of that. Walk, notice and be grateful.

I find my walking adventures a way of really getting in touch with the now.  For example Monday I went for a solo walk. The sky was dark, and I could smell the rain. I put on my big black coat and headed out the door with my pink umbrella. That day I walked noticing what was happening around me. Appreciating the gardens, trees, birds and the lake. I noticed the way the lake looks on a cold cloudy day. It had a different type of beauty, with its stillness and the reflection of the trees on the water.  The weather did not stop the birds coming out.  I noticed a lot of birds plus I also saw pigeons. I have never noticed the pigeons before. I also notice the wild flowers; the white fluffy ball flowers that I love to blow and watch the white particle float off into the air. For some reason I felt I should make a wish every time I blew on one of them. Around the edges of the lake beautiful wild yellow flowers could be found. As I walked around I took my phone camera out and shots some photo’s to capture the moment. My walk continued with me finding a small rock. I put the rock in my pocket and started a gratitude practice of holding it in my hand and saying thank you. I was also a little naughty taking some small cuttings of some overhanging plants on the side-walk. I was hoping to grow them and plant them in my own garden. Just as I was almost home the clouds opened up releasing large raindrops from the sky. I finished my walk home in heavy rain, protected by my umbrella and raincoat. The rain brought out the intense colours of the gardens.  The rain sounded beautiful, it made its own music on my umbrella, and in a way was soothing creating a sense of peacefulness. Walking Adventures can be enjoyable even in the rain.

For me recording my walking adventure in words and photo’s helps me to notice more of what is happening in the present. Julia recommends having a sketchbook, and taking some time to sketch something each day, and noticing the adventure that already exists in our lives. The sketchbook thing was just something that didn’t happen for me.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


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