Exploring Week Three, Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!

Collage work

This week discovering a Sense Of Perspective, art is not therapy it is about creating something and having a forward moving focus. Reading this chapter I identified myself a person who doesn’t practice public art, but rather a person busy making an artful home and artful life for herself.


I am feeling my creativity unfolding and unraveling onto the page as the weeks go by. During the week my morning pages revealed the details to my next speech. It was beautiful!  I had been dreading this particular speech project, it seemed so dry and boring. The creativity that poured out onto my journal page created a speech that was fun and quirky, in a way that was unique to me. I don’t know that I sold my sparkly cleaning products, but I felt like I sold my idea that cleaning should be fun and safe. What I had been dreading and putting off, I was finally able to throw myself into it with enjoyment and enthusiasm.


My reason for writing about my journaling process and this book is to share what I am learning, and also to create some accountability. I love self-help books, however my previous experience has shown that I am not so good at doing the exercises and applying the theory to real life. I acknowledge that this book can not bring positive changes to my life unless I am willing to do the work. Doing the work is the hard part. Doing the exercises in this book is challenging.


I know in order to create a significant creative shift in my life, I need to delve deeply into the teachings of this book, and really do the exercises. Week after week I will need to show up and continue on with the work. This week I worked through the exercises. I did the anger exercise, which required me to write down 50 things I was angry about.  Then I tried to write 50 solutions.   The one thing that screamed out loudly in my journal was to take charge of my life agenda, to value my time, and to say “no” more often. I discovered how anger was giving me clues about the things I felt strongly towards, and the changes I need to make in my life. It showed me that it is my responsibility to be more assertive and stand up for myself. Julia Cameron states in the book that,” anger asks us to step up to the plate for ourselves and for others. …………………. Anger signals us that we are being called to step forward and speak out. “  This also showed up for me, and re-affirmed the work I was doing on school council. If I want to make a difference in my son’s schooling, I need to actually being doing some work to make a difference.


I used the collaging exercise in my visual/art journal as my Artist’s Date. This exercise required me to get out some magazines, choose a theme, for me this was May Dreams, then create a collage with images I was drawn too. The images quickly appeared and jumped out at me. Then I had to journal about the collage. This exercise was about creating and discovering. It was about discovering and listening to my soul desires. I found the theme of garden, in particular succulents stood out to me. I found myself going out after this exercise and planting a couple of succulents in an ornamental pot. I was also drawn to the idea of using the pen more creatively with my writing, and my iPhone camera more creatively. The surprise was, the collage made me feel like winter is coming, that it is getting dark outside, and that is okay. My collage showed me that I can shine my own light on those dark winter days and nights.


This week was a struggle, I was disappointed with my efforts, I only did my morning pages 5 out of 7 days. My Artist’s Date was the collaging exercise. Disappointingly I only went for one walk this week, it has been a cold wet week. Overall I feel something is happening and that I am starting to feel a shift.


Share your thoughts about this book, I would love to know how you found or are finding this journey of exploration?

Wishing you all a wonderful week!




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