Cafe Journaling, Percolating Ideas Over Coffee.


I absolutely love going on a date with my journal.

Journal in hand, high on adrenaline post exercise class, I find a cafe to sit and rest. Finally time to relax!  I choose to indulge in a strongly brewed coffee.  I am all alone at my table, and yet lost in the crowd.  I am so grateful that my journal is a faithful friend. As I rest and sip, the ideas come, inspired by curiosity of what is happening around me. I hear snippets of conversations and try to fill in the gaps; I wonder what they are talking about. Do they have more interesting lives than me? I people gaze, and wonder who these people are, from a stylishly dress middle aged women to a young lady dressed in grunge, the man in a suit, to the man in a ill fitting tracksuit. I wonder what their characters might be like.  So I write about what I see and hear, making up the rest, allowing my imagination to run wild. Sometimes I just wonder how does it make me feel. Then I just write about whatever thoughts need to flow out from my brain onto the page, no rules and no judgment.

Some crazy ideas come up as follows:

  1. Perhaps I could own and manage a boutique stationary shop that sells awesome journals and has regular Thursday morning coffee journal get together.
  2. Perhaps I could randomly invite people to coffee morning tea and chat, so as too meet interesting people.
  3. Perhaps I could invite the Prime Minister over for morning tea, so as I could discuss my concerns about his governments policies and the importance of nurses to society.
  4. What if I was a fairy and went around making peoples wishes come true, and sprinkling fairy dust.
  5. What if I did a coffee crawl, trying all the cafes out in there, then wrote an article on which one was best.
  6. Possibly I could spend my days drinking coffee and writing a book, may about a fairy that owns a coffee shop and sprinkles fairy dust on her customers.
  7. What if I tune into my masculine side, and try a boxing class.
  8. Perhaps I could take my journal out on a date, star gazing.
  9. Perhaps I could join or create a journal cafe.
  10. Let’s have an International Journaling day!

I often try and think of 10 ideas everyday, sometimes these ideas are a little random, and sometimes they are quite useful. Whilst at times it is hard to come up with 10 interesting ideas each day.

Going somewhere different like a cafe, a park, secret garden, side walk bench or beach helps to trigger ideas; it also gets me curious and thinking a little differently.  I find how I journal at home can be very reflective, serious and deeply personal. When I am journal in different places, I am more playful and curious about the world around me.

So try taking your journal out on a date to a new park, cafe or just some place different. Enjoy!

What interesting places do you go to journal?  Dose going somewhere different change the way you journal?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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