Exploring Week Two Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!


As I work through this book I am feeling more challenged and feel my beliefs, actions and thinking are really being tested. My journaling is full of juicy insights, frustrations and angers, dreams and desires. I notice there is room on the page for all of it, the good and bad. It has been another wonderful week of getting my morning pages done, and tomorrow I am going out on my Artist’s Day to see an historical home.  I did lots of juicy journaling about the  questions in Walking In This Word by Julia Cameron , Chapter two Discovering A Sense Of Proportion.


This week is about Discovering A Sense of Proportion, it is about building up a sense of a realistic self even when it seems difficult and discounted by others or even oneself. Also redrawing boundaries and limits so we can live larger lives and more fully. The author talked about believing mirrors, having those people there that support us, and being aware that some people will limit us and not want us to change.  As Julia Cameron states in the book, “All of us need and require Believing Mirrors. Believing Mirrors reflect us as large and competent creatively. They mirror possibility, not improbability. “ It was interesting how she talked about unexpected ways we may come across this encouragement like from a passing neighbour or magazine article. Personally I find lots of unexpected encouragement around me, I never thought of this as a way of building inner support. It also challenged my beliefs that I was never supported in my creativity. When I think of the hours I spent doing fashion designs and playing my guitar I realise I was surrounded by believing mirrors. This was a huge insight.


I love the idea of walking on things; it is a little like sleeping on things. Walking on things just allows space to open up to other possible answers to the questions. It quietens the mind from the noise of life and distractions, and heightens the volume of the inner voice of the soul. It gives us an opportunity to dream and imagine revealing what our soul wants for us.  As I walked on these questions I discovered deeper insights, and unexpected answers. Just answering questions is revealing, but something about walking, that allows the answer to come from a deeper and more soulful level. From this I was able to create more questions to explore in my journal, including:

  • Was I limiting my possibilities?
  • Was I making up excuses so as not to grow and get out of my comfort zone?
  • Where do I find my encouragement and believing mirrors?
  • What does my larger self-look like? What are her big dreams?

Julia Cameron states in the book,” allow yourself to walk into a new and larger identify in your imagination. It is often there that we first learn to comfortably inhabit a larger self.”

Round Walk on it


So if you have questions you want answering combine journaling with walking. Also consider where possible before making big or difficult decisions simply walk on it before making the decision. Yes, walk on it!


Another beautiful activity was to quickly answer, I wish……………….. 1-20, coming up with a list of small and big things. Doing the list fast, makes the answers more intuitive, more from the heart than the mind.  The idea is that this list reveals the place to start action from. It also a place to discover what you really want, and to start making small action steps towards making those wishes a reality. As Julia Cameron states, “ When we are active on our own behalf, we tend to feel less overwhelmed by the needs and wants of others.” What I discovered was an overall big wish, I wished I protected my time and energy more, so  I could attend to my own wish list. My wish list requires me to draw boundaries on my time and energy, so as there is plenty left for me. That is where I started scheduling in activities into the calendar, and making serious commitments to them.


There was much more to complete in chapter two, basically the whole chapter is around being your larger self, discovering and finding believing mirrors, making 20 amazing heart found wishes, and creating action steps for them. Discovering the power of walking on it.


Share your thoughts about this book, I would love to know how you found or are finding this journey of exploration?







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