Journaling Anger Can Lead To Insight And Change.

Journaling anger can leat to insight . png

Anger an emotion that can bring you down and suck the life out of you if I choose to dwell on it too long. Which is why I choose to dump it onto the page as quickly as I can and start working on solutions. I have found that anger shows up in my life screaming at me that this is something I am not prepared to tolerate.  I think it is important to listen to my anger, explore it on the page and then ask the question what can I do about it?  Todays prompt is from the is from the Day 2 at Live your legend,  and the Writing prompt is: What really makes you angry about the world?
What makes me really angry is global warming, and the thought that we are not doing enough about it, and that future generations are going to suffer.  This was quiet a confronting prompt, and I could feel the resistance to answering it, and some of my answers I didn’t like because they highlighted my weakness about not doing anything about my anger.  It is amazing what insight I was able to gain from a simple question.
 You see I am angry at the government and their policies, and gas/coal/ petroleum  industries, I am angry about the push for consumerism and our excessive lifestyles. Well thats wonderful, and I can write to politicians and sign petitions, and support organisations that fight the cause. The hardest confrontation was when I started to investigate my own lifestyle, and realized  that I was part of the problem. There needs to be some changes. The biggest insight was some of the ways in which I am living my life  are contributing to global warming. The positive part of this is I can do something about that, I can make changes to my own lifestyle. I plan to focus on my sustainable living goals this year, last year I did a lot on composting, clean green cleaning products, recycled crafting, mindful shopping and buying local. Wondering what other ways I can make changes.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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