Exploring Week One Of Walking In This World, Through The Journal Writing Process!



 “You begin where you are, with who you are, at this time, at this place”~Julia Cameron 


The journey begins as I seek to discover more about who and what I am. I get out my journal and I start.

It has been a long beautiful week of Journaling, and really getting back into the practice of Morning Pages, each morning filling up three pages of stream of conscious writing. Additionally  incorporating some intentional journaling sessions around the exercises in week one of Julia Cameron’s book  Walking In This World, which is all about discovering a sense of origin.


The hardest part is not reading the book, it is doing the exercise. Like all self-help books you need to actually apply the information  to get the full benefits of them. I must admit I really have to stop, breath, and tell myself to do the work. Hmmmm how did I go? Well I was awesome at doing my morning pages(journaling)each morning. Went on a delightful walking adventure for 1-2 hours, enjoying the sunshine and snapping photo’s. Then I spent my Artist’s Date( solo expedition) admiring all the eye candy, at Robert Gordon Pottery. So many beautiful pieces, I brought myself some mugs, and also picked up a Mother’s Day gift.


Then to the exercises.  The first exercise was What The Heck I Might As Well, this required me to put a list of twenty creative actions that could be started immediately. This creates forward movement by taking and completing small actions. I listed my twenty activities. When I looked back over them I thought how safe. I could not help thinking a couple of them should be more dramatic and exciting. Anyway the whole idea of this activity is to get started, and actually do the work. I did five things as follows:


  • A photo afternoon which I combined with my walk. I also had fun editing the photo’s. See my photographic work of art above.
  • Collaging my boxes  and de-cluttering. I got carried away with this one.
  • Finally I got out in my garden, potted some plants and weeded the vegetable patch, and I think I am growing a pumpkin.
  • I took a photo each day, usually as I was sitting at the bus stop waiting to pick up my son. Now I have a bunch of photo’s about the boring Burbs.
  • I had lots of fun making green house cleaning products like my  pretty pink toilet bombs.


 The little things lead to the big things.

 The next activity is to express myself and write down ten qualities about myself, then write a personal advertisement which is as follows:  Join me, and experience insights from a mindful, reflective, and intentional journal writer.  Yes I know am quite and  people think I am quite, and have  this assumption that something is wrong. I  am just listening to the world and observing what is going on around me, like how spider webs magically sparkle and whimsically wave on a sunny breezy day. Being quiet is OK!  Plus I discovered I also like to take the safe options.  Hmmm what if I don’t like a quality about myself? This made a wonderful question to explore in my journal.  The hardest part of this exercise is not to get caught up in what other people think of you. I often get told I am hardworking, dependable, and agreeable. I enjoyed this activity and I am intentionally going to be more mindful about being true to myself, and express myself more fully.


Finally the third activity was to do nothing. I have already nailed this one, so good at lying in my arm-chair closing my eyes to a beautiful piece of music and allowing the thoughts to simply escape and pass by.  I do nothing really well!


As I worked my way through week one, I felt a little stronger about expressing myself, and getting stuff done. It reminded me to stop comparing and just be me, and be ok with that.  I would like to conclude with a final quote by Julia Cameron, “Stop striving to be more, and appreciate what it is you already are.”


Share your thoughts about this book, I would love to know how you found or are finding this journey of exploration?


 Wishing you all a wonderful day!




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