Journaling~ A Great Goal Setting Tool.



Sitting by the lake, looking into the distance with my journal note-book, taking time out to ponder my goals in life.  It is that place I feel good, happy and open to possibility. It is  neccesary time out that ensures living a beautiful life each day is possible.

I love to help other people reach their goals. As the VPE(Vice President of Education) of a Toastmasters club, I love to work with members to achieve their goals. I love working with the club to achieve the clubs goals. I often find people come to me as the go to person, that person who will know the answers, the solution to the problem, where to find the resources, or just that person to make a decision. I find that knowing what goals you have, and the direction you are heading in life makes decision-making easier. I also find that exploring my goals opens up possibilities, because I can explore so many options from the logical to the crazy ideas safely in my journal. I use my journal as my goal coach.

I share this because I would love to help other people to enjoy effective journaling. I believe journaling can be a tremendous help to goal setting in the following ways:

  • Use your journal to define what goals really matter to you and why they matter , you can even explore what it would mean to your life if you achieved a particular goal.
  • The next thing would be to determine a time line of when you want to achieve the goal. Once this is done you can brainstorm lots of possible action steps which you could take to achieve the goal, it is ok to have some crazy and alternative action steps thrown in here. I also think it is great to explore the things that get in the way, and brainstorm some solutions to them.
  • Once all this is done you can create a plan, and take steps towards achieving it each day.
  • Your journal can also be a great place to reflect upon your  progress, and fine tune your goals and actions steps as you progress along the way. By using the reflective process on a weekly basis, you can factor in some accountability towards your goals.

The best part of journaling your goals is you get to explore your dreams and come up with goals that are connected to those dreams.  This is why I think journaling can be a great personal coach and goal setting tool,  to support effective goal setting and achievement of goals that really mater to us.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



Journaling Anger Can Lead To Insight And Change.

Journaling anger can leat to insight . png

Anger an emotion that can bring you down and suck the life out of you if I choose to dwell on it too long. Which is why I choose to dump it onto the page as quickly as I can and start working on solutions. I have found that anger shows up in my life screaming at me that this is something I am not prepared to tolerate.  I think it is important to listen to my anger, explore it on the page and then ask the question what can I do about it?  Todays prompt is from the is from the Day 2 at Live your legend,  and the Writing prompt is: What really makes you angry about the world?
What makes me really angry is global warming, and the thought that we are not doing enough about it, and that future generations are going to suffer.  This was quiet a confronting prompt, and I could feel the resistance to answering it, and some of my answers I didn’t like because they highlighted my weakness about not doing anything about my anger.  It is amazing what insight I was able to gain from a simple question.
 You see I am angry at the government and their policies, and gas/coal/ petroleum  industries, I am angry about the push for consumerism and our excessive lifestyles. Well thats wonderful, and I can write to politicians and sign petitions, and support organisations that fight the cause. The hardest confrontation was when I started to investigate my own lifestyle, and realized  that I was part of the problem. There needs to be some changes. The biggest insight was some of the ways in which I am living my life  are contributing to global warming. The positive part of this is I can do something about that, I can make changes to my own lifestyle. I plan to focus on my sustainable living goals this year, last year I did a lot on composting, clean green cleaning products, recycled crafting, mindful shopping and buying local. Wondering what other ways I can make changes.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

My Love Affair With Journaling.


I have always been a quiet reflective person who could often be found getting lost in a journal. It was my escape, my haven, my friend and my advisor. It was that one thing that got me through the ups and downs in my life. There were many years of melancholic  scribbling’s in my teenage years, it was a time of feeling so vulnerable, inadequate and unsure about the world. A time of feeling different, and unconnected to the masses of society. Through exploring and filling up pages and books it seemed to work out.


These days I feel more connected to the world, and I am grateful for my differences, especially my quiet reflective nature, and my enduring patience. I have come to understand that my role in this life is to be a carer, it something I seem to find myself always doing in my personal life and professional life as a Registered Nurse. The way I care for myself is through the practice of journaling and walking. Through journaling I connect to my inner self, and through walking I connect with nature and the world around me.


These days journaling is my confidential listener allowing me to express all my emotions, my comforter and booster building me up, that place to escape and rest when life just gets too hard, and a supportive friend to share my dreams and goals with. It is that place I explore self-discovery questions for my favourite creative personal development books like The Artist’s Way. It helps me to check in with myself during busy periods in my life, to review, revise and even contemplate what is really going on in my life. The practice of journaling helps me to find a way to live life more beautifully.


I also enjoy exploring life and the world around me by going for slow long walks in nature and around my neighbourhood, with my walking buddy Little Miss Popularity. She loves to smell everything, and is not afraid to stick her head into a plant full of flowers. I love her curiosity. Together we go for long walks, and can often be caught smelling other peoples roses. Often I take my phone and shoot a picture or two. I am still learning how to take decent photo’s and are trying to be a little more creative. Sometimes we find a place to sit, where I get out my journal or note book and pour words onto the page. I simply love the act of writing. Whilst walking and writing go together perfectly, I am also fond of a cafe, coffee and my journal.


I have a love affair with journaling; I long for it each day, and miss it deeply when it doesn’t happen.  Journaling is a daily event in my life.  I have started this blog to explore the world of journaling, and immersing myself in it.  I want to learn more about the process of journaling and explore different types of journaling, from morning pages to art journaling. I want to discover what others are saying and writing about journaling. I have started this blog to share my experiences, ideas, and learning’s about journaling. I hope this is a place where others can find inspiration and ideas to use in their own journaling practice.  Mostly I would like to share my love of journaling with others and inspire them to go on their own journaling journey.


Why do you journal? How dose journaling benefit your life? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.


Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Journaling The Weekly Review.

The Weekly Review

Sunday for me includes a beautiful reflective journaling process of reviewing my week.

Questions I ask:

  • What were the highlights and lowlights?
  • What interesting places did I visit and what interesting experiences did I have?
  • What people did I connect with and did any of those connections stand out?
  • What new learnings occured?
  • Did I move towards my goals, achieve any mini goals or even big goals?
  • How did I feel throughout the week, for example did I feel excited, bored, surprised?

This regular reflective process gives me a big picture of the week, often it results in me feeling like I have accomplished and achieved a lot more than I originally felt. It also helps me to address any problems, and look for possible solutions.

After reflecting,  I  hit the reset button and start again. This means planing the week ahead, scheduling in the things that are important to me, and meeting my commitments. Planning my days so as I am spending time doing the things I enjoy doing, rather than letting life get in the way, and not falling victim to letting other people take over my agenda.

This is and example of my weekly review of the previous week.

  • Gym: Pilates class, Yoga class, & Sh’Bam class
  • Walking Adventures times two ( Wilson’s Botanical Lake, and around the Lake at home with Little Miss Popularity)
  • Parent information night at son’s school.
  • Volunteer work
  • Read Motivation Manifesto. Listening to Power up Your Mind audio book
  • Gardening and pulling some weeds out.
  • Online learning course
  • Blog posts times three.
  • Setting up Pinterest board for my blog.
  • Getting house in order.
  • Friday movie night with boys
  • Worked the  weekend.
  • Spending time journaling every day.

Highlights was discovering some rabbits on my adventure walk. Feeling relaxed this week, enjoying life. Loving the Friday  Sh’bam dance class at the gym.

Lowlight was having a few days with a sore eye, and experiencing some back pain for a couple of days. Also feeling like I could have been more productive with my time, and done more.

Felt grateful to wake up each morning with a feeling that life is good. Felt grateful that my boys are privilege both go the excellent schools, and receive amazing educational experiences. Felt grateful for online learning and libraries making so many learning opportunities available. Felt grateful for my family, my health and for all my basic needs being met.

The week ahead planning more adventure walks and doing more reading, have so many books from the library that I want to read.

After reflecting,  I  hit the reset button and start again. This means planing the week ahead, scheduling in the things that are important to me, and meeting my commitments. Planning my days so as I am spending time doing the things I enjoy doing, rather than letting life get in the way, and not falling victim to letting other people take over my agenda.

Do you do a weekly review? What questions do you ask?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Walking, Dreaming, Sitting and Writing!


“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a gardento know it.” – Rumi.

A pond full of water lilies. A music  symphony of bird tweets. A cool breeze, grey blanketed sky, and the mist of rain. A day that could be mistaken for Autumn, rather than being in the middle of Summer. It was a perfect day for an adventure walk. My curiosity got me wondering what the noise was in the bushes, as I took a closer look discovering two fluffy brown bunny rabbits. I bent down, peeping through the trees into the bushes, trying to stay still and quiet so I could discover what they were up to. They seemed to just be munching on the grass and hopping about. I kept thinking how exciting and how cute. It all came to an end when a man with a big noisy woofing dog came up behind me. Then in a flash the rabbits were gone, and I was annoyed.

I walk along the track, enjoying the weather, the birds, and mostly the silence. I find an opportunity to break the silence, by taking a moment to speak to a stranger walking pass. We exchange grateful thoughts about the weather, and the  beauty of the place we are in. Then back to the silence and enjoying my walk.  It was a wonderful time to just admire a tree, watch birds sorting out leaves and twigs, and feel the coolness of the day. It left me feeling at peace and  connected to the world. It was an experience with depth to it, something real and important. I found walking in nature grounding, and gave me a sense of who I am, an experiential being, who is  alive and connected to nature.

Finally I come across a pond full of water lilies, and a seat to rest in, and write. It is a delightful seat, made of wood, a little bit like a recliner, positioned in a quiet spot amongst the trees, overlooking the pond. The pond is habituated by ducks, splashing about, and flapping their wings. They are a noisy lot, however soon their splashing and flapping just blends into the silence. I get out my little note-book and pour words on the page. The peacefulness and beauty of the pond inspire words of gratitude, and dreams of finding more beautiful places to walk and write. Dreams of spending my days writing. The day represents something more I want into my life. More walking and writing. So my journal question is: How can I create time in my life for more walking and writing?

Walking adventures can be  relaxing  and they can also be revealing. It is one thing to dream, however journaling allows the opportunity to explore that dream, and create some action steps on how to make it a reality.

Take time out for yourself, try your own walking adventure, and notice what it reveals to you.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


The Power Of Setting A Morning Intention.

Daily Morning Intention
I have been doing my stream of conscious journaling for many years now. I find it is a wonderful way to clear my head, and be creative with my thinking. However more recently I have wanted to be more purposeful with how I finish up my journaling. I wanted to see if I could make my journaling more impactful, and to start my day in a positive and focused frame of mind. So I have been setting an intention each morning how I want to be in the world that day. For instance today I wanted a low energy day, I wanted to rest and relax. So my morning intention was to relax and re-energize. That way when I went about my day, my focus was to get to my yoga class, and say yes to spending  time sipping a cup of tea and reading a book. Even though it was tempting to do other things like house work, or chasing things up for others. I was able to say no! So having a morning intention helps me to stay focused and take action on the things that make me feel the way I want to be that day “relaxed and re-energized” Some of my other intentions have been as followed:
  • Getting my house in order.
  • Learning as a way of being
  • Setting boundaries, saying no!
  • Be Kind
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Play more
  • Be creative
  • Take action
  • Seek out adventure
  • Laugh more
  • Breathe
  • Gratitude
 I continue to notice what I need that day, and to create more focused and personal intentions for my day. I am finding that this setting attentions is enabling me to be more focused and spend my time more intentionally in a way I would like to be spending it. Another thing I have noticed is that it magically allows me more opportunities for instance one of my intentions was to be learning. That day a whole couple of hours was made available to me to complete learning packages at work. Another day of setting boundaries and saying no, meant that I was more focused, got more done, and was able to assist people in a far better way. That day I received more thank-you’s and compliments than I normally receive. So from my personal experience I think setting morning intentions is a powerful start the day, allowing me to be focused and spend time being the person I want to be, achieving the things I want to achieve. It also ties in nicely with my yearly theme of focus and action.
Prompt 1Journaling Prompt: How is that you wish to spend your time, and show up being in the world today? Then set an intention that will enable you to achieve this.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Theme Of The Year- What Words or Theme Will You Choose This Year?

Focus& Action

In 2014 I felt stuck, and life got in the way, so I felt like I didn’t achieve much. I enjoyed my year, it was full of relaxing and slowing down. It was also full of distractions, and interruptions, and days that got chewed up meeting other peoples needs. This year of protecting my time and energy.  I have chosen two words, focus and action(purposeful).  These words Focus and Action set the theme of my year. This year I am going to be more mindful and focus in my life. Wow that could be my affirmation for the year. As part of my beautiful morning journaling, after I have my brain dump on the page, I like to go exploring. One of the thing s I like to explore is this affirmation of being more mindful and focused. I also journal on my words focus and action, and how those words will look in my day, this helps me to plan out my day, and set my daily morning intention. The results is I have noticed my weakness, I notice wear my time is being taken away from me, and I am finding more ways to protect it. I have also been able to plan ways and actions to move towards my goals and spend my time doing more of the things I want to be doing.
Prompt theme of year
Journaling Prompt: What word or words do you choose for the theme of your year?
 Take time to dream about how you want your year to look like. Why not dream on the page.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Benefits Of Journaling!



Journaling is  a daily occurrence in my life, I love to fill the blank pages with words and thoughts. It is a comfort, and a quiet place to escape to from the business of life. It is that one place I can really be me, express myself, a place where it doesn’t mater what I write, it will all be imperfectly perfect.


 Here are some of my thoughts on the benefits of Journaling.


 Journal writing is more than recording facts about your daily life, it goes much deeper than that. It delves into your emotions, beliefs, stories, dreams and desires and so much more. It is a powerful tool for self discovery and creativity. The benefits of journal writing are enormous, and it is one of those tools that cost very little, and you get to decide where and when you will do it.


 Today I am going to provide a list of the benefits of Journal Writing:
  • Journals are beautiful places for discovering and percolating your dreams.
  • Journal writing can assist you to access your subconscious and unconscious ming and tap into more of your own self knowledge.
  • Journals are excellent places to delve into goal setting, actions steps and tracking your goals progress.
  • Through you can identify your own strengths and weakness.
  • Journaling can help you to discover what you like and don’t like.
  • A Journal is a wonderful place to explore gratitude, and document all those things in your life that you are grateful for.
  • Journaling builds personal confidence, through self exploration and self mastery.
  • Journals are a great place to identify patterns and trends in your life.
  • Journal writing is a great place where you can explore how you want to be treated and how you wish to treat others.
  • Writing in ones Journal can help you to explore relationships and difficult conversations through open mindedness, the asking of questions, and reflection.
  • Journals are safe places to vent, allowing you to release your frustrations and tantrums onto the page, without regretting your actions or hurting someones feelings.
  • Journals are a great place to capture ideas and thoughts.
  • Journaling can hop you develop a writing practice each day.
  • Journaling can be fun, silly, creative, as well as serious, you can express all of your self on the page.
  • Journals are also a lovely place to practice creative writing, to describe the world you live in, and the characters you encounter.
  • Finally a Journal can be a trusted companion, that is with you throughout your life, and choosing.

So there are many wonderful reasons to Journal. My biggest reason for journaling is I really enjoy doing it, and it is a special joyful practice in my day.


It you are into the practice of Journal Writing, why do you journal, and  what benefits do you get from journaling? Please leave a comment, I would love to know what your thoughts are on this subject.

 Wishing you all a wonderful day!