Everything feels better after a walk.



A beautiful Autumn day invited me out to play in its blue sky and beaming sunshine, it was irresistible! I wanted to say yes, I wanted to go for a long walk in nature, and explore my local neighbourhood. However I felt guilty, so much housework to attend to, especially after having the boys off for two weeks school holidays. The should’s were swirling around my head, I should clean the floors, scrub the bathrooms, do the grocery shopping, finish writing that speech, go buy new uniforms and so much more. It can all wait, and yet I still felt really guilty about leaving it. It could wait until tomorrow, or  the next day. In my experience housework is one of the few things worth procrastinating about.  Whereas this could be the last beautiful Autumn day left to savour this year. I didn’t  want to miss out on all that sunshine. After all sunshine makes me happy! It was a  beautiful Autumn day calling me out to play, I felt I just had to say yes to it. Then I did it, put on my sturdy walking shoes , got the dog leash, and took a ,long, long walk with my dog Little Miss Popularity.


Walking has this beautiful calming effect on me, it results in instantly slowing life down. For at least a short time I can drop all my worries and anxieties, and exist in a state of playful curiosity. I felt like a happy little girl as I crunch through all the dry Autumn leaves on the ground. Whilst I found a place to sit and rest, watching the gentle breeze blow the colourful  leaves whimsically through the air. As I explored a new part of my local neighbourhood I stumbled upon a new place to sit and rest. A magical place with  entrances created by stone columns which were covered in vines from above. It had a beautiful open air central area, with seating around the edges. A hidden gem, my inner child thought it was a magical castle, with its surroundings being the magical kingdom. I sat and rested, I savoured the smells of lavender and rosemary that were around it. All the worries, all the to do’s, all the musts disappeared, leaving me feeling peaceful and in a state of playful curiosity. The perfect place for a short magical escape enabling me to rest and rejuvinate. Yes it was the perfect day for a long, long walk in my neighbourhood.


Everything feels better after a walk. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits.


Wishing you a wonderful day.



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