Theme Of The Year- What Words or Theme Will You Choose This Year?

Focus& Action

In 2014 I felt stuck, and life got in the way, so I felt like I didn’t achieve much. I enjoyed my year, it was full of relaxing and slowing down. It was also full of distractions, and interruptions, and days that got chewed up meeting other peoples needs. This year of protecting my time and energy.  I have chosen two words, focus and action(purposeful).  These words Focus and Action set the theme of my year. This year I am going to be more mindful and focus in my life. Wow that could be my affirmation for the year. As part of my beautiful morning journaling, after I have my brain dump on the page, I like to go exploring. One of the thing s I like to explore is this affirmation of being more mindful and focused. I also journal on my words focus and action, and how those words will look in my day, this helps me to plan out my day, and set my daily morning intention. The results is I have noticed my weakness, I notice wear my time is being taken away from me, and I am finding more ways to protect it. I have also been able to plan ways and actions to move towards my goals and spend my time doing more of the things I want to be doing.
Prompt theme of year
Journaling Prompt: What word or words do you choose for the theme of your year?
 Take time to dream about how you want your year to look like. Why not dream on the page.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

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