Journaling and Walking ~ A way to living a beautiful life!

IMG_0271 My new adventure this year is the beginnings of my new blog Journaling and Walking-A Way To Living A Beautiful Life, these musing will hopefully inspire self-reflection and growth, curiosity and juicy living. The page can be so revealing and so confronting, yet it is a place where dreams can begin and be explored more fully. My journaling is often the place where good ideas pop up and asked to be acknowledge. Projects are born, and planned. My inner critic gets to throw a tantrum, and my inner child comes out to play. It is sometimes a dark place, and often an uplifting place. It is that place where life events, feelings, and thoughts are explored fully and give rise to lessons learned. A place where dreams explode onto the page demanding enthusiastic attention. From the arm chair that looks out my window to a lovely place to sit and rest I will be indulging in my love of journaling and exploring my curiosities about life on the page. Journaling  is a magical place to explore and creates ones life. These musing will explore the wonderful world of journaling, provide inspiration and guidance.  Please come and join me explore and create ones life through the practice of daily journaling. My second love of course is my Adventure Walks, I just love walking through parks and enjoying nature, I find this a wonderful practice of getting myself into the present moment and indulging my senses in everything going on around me. There is just something so energising and interesting about going for a long walk exploring the neighbourhood and surrounding parks. I will be sharing some of my experiences and hopefully will inspire plenty of other people to go on their own adventure walks. Just another way to be in the moment and appreciate the joy of living. I look forward to sharing this journey of journaling and walking. Please come along and join me.

Wishing You A Wonderful Day!



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