Gravillea twirls!

Like birds I just love Gravillea flowers. Birds just love their sweet nectar and I just love their sweat elegant unique look. I  had to try and get a painterly photo of this one, it just looked so beautiful.  I think I will call it Gravillea twirls, I just love its shape. As I walk the gardens under the gloominess of the sky, and the threatening rain clouds, still I discover beauty all around me.  Once again I find myself trying to make my flowers look painterly, I am certainly drawn to this look.


This time I got quiet distracted by birds, and found myself chasing them with my camera. Capturing birds is something I am not very good at, and I love the challenge, they are much too quick for me. Whilst I seem to find it easy to take photo’s of flowers, trying to get a interesting picture of birds seem very difficult to me. Note: this adventure to Australian Gardens  each week is about developing my photography skills, and even sharing those images that are not as good of quality as I would like. I believe with time and practice this will change.  It is like Julia Cameron said in her book Letters to a Young Artist,  about doing bad work. The idea that doing the work is more important than not doing anything, because doing bad work eventually leads to doing good work. Good work doesn’t happen overnight, we need to practice, develop our skills and actually create work. This picture reminds me, that I need to take a lot more photo’s of birds, before I can get good at capturing great bird images.

The weather has been Wintery Wild lately, windy, chilly, wet and very gloomy looking, the sort of weather I would sooner be inside  with a heater than out in the cold.  This has made it hard to get out to the gardens. I have made excuses, like it is too cold, my camera doesn’t like rain, and I will get blown away. Then I reminded myself, I wanted to go to the gardens every week, to experience all the seasons, and the changing nature of the gardens.

What would help me get out side on those chilly Winter days?

  • My Beanie, scarf, and coat
  • My cool looking floral umbrella
  • Walking with a friend
  • My camera and the chance to take photo’s 
  • Knowing that I will feel better for it once I push myself out the door. 
  • The chance to jump in puddles. 

I think I am going to have to work a little bit more I finding ways to encourage my self to leave the comfort of a warm building to get out into nature more on these cold chilly days.

What helps you get outside on those cold chilly days?

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Dancing Pink

Pink and pretty with gold glittering on the ends, this flower looked like it was dancing in the wind. It simply is a eucalyptus flowing gum. It is school holidays, so made it a fun day out for the boys, wandering around Australian Gardens. The cold breazy wind turned most of my photo’s to a blur, it just as well I like a soft abstract blur. This one managed to have both blur and focus, and I really loved the colours in it.

My Australian  Garden Photo Project.

Each time I go to Australian Gardens I find new things to focus on. I explore new ways to use my camera and lenses. The purpose of this project is to improve my photography skills and to also challenge me to be more creative with my subjects and to find new ways to capture them. I am sure as I get further into the project it will become more challenging, as I will have to look harder to find something new. It will also be exciting to observe  the way the Gardens change with the seasons. At the moment it is cold and chilly, sometimes wet and frosty, sometimes chilly and clear blue skies. It is still amazing how much colour can be found around the gardens.

It feels good to have a weekly project that I love to do, what weekly projects do you enjoy doing?

This post a little late this week, it has been a messy week, and the draft has been sitting here for days.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Wander with no agenda, and be open to discovery.

The fog had lifted blue skies appeared, whilst a little mist was rising from the plants. I stood their looking thinking this is just magical. I hoped that I could capture it with my camera. I wandered the gardens, this time trying to capture the bigger picture. Each time I visit the gardens I try to see things differently. I try to discover something I have not seen before, I try and notice the way the garden is changing. I wander with no agenda, just being open to what I might discover this time. Time slows down, I feel blissfully present, and I feel sense of relief from the busy pace of my life. I want to make sure I am enjoying these Winter blue sky day’s, feeling my spirits uplifted by the sunshine.  I am mindful to make the most of these gorgeous sunshine days, in order to beat the Winter blues this season.

Journal prompt:  What am I open to discovering this time, as I wander?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Winter delights, what do you wish to enjoy this Winter?

Australian Garden Project, combining wandering, photography and journaling.

I am always happy to wander! To walk blissfully through the gardens, even when the grey sky threatens to break open and rain upon me. Even when the air is crisp and the breeze freezing cold. It makes me feel alive! I don’t agree that people are walking around depressed and miserable because it is Winter, here there are plenty of people enjoying the day. Whilst Winter can be bleak to some, there is always beauty to be found if you take a look around. For me, I am drawn to flowers, and I love making a painterly photo’s of them, with the focus on shape, form and colour, more an artistic style than plain photo. It delighted me that it had colour, and to keep with the Winter theme, I think my flower feels a little moody.


You can think of Winter being miserable or it can be magical. I wish for a magical Winter, and I quiet enjoy when the days feel moody, with dark clouds, rain and even rainbows.

 Journal prompt: Winter delights, what do you wish to enjoy this Winter?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Discovering what I want more of in my life!



This is part of my year long passion project of going out to Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Australian Gardens, to wander, take photographs and journal.


This is what I want more of in my life!

Grey cloudy skies blanketed the sky as I left to go to Australia Gardens Cranbourne. Grey cloudy skies are perfect for photographing flowers. I am delighted that this Friday afternoon adventure was happening, I had guarded my time, and made sure it had eventuated. I lost myself in the challenge of combining opposites of blur and sharpness. Whilst also trying to capture boldness and softness more opposites. When  finished I realised, this weeks photo’s are a little bit better than last weeks. The sky has also changed it now blue, with sunshine beaming down. Camera and tripod put away, I sit in a beautiful garden, soaking up the sunshine on a Winter’s day. This time has felt perfect, delightful, and joyful. This  is what I want more of in my life!



Sharon Pearson shared a post about filling our days with what we think about, care about, love, and value. She stated that, “where we spend our time determines the quality of our lives. And we can not expect to change that which we give no time for.”  I find it hard sometimes to find time blocks to do projects and hobbies I love, or want to explore more. It feels so good when I say yes to them.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!



A ball of pink weirdness


Australian Gardens Saturday 1st of June, cold cloudy Winter’s Day. I visited with my
husband, as we walked around him taking photo’s, him with his iPhone, me with my
DSLR Camera. During our wandering around the gardens  this flower pink weirdness
caught my attention, it pinkness seemed to pop out from the bleak greyness of the day.

A round ball of pink wormy wiggles, and light pink tentacles popping out in all
directions. It could be a very fashionable hat, a decorative lamp shade or some exotic
creature. Pink and pretty. Weird and different this floral masterpiece captures my

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Recording Life Through Images~ Photo Journaling.

Wilsons Park

Walking through nature surrounded by suburbia on this blue skied sunny day!


Admiring the pink blossoms on the trees.


Escaping the stress of daily living and slowing down.

Soaking up the sunshine and feeling the breeze against my skin.

I really do enjoy days like this because they are just gorgeous.



During my walk I found a quiet place with a delightful view of nature to sit, rest and journal. Todays intuitive lead was to go out and live life each day not because I have to, rather because I am privilege too. To understand that I am so enormously lucky to be alive and on this planet during such amazing times.



I take note of my intuitive lead. I understand that I have a tendency to get caught up in the drama’s I create in my life. They don’t exist when I am in nature enjoying the view. However, when I leave get back to my suburban home and suburban life, I get caught up in the social expectations of my society. Lots of the drama unfolds in my journaling and solutions start to show up. I also think the process of journaling really helps me to slow down life, and re-focus on the things that really matter.



I wanted to record some of my walking adventure in images. These days we have the convenience of cameras on our phones which take amazingly good quality pictures. The convenience of a phone camera is that it is so easy and available to just snap and record images of our lives and days. Now I am thinking Photo journaling.  Not so silly, recording life through images.


The above image has captured the quiet place I found to sit and journal, the walking path, the view I had, and the pink flowers I admired. It captures the blue sky day, and the beautiful park, which is surrounded by suburbia. I also think the walking track shows how easy it is to feel that sense of being in nature.



As I continue on with this blog, I will continue to use both images and words. I also hope that I can work on improving my images and being more creative in this area. Whilst I really like the idea of recording an Photo journal.



What do you think about the idea of Photo journaling ?  What does it look like for you?


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!




Winter Journaling!

winter journaling

It is cold and dark outside. That is what these days  have  to offer, lots and lots of cold Winters days. These sort of days make me want to curl up on a chair and hibernate in my house, comfortable and warm. I become a homebody! There is a slowing down, a quietening to the pace of life.I have no issues with embracing it and enjoying it.

Winter journal prompt

These cold winters days provide ideal conditions for me to curl up on my comfy chair and do some journaling, and take notice of those words; What wishes is winter stimulating me to cultivate into my life? Some of my Winter wishes are as follows:


  • Catching up with family and friends, dinner, lunch or even over a tea/coffee.
  • Add color to my wardrobe, I love wearing the color red in Winter, it is powerful, bold and bright and just what I need for Winter.
  • Self-care- such as Yoga/Body balance classes, have enrolled in a special relaxation/movement class.
  • Journaling- It so easy to do in Winter. Always a lovely chair to curl up into
  • Doing more courses, I am planning on doing a basket weaving workshop, and also a writing class in August.
  • Spending time reading, listening to my favorite music, and going to the movies.
  • Enjoying rain and listening to it fall on the roof whilst I am in bed.
  • To write, write, write everyday!
  • Soup, my soul is calling for soup. Soup is such a Winter food. So I think I need to start feeding myself more soup.


Journal Prompt: What wishes is Winter stimulating me to cultivate in my life? What are your Winter wishes?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!