The Power Of Setting A Morning Intention.

Daily Morning Intention
I have been doing my stream of conscious journaling for many years now. I find it is a wonderful way to clear my head, and be creative with my thinking. However more recently I have wanted to be more purposeful with how I finish up my journaling. I wanted to see if I could make my journaling more impactful, and to start my day in a positive and focused frame of mind. So I have been setting an intention each morning how I want to be in the world that day. For instance today I wanted a low energy day, I wanted to rest and relax. So my morning intention was to relax and re-energize. That way when I went about my day, my focus was to get to my yoga class, and say yes to spending  time sipping a cup of tea and reading a book. Even though it was tempting to do other things like house work, or chasing things up for others. I was able to say no! So having a morning intention helps me to stay focused and take action on the things that make me feel the way I want to be that day “relaxed and re-energized” Some of my other intentions have been as followed:
  • Getting my house in order.
  • Learning as a way of being
  • Setting boundaries, saying no!
  • Be Kind
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Play more
  • Be creative
  • Take action
  • Seek out adventure
  • Laugh more
  • Breathe
  • Gratitude
 I continue to notice what I need that day, and to create more focused and personal intentions for my day. I am finding that this setting attentions is enabling me to be more focused and spend my time more intentionally in a way I would like to be spending it. Another thing I have noticed is that it magically allows me more opportunities for instance one of my intentions was to be learning. That day a whole couple of hours was made available to me to complete learning packages at work. Another day of setting boundaries and saying no, meant that I was more focused, got more done, and was able to assist people in a far better way. That day I received more thank-you’s and compliments than I normally receive. So from my personal experience I think setting morning intentions is a powerful start the day, allowing me to be focused and spend time being the person I want to be, achieving the things I want to achieve. It also ties in nicely with my yearly theme of focus and action.
Prompt 1Journaling Prompt: How is that you wish to spend your time, and show up being in the world today? Then set an intention that will enable you to achieve this.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

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