Walking, Dreaming, Sitting and Writing!


“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a gardento know it.” – Rumi.

A pond full of water lilies. A music  symphony of bird tweets. A cool breeze, grey blanketed sky, and the mist of rain. A day that could be mistaken for Autumn, rather than being in the middle of Summer. It was a perfect day for an adventure walk. My curiosity got me wondering what the noise was in the bushes, as I took a closer look discovering two fluffy brown bunny rabbits. I bent down, peeping through the trees into the bushes, trying to stay still and quiet so I could discover what they were up to. They seemed to just be munching on the grass and hopping about. I kept thinking how exciting and how cute. It all came to an end when a man with a big noisy woofing dog came up behind me. Then in a flash the rabbits were gone, and I was annoyed.

I walk along the track, enjoying the weather, the birds, and mostly the silence. I find an opportunity to break the silence, by taking a moment to speak to a stranger walking pass. We exchange grateful thoughts about the weather, and the  beauty of the place we are in. Then back to the silence and enjoying my walk.  It was a wonderful time to just admire a tree, watch birds sorting out leaves and twigs, and feel the coolness of the day. It left me feeling at peace and  connected to the world. It was an experience with depth to it, something real and important. I found walking in nature grounding, and gave me a sense of who I am, an experiential being, who is  alive and connected to nature.

Finally I come across a pond full of water lilies, and a seat to rest in, and write. It is a delightful seat, made of wood, a little bit like a recliner, positioned in a quiet spot amongst the trees, overlooking the pond. The pond is habituated by ducks, splashing about, and flapping their wings. They are a noisy lot, however soon their splashing and flapping just blends into the silence. I get out my little note-book and pour words on the page. The peacefulness and beauty of the pond inspire words of gratitude, and dreams of finding more beautiful places to walk and write. Dreams of spending my days writing. The day represents something more I want into my life. More walking and writing. So my journal question is: How can I create time in my life for more walking and writing?

Walking adventures can be  relaxing  and they can also be revealing. It is one thing to dream, however journaling allows the opportunity to explore that dream, and create some action steps on how to make it a reality.

Take time out for yourself, try your own walking adventure, and notice what it reveals to you.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



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