Journaling~ A Great Goal Setting Tool.



Sitting by the lake, looking into the distance with my journal note-book, taking time out to ponder my goals in life.  It is that place I feel good, happy and open to possibility. It is  neccesary time out that ensures living a beautiful life each day is possible.

I love to help other people reach their goals. As the VPE(Vice President of Education) of a Toastmasters club, I love to work with members to achieve their goals. I love working with the club to achieve the clubs goals. I often find people come to me as the go to person, that person who will know the answers, the solution to the problem, where to find the resources, or just that person to make a decision. I find that knowing what goals you have, and the direction you are heading in life makes decision-making easier. I also find that exploring my goals opens up possibilities, because I can explore so many options from the logical to the crazy ideas safely in my journal. I use my journal as my goal coach.

I share this because I would love to help other people to enjoy effective journaling. I believe journaling can be a tremendous help to goal setting in the following ways:

  • Use your journal to define what goals really matter to you and why they matter , you can even explore what it would mean to your life if you achieved a particular goal.
  • The next thing would be to determine a time line of when you want to achieve the goal. Once this is done you can brainstorm lots of possible action steps which you could take to achieve the goal, it is ok to have some crazy and alternative action steps thrown in here. I also think it is great to explore the things that get in the way, and brainstorm some solutions to them.
  • Once all this is done you can create a plan, and take steps towards achieving it each day.
  • Your journal can also be a great place to reflect upon your  progress, and fine tune your goals and actions steps as you progress along the way. By using the reflective process on a weekly basis, you can factor in some accountability towards your goals.

The best part of journaling your goals is you get to explore your dreams and come up with goals that are connected to those dreams.  This is why I think journaling can be a great personal coach and goal setting tool,  to support effective goal setting and achievement of goals that really mater to us.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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