My Love Affair With Journaling.


I have always been a quiet reflective person who could often be found getting lost in a journal. It was my escape, my haven, my friend and my advisor. It was that one thing that got me through the ups and downs in my life. There were many years of melancholic  scribbling’s in my teenage years, it was a time of feeling so vulnerable, inadequate and unsure about the world. A time of feeling different, and unconnected to the masses of society. Through exploring and filling up pages and books it seemed to work out.


These days I feel more connected to the world, and I am grateful for my differences, especially my quiet reflective nature, and my enduring patience. I have come to understand that my role in this life is to be a carer, it something I seem to find myself always doing in my personal life and professional life as a Registered Nurse. The way I care for myself is through the practice of journaling and walking. Through journaling I connect to my inner self, and through walking I connect with nature and the world around me.


These days journaling is my confidential listener allowing me to express all my emotions, my comforter and booster building me up, that place to escape and rest when life just gets too hard, and a supportive friend to share my dreams and goals with. It is that place I explore self-discovery questions for my favourite creative personal development books like The Artist’s Way. It helps me to check in with myself during busy periods in my life, to review, revise and even contemplate what is really going on in my life. The practice of journaling helps me to find a way to live life more beautifully.


I also enjoy exploring life and the world around me by going for slow long walks in nature and around my neighbourhood, with my walking buddy Little Miss Popularity. She loves to smell everything, and is not afraid to stick her head into a plant full of flowers. I love her curiosity. Together we go for long walks, and can often be caught smelling other peoples roses. Often I take my phone and shoot a picture or two. I am still learning how to take decent photo’s and are trying to be a little more creative. Sometimes we find a place to sit, where I get out my journal or note book and pour words onto the page. I simply love the act of writing. Whilst walking and writing go together perfectly, I am also fond of a cafe, coffee and my journal.


I have a love affair with journaling; I long for it each day, and miss it deeply when it doesn’t happen.  Journaling is a daily event in my life.  I have started this blog to explore the world of journaling, and immersing myself in it.  I want to learn more about the process of journaling and explore different types of journaling, from morning pages to art journaling. I want to discover what others are saying and writing about journaling. I have started this blog to share my experiences, ideas, and learning’s about journaling. I hope this is a place where others can find inspiration and ideas to use in their own journaling practice.  Mostly I would like to share my love of journaling with others and inspire them to go on their own journaling journey.


Why do you journal? How dose journaling benefit your life? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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