Exploring Week Four , Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

The soul thrives

“Deprived of adventure, our optimism fails us. Adventure is a nutrient, not a frivolity. When we ignore our need for adventure, we ignore our very nature.” ~Julia Cameron

This week I have been exploring Discovering A Sense Of Adventure, chapter four, in Walking In This World, by Julia Cameron. I think we really need that sense of adventure in our lives to experience fun, joy, growth and expansion. The idea of adventure is noticing what makes us feel good and being curious about what is happening in the now. Discovering our sense of adventure also includes listening to our intuition and taking risks, and getting uncomfortable at times.

This week I explored this idea of living a more adventurous life everyday. As I journal on this idea what came up for me was that I don’t currently embrace a lot of adventure in my life. I could potentially bring more adventure into my life. I do love going out exploring new places, and I love my walking adventures. I love the adventure I am having with this blog. I acknowledge that a sense of adventure makes me feel more lively and joyful, where as lack of adventure makes me feel stuck and feeling down about life.

Secretly I would love to

So for me my journal prompt for this week was one of the exercises in the book. The journal prompt was as follows: Secretly I would love to……………. What I loved about this exercise was just identifying the things I would love to do, without judging it. Secretly suggests some venerability, it is secret, there is risk to it, of failure, rejection, ridicule, being laughed at, and even being put down. On the other hand, surprisingly there could be a lot of support. Secretly one of my answers was I would love to create a magical garden.  Now I am no gardener, I enjoy my garden, and it is a pretty basic garden and I don’t spend a lot of time in it. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about my garden. This week after journaling about this idea that I have felt a strong pull towards creating a magical garden. I have been noticing other peoples gardens, especially the ones I like. I have been also taking clippings and trying to grow them. Today I took advantage of the local council plant giveaway and went and got two native plants for our garden. The vulnerability in it, is when I mentioned I was out planting my plants in the garden. I was laughed at, and it was suggested I was out planting weeds, because I am such a bad gardener. This made me close down, and question if I have a right to be out in the garden. When I was out in my garden, I felt good. I might not do it perfectly, and I may even have a reputation for killing plants, but that should not prevent me from my gardening adventure of creating a magical garden.

There are many other things I would secretly love to do. For me it is being brave and not worrying about what other people think. It is about listening to my intuition.  I can give myself permission to explore these things and who knows what might happen. Yes there may be risk. Yes I may do them badly. Yes and maybe it will all work out amazingly. There is adventure in following what we love, and what brings us joy. Intuitively it just feels right,  and logically it may not make sense. Secretly I want to live my life adventurously.

Overall I did my morning pages 6 out of 7 days. Indulged in a lovely hour-long walking adventure. Went on my Artist’s Date with a walk in the park and coffee, pen and notebook at a lovely coffee shop. I did not do the sketching activity, feel a little overwhelmed that I can not do everything Whilst I discovered a useful journaling prompt: Secretly I would love to……………… What I learnt most is that my life is active, alive, and colorful. I can choose for everyday to be an adventure.

Try the prompt: Secretly I would love to ……………………………………….. Spend some time in your own journal discovering your own sense of adventure.

It you are exploring this book, I would love to hear your thoughts on this chapter and exercises.

Wishing you a wonderful week!



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